A few words about what you can argue with a girl

It's easy to tame a girl. Provided that you will pamper, pity and laugh. And what can cause interest and a smile on a pretty face? A successful and decent joke, a brilliant joke and a bet. About the latter and talk. What can you argue with a girl, how to do it right, so she is not offended, and that all were in the win?

First you need to understand what is appropriate in your relationship, and what is not. This is determined by the conditional distance, which separates you from each other.

What can I argue with a girl I do not know much about?

In this case, the greatest care is needed not to "cut wood" and not to put an end to the possibility of further relations. The main thing: tact, sense of proportion and unexpectedly pleasant turn of events. If you want further rapprochement, you can even argue with a kiss. Or for movie tickets, or even for dinner in a cafe. Do not forget that the goal is not to win, but to place a girl to yourself. So if she loses, you better pay for the movie and dinner yourself.

Why argue with a girl, if such a rapid reduction in distance causes fear of refusal? Then you can bet on the service. For example, if you study together or work together, then promise to do work for her if she loses, and she, if she loses, let him give you a cup of coffee with a carrot.

Another interesting suggestion: the loser cuts the winner. Be indulgent if the girl "blows" a dispute. Cut a small curl in an inconspicuous place and say that you will save it for memory. If you are defeated, be ready for the drape's hairstyle after testing the hairdressing abilities of the winner on you. Bear in mind: tactile contact is very close. However, it's up to you to decide whether to take risks or not.

What kind of desire can be argued with a close friend?

You can order yourself a daily massage for two weeks, arguing that for her you will jump above the house. The defeated will not be here: massage is not only nice to receive, but also to do to a loved one. Oh, yes, how to jump higher than the house? It's easy and simple: the house does not know how to jump at all. And let this bet is more like a rally, but the impressions remain for a long time. If the girl guesses, what is the catch, you have to pay her a SPA. Only without offense, otherwise bet on what?

You can argue with the girl on the autographs of five random passers-by. But the failure to do this should be in the eyes of the winner, within 15 minutes. "Attachment" to passers-by can be filmed on video, then to show to friends. These unforgettable moments will give a lot of positive and will bring a cheerful variety to the everyday routine.

You can argue for a wish, or even for as many as three, as in a fairy tale. If you lose, then the triumphant blissfully commands.

It is important not to forget yourself and not to offend the girl with your indecisiveness. Before you make a deal with her, think again about how well you know her character, and about how you see your relationship. If she is a sensitive person and easily offended by any reason, it is better not to wonder about what you can argue with a girl, since the relationship is expensive.

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