A declaration of love for a girl in her own words is deeper than poetry or prose

Love everyone experiences in own way. Guys and girls in different ways can love: it depends not only on the emotional manifestations of a partner, but also on one's own relationship. However, everyone wants to be confessed in feelings, openly and sincerely. This is especially important for the fair sex.

The guy wants to make the best declaration of love for a girl, so that she feels herself unique and unrepeatable. But how to do that? Many people use public services on social networks, some read smart books with already invented "unique" confessions. However, sincere feelings must go from the depths of the soul, because the recognition of a girl in love with her words is an ideal option for a long and deep relationship.

A man should remember that a woman does not always believe in words, because some of them scatter without thinking. Therefore, every promise must be supported by actions, and regularly.

The young man knows that he loves, but does not know how to say it. What to do? First of all, do not pinch yourself in your own complexes. You need to make a declaration of love in your girlfriend in your own words, say everything in your thoughts, and not what is beautiful and smart. Let it be somewhat ill-conditioned and inconsistent, but from the heart.

It is important to remember that in such a situation excess emotionality only hinders. Do not also go around the bush, it's best to do everything right away and clearly. If your lady does not reciprocate you, do not panic and hysterical, because such situations can not only occur once in life.

Remember that recognizing a girl in love with her own words is not only the cherished phrase "I love you", to which many react violently and slightly frightened, because the words sound very direct and strong. It is also the tenderness that you put into your voice, and a look that, better than any words, will prove to a woman your feelings, and delicacy, because the pressure and pressure can only frighten away.

If you want to make a romantic declaration of love to a girl, you should not choose noisy parties and companies for which there is absolutely no romance or seclusion. The place and time should be chosen so that the girl was not constrained, distracted or tired, because many women who are tired after hard everyday can respond to this very aggressively.

And the last thing that every man who wants to express his feelings to the girl should know: the very phrase "I love you" is not a question but a statement. Therefore it is not necessary, having told it, to look at the woman with an inquiring look, expecting lightning reaction or the affirmative answer. If you offer her some kind of relationship, then, naturally, a reaction is needed: either consent or refusal.

It should be noted that a rather serious issue is a friendly relationship that suddenly grows into serious feelings. Then, having said about love, you will not change anything at once. In this case, everything is not easy, and a long conversation and explanations are required.

Recognition of a girl in her own words is something that will distinguish you from all the boyfriends who copy other people's thoughts because they do not have their own.

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