An old friend is better than two new ones

What is friendship? Each for himself can characterize its meaning in different ways, but the meaning is always the same - it is complete mutual understanding and support in any given situation. When it's bad for us, we turn to our friend for help, when it's good, too, the very first one to notify the friend about happy events. In a word, without a real friend, as without water - and neither there nor syudy. Wherever you are, you must constantly feel it mentally near you.

A friend is an ambulance under any circumstances. Only he has the right to understand our state of mind, to give a sensible advice and simply help to get out of the life stalemate. True, a real friend is very difficult to find. Most likely, this is not just a find, but a gift of fate. According to ancient Chinese regulations, a true friend is given by heaven as a sign of good behavior, and if a person does not know how to behave, then he will not have a devoted companion.

In our world, true friendship is when you constantly feel close to you the support of an old friend. It is an old friend - this is a reliable support. This is a proven friend who, despite the time, still remains with you, bringing joy and practical advice. Of course, acquiring such a comrade is quite problematic. You can not buy it for money and you will not receive a birthday present. Nevertheless, many of us have an old friend, to whom we are certainly very pleased. With its help, you can roll mountains, knowing that behind it is a loyal and proven friend for years.

Folk wisdom says: "an old friend is better than the new two." And it's not just a statement, it's a fact, confirmed by life. Consider the following situation. One girl named Tatyana lived only with illusions about true friendship, not knowing her real attributes. Still from the school bench with her there was a girl of ordinary appearance, which was called Olya. She was always ready to come to the rescue to her girl-friend: she wrote off and did homework and she wrote beautiful love notes. School years are over. The girls entered different universities. Nevertheless, our "gray mouse" never forgot about her beautiful friend, who, unlike her, had long ago thrown her school assistant out of her head. Tatiana was looking for and picking up girlfriends for the amount of money in her wallet and a love affair. She believed that it was such fashionable women, with whom she completely coincide views on life, are her friends. Several years have passed. Her old friend Olya, every month, called Tatyana. Tanya did not like it, she believed that with the end of the school came the end of friendship with Olga. Olya was a shy girl, so she tried not to get acquainted with contemporaries. For her, Tanya was still an idol and a true friend. But, soon a misfortune happened. Tatiana became ill, she was put in a hospital. One kidney transplant was required. But, who will become a donor? Time accelerated its step, Tanya faded every day. Not one of her friends came to her hospital. Only Olya, having learned that Tanya was in trouble, immediately flew to her room. Tatyana burst into tears, but Olga consoled as best she could. In addition, Olga, like an old friend of Tanya, sacrificed her kidney for the sake of a friend. Operation was successfully completed. Soon Tatyana returned to the university. After such a case, she realized that her old friend Olga is a gift of the very fate, from which it is simply a sin to refuse. How many resentments Olga experienced from Tanya, but still she proved her devotion not in words, but in deed.

As you can see, an old friend is a person who will sacrifice a lot for you. Friends can be many, but an old friend is better than new ones, and this is certainly so. Remember, it is better to have an old friend than many new comrades. You do not know them, and they are you, too.

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