How to find a friend: the recipe for success

True friendship knows no circumstances. If it's real, then no moving, no job change, no marriage will not let it stop. Yes, you will less communicate, but a true friend will remain in your eyes the former good guy. And if you just moved and are looking for friends? How to find a friend?

Mutually beneficial communication

First of all, you need to create a circle of people from which you can choose your friends. And for this it is necessary to communicate as much as possible on any occasion. If someone seemed to you interesting, think of how to take his or her contact information. In this case, of course, you should also be useful to your future friend. So it's good to acquire some skills or at the worst of knowledge (skills are still better).

When to express their thoughts

To find a friend for communication, you need to learn how to build a friendly relationship. That is, be attentive to the feelings and needs of a person who is able to become a real companion to you. In the dialogue, you need to listen more than speak. And to develop the idea of the interlocutor instead of waiting for his turn to tell something. Your considerations need to be expounded when the thought of your friend is exhausted or if you are at all the first to begin a conversation.

Friend Support

Psychotechnics of communication also implies emotional support. It can be expressed both with exclamations, and with friendly pats on the shoulder. These are trifles, which many forget. And it's because so many women conquer men - they establish relations much closer than friends. And if you can not give your companion emotional support, then your communication can end very quickly.

Develop relationships

How to find a friend? When you have created a fairly large list of people with contact information, try to invite fellow candidates to chat in an informal setting or to do something together. If your potential friend is a busy person, it's best to help him in a business sense, and do not try to drag him into the cinema. People of this kind are very careful about their time.

Choose neatly

After 2-3 situations of sharing with new acquaintances, you will see approximately whether you are compatible or not. How to find yourself a friend if you do not like most people? This is a signal, you need to change something in your own personality, become patient. And for this you need more practice of communication. That is, the more you are friends, the better you are able to do it.

Both old and new

How to find good friends? First of all, learn to be a good friend yourself . Think about what you would ideally like from others and practice in order to support your loved ones in accordance with your beliefs and help them to become stronger. You will notice a strange thing - people who were not very nice to you, suddenly become more benevolent. And you yourself will be more positive towards them. And old acquaintances will become friends, not just new ones. How to find a friend? To help, support and try to strive for the ideal.

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