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Where to find instruments for calibration: "Call of Pripyat"

If you played in any of the projects of the "Stalker" series, then you know that most of the tasks there do not differ in variety. You find a person who wants to give you a quest, get instructions from him, go in search of the right person, artifact, place or object, bring this item and receive a reward. However, it should be noted that the passage of these quests does not bother you, because you are never given a precise tip-you need to search for all information about the location of objects yourself. Therefore, such tasks never cease to be exciting. For example, users very often have problems when they need to find tools for calibration. "Call of Pripyat" - this is the game that will make you run around the locations and search for the necessary objects. But if you do not want to spend so much time, you can use this little guide.

Getting the quest

So, first of all you need to find those characters who need tools for calibration. "Call of Pripyat" marks those heroes who have something to tell you, so you can easily find the mechanics of Cardan or Azot. The first works at the station Skadovsk, and the other - at the station Janov. There is no difference to which of them you will come, because they both will offer you the same task. To get it you need to ask them if they have any work for you in the dialogue with them. Then you will receive a task, during which you will need to find tools for calibration. "Call of Pripyat" - this is not a game where you can just give a quest for one item. The fact is that in addition to these tools, you will need to find several other types.

Finding other tools

You will have to spend some more time searching for tools for rough and fine work before you can find the tools for calibration. "Call of Pripyat" - this is a project in which you will constantly throw up similar tasks, so you are unlikely to be surprised when you receive this quest. So, immediately it is worth saying that each tool will have two boxes, which will be located in completely different locations. When you go looking for tools for rough work, you will need to visit a sawmill on Zaton and a train in the vicinity of Jupiter. When you get to the tools for fine work, go first to the Zaton station substation shop, and then to the warehouses that are next to the Concrete Bath Anomaly located in Jupiter. However, in these places there is no point in obsessing, because the main goal of this guide is to tell where the instruments for calibration are. "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" is a game in which you will often have to prioritize, and in this case you better perform these tasks as soon as possible for several reasons, which will be discussed later.

The first set of tools

So, go for a search, the purpose of which is the tools for calibration. "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" has a fairly impressive number of locations, so it's better to immediately determine exactly where you need to go. Both sets you can find in Pripyat, so you do not need to go far, however, certain difficulties may arise with obtaining these sets. Go to the department store, next to which will constantly run pseudo dogs and blind dogs, with which you will have to figure out to get inside. Here you are interested in the basement, the entrance to which, however, blocked the tuscany. But do not rush with the attack, because they will not touch you - they are all the crowd are just in the basement. They will lead you to the first set of tools that is needed to complete this quest in the game "Stalker". The tools for calibration are in your inventory, but you need to get one more set.

The second set of tools

With the second set, everything is much more difficult, because you are waiting for more complex battles. Go to the old Combine of consumer services, but be prepared for the fact that you have a fierce battle ahead of you. In total there are two floors in the building, and at the first you will be met by a crowd of electric, so you will need to methodically destroy them. Do not try to break past them to the second floor, because you will make yourself only worse. When all the electors are destroyed, take your breath and climb to the second floor, where an even more difficult battle with the burer awaits you. When you kill him, you will need to look into the small adjoining room - there will lie the instruments for calibration. All the kits are assembled - it's time to go back to the mechanic.


When you give the tools to one of the mechanics, you will get a pretty impressive reward. In money, this will be 7,400 rubles, but that's not all that will be offered to you. For your efforts you will get the opportunity to carry out all possible amplifications of the first and second levels, as well as some enhancements of the third.

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