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As in the "Avatar" to become a moderator - the basic requirements

"Avatar" is an amazing and huge virtual world in which everyone can live his second life, make many friends, meet love and even start a family. This game project is very popular with most of the audience, which uses social networks "VKontakte" and "Classmates." But every player who spent a lot of time in the game, always wondered about how in the "Avatar" to become a moderator. What does he get from this? And is this vacancy interesting? And fortunately, the answers to these questions already exist, most importantly, put the information on the shelves and carefully read all the requirements. Everyone can become a moderator in the game if he can fulfill his duties and observe the rules.


Moderators in "Avatar" are players who, in addition to the game process itself, monitor the order in the game, in the chat and behind the actions of all the others. Thanks to the moderators, you can observe the order, adequate people and a pleasant gameplay. It's worth noting that these people are not responsible for the game's bugs, for any mistakes and failures, they are watching exclusively for live players and for their behavior. In addition, there are moderators actively analyzing support messages, answering various questions and following the forum of this project. The moderators of the game "Avatar" deal with a variety of matters, and each direction has its own rules and requirements. And what kind of moderator you become, depends on your skills, skills and free time.

Violations in the "Avatar"

But the main occupation of these people is still the tracking of violations in the game. Before we go further into the question of how to become a moderator in the "Avatar", it is worthwhile to find out, and what violations can be in this project. The most important and punishable is the use of various third-party applications and cheats for achievements and enrichment. True, it is difficult to calculate such people, so the moderators are given information about players committing violations, and they are looking for them to apply punishment (account ban). The second serious misconduct is the use of obscene language in the general chat, for which a ban is given for 3 days. Other violations are not so significant and usually boil down to the fact that players prevent other users from playing peacefully and peacefully. For this, punishments are given in the form of a ban for 1 day or a simple warning.

Can I become a moderator?

As we noted above, anyone who plays in the "Avatar" and has a panned account can apply for this position. How in the "Avatar" to become a moderator? You just need to apply for a job in the official group of the game. First, you should know the basic requirements and future responsibilities and make sure that you clearly understand all the information provided. Perhaps you will be interviewed or offered to take a test, in any case, just do not become a moderator, you need to understand the game itself and its rules. In addition, do not forget that the "Avatar" is extended to several social networks, but the game is especially popular among users of "VKontakte" and "Classmates."

Moderators "Avatarii" in "Odnoklassniki" - this is another division of employees who do not belong to the social network "VKontakte". Therefore, we recommend that you submit two applications, so you will have more chances to become a moderator.

Terms for this job

As described above, the main requirement for candidates can be called a full understanding of the project and its responsibilities. Usually, the additional conditions are the age of 18 years, the presence of Skype and a preliminary interview, on which you will be checked. Some specific and special requirements to the candidates are not immediately shown, as the basic information emerges exclusively on the interview, which can take place in a Skype conference or in the personal messages of a social network. The main thing is to believe in yourself, your abilities, and you will surely smile good luck. Being a moderator is not only due to the prestige, but also for the opportunity to gain useful experience, as well as reward for the work done.

Possible rewards and incentives

Everyone is interested in how to become a moderator in the "Avatar", but hardly many people think about the reward for it. Yes, one who actively follows the game process, one who invests the soul in the game, he is encouraged without fail. True, it should be borne in mind that simple moderators as a reward receive the game currency in large quantities, but the main ones already have a salary, however, and they have much more responsibilities. Do not ask about the amount of compensation, as this is confidential information, in addition, to become a major moderator is not so easy. There are already additional requirements such as work experience in the moderation environment, special merits and achievements in this area, and even there is a probationary period.

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