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Vegetable protein: features, sources and uses

Protein (protein) is a building material and a source of nutrition for all cells of the body, its use in food is a must for everyone without exception. Protein interests athletes, bodybuilders, because thanks to him you can perfectly build muscle mass. Its source can serve as products not only of animal, but also of plant origin.

The Benefits of Vegetable Protein

Vegetable protein Is of great importance for the body and its use is no less important than the protein of animal origin. This is easily explained by the fact that each individual product has its own structure of protein molecules, which are absorbed by the body in different ways and give their own special effect. For this reason, it is important for a person to combine animal and vegetable protein.

Vegetable protein has its own special structure of the structure of molecules, which helps the rapid assimilation of this type of protein. Despite the fact that it is easily digested, its part is not processed due to the fact that in the products of plant origin much more coarse fiber. But it helps to maintain the normal functioning of the digestive tract and produce "useful" cholesterol, preventing the development of "bad" deposits in the vessels.

Vegetable products contain unsaturated fats in large quantities, this contributes to the normalization of the cardiovascular system. They help to stay clean heart vessels, and also prevent the formation of fatty plaques, and prevent the development of such a disease as atherosclerosis.

If you regularly eat vegetable proteins, the load on the body produced by the animal protein will decrease, and blood cells will be better developed. They will help to avoid anemia and chronic fatigue. But you can not limit the intake of animal proteins too much - it can negatively affect the body and reduce the production of blood cells.

Plant proteins with regular use help to avoid even cancer, diabetes, and also to keep the figure.

The damage to vegetable protein

Scientists have proved that with frequent consumption of red meat, the risk of developing cancer is multiplying. This is due to the addition of soy protein in it , as well as various spices, in this form it is very dangerous for the body. Such food except oncology can cause other dangerous diseases and worsen the overall performance of the body as a whole.

Pick up vegetable protein for people suffering from a different form of allergy, you need with extreme caution. The structure of its chain of amino acids in each plant product is unique, because of this, and there is a great difficulty in choosing for each individual.

Protein of vegetable origin with its excessive use can cause intoxication and disruption of such organs: liver, kidneys, urinary and gall bladder, and also worsen the work of the genitourinary system, which will lead to the development of serious diseases.

A strong intoxication of the body can cause excessive use of a product such as red beans, especially if it is eaten raw, or if it has been improperly processed. The same reaction of the body can cause the use of walnuts. With improper storage, their structure is affected by fungal mold diseases, which will cause poisoning.

Plant proteins with weight loss

For those who decide to lose weight by consuming more plant food containing proteins, this will be the right decision, because:

  • Vegetable protein effectively destroys fatty deposits.
  • Due to the fact that it is perfectly absorbed by the body, the feeling of hunger disappears for a long time.
  • It improves the functioning of the digestive system and maintains a normal metabolic rate.
  • With regular physical exertion, muscle mass quickly increases, and fat tissue burns.

For people who are allergic to animal proteins, plant protein will help, without negative consequences, to rid the body of the lack of this substance. For example, cow's milk can be replaced with soy, instead of chicken, take soy, and so on.

It is worth remembering that replacing animal proteins is necessary only natural plant. Proteins, which are part of various sausages and other products, can not replace vegetable, but can cause great damage to the body.

The best vegetable sources of protein

The products in question will contain a huge amount of vegetable protein, their use completely replaces the lack of protein in the diet of animal proteins. The main advantage of them is that they are easily accessible to anyone who wants to. Everyone can buy them at any store, but not everyone knows that they are so useful. Many people do not know what vegetable protein is. The testimonies testify to this. In most of the surveys conducted, people said that they did not even guess how much protein could be contained in plant foods.

Nuts - an indispensable storehouse of protein

The best plant protein is found in nuts. They are great for vegetarians, as well as for athletes.

Pine nut

Champion among the nuts is cedar. Unfortunately, the price of this product is quite large, and for this reason it is not available to everyone. This nut contains a lot of useful substances and fatty acids, and the protein content in it is more than 60%. This product is quite suitable for eating as a separate meal.


This nut is available to everyone and has about 40% protein in the composition. It is best to eat it raw.


The product is inferior to the first two in its protein content, its amount is within 35%, but it has the advantage, it is nutritious and contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids. In total, one hundred grams of such a nut is enough for a normal snack.

Cereals containing protein in large quantities

Many people think that only complex carbohydrates are contained in the cereals, but few people know about the protein content in them. Some cereals have a lot of vegetable protein in their composition.


Among the cereals, it contains the largest amount of vegetable protein - 18%. For some reason, buckwheat is not widely distributed abroad, it is unknown, but in the expanses of the former Soviet Union it is a very popular product.


This cereal contains many complex carbohydrates, and it is rich in fiber, it is known to many, and most like to use it for breakfast. But oatmeal also contains quite a lot of vegetable protein - 12%.

Wheat groats

Wheat cereals are popular only in the CIS, abroad nothing is known about it, but in fact it is quite enough vegetable protein, slightly less than buckwheat - 16%.


Many people have heard about it, but not everyone has tried it. In lentils, the vegetable protein content is simply huge - 25%. And also it contains such useful substances as potassium, magnesium, zinc and vitamins of group B, it is very useful for those who adhere to a diet.

Vegetables in which a large amount of protein

Some vegetables contain a fairly large amount of protein:

  • Green pea. Vegetarians love it, and for good reason, it replaces meat well. Contains protein as much as 20%.
  • Beans. The plant family of legumes is very similar in amount of protein with green peas, its content is within 21%.
  • Broccoli. In this vegetable is a huge amount of vitamin C, which helps to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol, and the protein in it contains up to 17%.
  • Asparagus. In this culture, there is a large amount of asparagus, which helps to cleanse the body, but it is low in calories. The protein in it is up to 13%.
  • Spinach. This product has the most important ability - to break down fats and to counteract cancerous formations. The amount of protein in it is within 20%.

The vegetable protein found in these products can replace the animal, despite the fact that its amount does not exceed 40-60%. It can be freely used by vegetarians - athletes, especially bodybuilders.

Features of vegetable protein for athlete nutrition

The main component of a protein of this kind for athletes is a plant base. It is made from a variety of plants, even from cereals and legumes. Protein from vegetable protein passes special filtration and processing, after which protein concentrate is obtained. Its characteristics are very similar to the animal protein - beef and whey protein.

Initially, the plant protein was created for those people who, for certain reasons, can not eat dairy and animal types of protein, especially since its concentration in the finished form is too high. People who have allergic reactions to vegetable protein are rare. This also contributed to the creation of a biologically active additive - vegetable protein. Sports nutrition of this kind has become popular with vegetarians, especially those who are fond of sports. For them, this supplement is simply irreplaceable.

In most cases, such protein is not purchased to pump muscle and show athletic performance, but for everyday replenishment of protein stock.

How important is protein in plant foods to humans

Many people do not like, or for another reason do not want to often use products of vegetable origin. They are more inclined to baking and pasta, there is nothing wrong with this, but if every person thinks that such products are harmful to the body, then a lot of people will keep their health. There is practically no vitamins in such food, and if you do not supplement it with natural products, you can earn a lot of diseases.

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