Questions for a friend: what to ask about a friend

Few people notice the moment when the usual communication of two people passes from the category of "friends" to the category of "friends." But what is the best uniting people? The majority will say: common interests. To learn more about this, you can come up with certain questions for a new friend.

Application form

Most people will remember the usual hand-written questionnaires from their childhood. A good example of choosing interesting questions for yourself and getting answers for yourself. After all, such questionnaires were given to fill mainly to their friends and people who were just interesting. By this principle, you can work now, drawing up a handwritten or printed list, according to which you can and ask about everything your friend.

Common Questions

What are the questions for a friend? To begin to be interested in the person it is possible, we will tell so, from the very beginning, recognizing a date and a birth place, parents and their employment, the most interesting moments from the childhood. All people love to talk about themselves, so the answers to questions will quickly turn into an interesting and expanded communication, when, distracting from the main topic, a friend will tell about himself a lot of new and unexpected.


Picking questions for a friend, you can ask also his hobbies. So, questions about your favorite book, music, film, transmission, actor-actress, etc. are always topical. And if a friend has a hobby, and that is better, you can ask about the chosen type of activity to the maximum and maybe get interested in it yourself.


You can often ask your friend about how things are in school or at work. After all, these are the places where the atmosphere and activity often change their turn from "everything is good" to "worse than nowhere." Being constantly informed about this side of the life of a friend, one can always guess when he needs help, or when it is best not to disturb him.

Plans and dreams

What else can you prepare questions for a friend? It's good to ask an expensive person for plans for the future, and maybe even for dreams. And although not everyone wants to share such secret parts of his soul, it's worth asking. Sometimes just to help a friend achieve their dreams or implement their plans.


Preparing questions for a friend, you can try to find yourself in the answers to the benefits. So, you can ask a friend where they sell tasty pizza, in which cinema comfortable chairs, or which club is most suitable for a pleasant pastime.


You can also ask a friend a question that simultaneously looks like a sentence. So, asking: "What are your plans for the evening, maybe we'll go to the cinema?" - the comrade makes it clear that he wants to spend his free time with a friend. By this principle, you can be interested in the plans for the weekend or vacation.


Having asked already 100 questions to a friend, you can try to make fun of him. So, hardly anyone immediately answers the question "how to calculate the area of a parallelepiped" or "why Carl from Clara stole corals." But over the answer, especially if it turns out to be very witty, you can laugh together and lift each other's spirits.

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