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ID objects in SAMP for creating maps

Creating a variety of content for games is quite common entertainment, which many gamers are engaged in. Naturally, there are those who only play. But still enough people devote an impressive amount of their time to creating something new. It can be textures for characters and objects, new maps, even entire storylines. Depending on how open the game code, gamers can climb inside and see what they can change. For example, for SAMP, everyone has the opportunity to create their own card, which then will be played by other gamers. However, for this you need to have certain skills and information. For example, you need to know the ID of the objects in the SAMP, and also be able to apply your knowledge.

Features multiplayer in SAMP

Studying ID objects in SAMP is the most difficult thing in the process of creating a map. However, there are other points that you need to take into account. After all, the multiplayer mode is very different from the single, especially when it comes to "GTA: San Andreas." In multiplayer, you need to have a full-fledged city in which all players can perform free activity. But it should not be gray, boring and empty. So you need to consider the desires of gamers when you create your own card. First, work out the concept, think about where you will be located, how to make every part of the city attractive, and only then grab for studying ID objects in SAMP.

Creating a map

What is the process of creating a map? After all, designing, studying ID objects in SAMP are all separate issues that have nothing to do with the immediate process. The creation of a map consists in placing various objects in a limited area, setting certain behavioral features and so on. Thus, before you start creating a map, you have only a limited rectangle of the territory, which you have to completely rework. For this you will need the ID of the objects. With pictures or without - it's up to you, each of the ways has its pros and cons.

Orientation to ID

As you already understood, there are two approaches to determining the identifiers of objects in a given game. In the first case, you learn directly the codes themselves or keep always with you a full catalog of identifiers. In the second - you are looking for or creating your own gallery, in which screenshots of absolutely all objects from the game are made, and to each of them a screenshot is made. The game "GTA: SAMP" is incredibly extensive, so you should understand how much this work in both cases. If you prefer the first option, then it's easier for you to find some directory in which you can search. So you can quickly find the identifiers of the objects you need, which can not be done with pictures.

Pictures for ID

However, many map makers prefer a method with pictures, since they give a visual representation of what you are going to add to your map. This you do not get, if you use extremely dry identifiers and text descriptions. But at the same time, as it was said before, you will not be able to search. Naturally, if you can not create or find a gallery in which both ways will be combined. This option would be most convenient, but it will take a very long time to create it. In total, the game has several tens of thousands of items, so make a screenshot, sign not only an identifier, but also a description - it's quite an impressive amount of work.

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