"Enkhaluk" (Baikal): rest on the base, photo, reviews of tourists

Baikal is an amazing lake in the central part of the Asian mainland. The locals affectionately call it the sacred sea. A unique combination of cool winds, hot sun, crystal clear water, refreshing air and absolute silence make this place auspicious for recreation. Baikal is beautiful in any season. Quite a lot of picturesque places.

One of such treasures of Lake Baikal is the village of Enkhaluk with mixed forests, wide sandy beaches, wild and rich nature. In this wonderful place the recreation center "Enkhaluk" was built. Baikal attracts tourists with pristine beauty, serenity and hospitable atmosphere. Every year thousands of people come here, not only from Russia, but also from far abroad. Comfortable climate, transport accessibility and a high level of comfort - that's what attracts travelers.


There is a hostel "Enkhaluk" on Baikal directly near the deep-water lake, 6 km from Cape Proval. The complex really justifies its name, which in translation means grace. In this place, directly surrounded by a golden beach and a forest, you begin to understand the meaning of life and the insignificance of worldly problems. You dive headlong into the "whirlpool" of pleasure and tranquility.

The boarding house is big enough for 100 people. Scientific conferences, presentations and seminars are often held here. To solve business problems, the hotel has excellent conditions. Reliable staff will always come to the aid of corporate clients - organizes a feast in the nature or restaurant. No wonder the hotel enjoys enormous popularity both among the local population and nonresident people.

The main advantage of the hotel - the area is almost not urbanized by man. Nearly there are completely "wild" landscapes, so here they often rest with tents. Next to the residential buildings is a dense forest, consisting of birch, aspen, larch and pine. In these places, rare species of animals live : ermine, wapiti, musk deer, muskrat, moose, wild boar, roe deer. Also there are bears, squirrels, foxes, wolves, cranes, partridges, wood grouses, hazel grouses and even a vanishing bird, the white-tailed eagle.


With the placement of problems will not arise even in winter. The "Enkhaluk" base on Lake Baikal offers accommodation in comfortable two-story cottages for 29 people. The building has standard rooms and apartments. In the rooms heating was carried out, new furniture, necessary equipment and a bathroom unit were installed. Each visitor is given bedding and hygiene products.

In addition to cottages, on the territory there are built real Mongolian yurts for summer holidays. They are located at a distance from the main building and are small villas, decorated in national style. In each yurt beds are installed, electricity is provided, there is a stove-burger and satellite TV. Amenities (WC / shower) are in the courtyard. In addition to yurts for living there are wooden campsites (triple rooms).

In warm weather, this kind of accommodation is in high demand among the tourists of the Enkhaluk boarding house (Baikal). Guest reviews report that living in these villas helps reunite with nature. Also, guests were pleasantly surprised by the available rates for yurts and interior decoration.

Catering services

For a complex diet will have to pay about 750 rubles. It includes a full breakfast, a balanced lunch and a delicious dinner. Meals are organized in a restaurant for 80 people. The menu includes not only national Buryat dishes, but also Russian and European dishes. For those who want to diversify their rest on Lake Baikal, Enkhaluk offers refreshments in a yurt restaurant with an open area.

You will be surprised by the exquisite cuisine in the restaurant, professional service and festive interior, which tunes to a positive mood. To the sound of "live" music you can dance and have fun. The restaurant accepts orders for banquets, corporate gatherings and anniversaries. If desired, guests can independently cook on the grill various dishes.


A gentle beach with a sandy cover and thickets of the taiga forest is concentrated in a walking distance from the residential building "Enkhaluk" (Baikal). The beach is equipped with sports grounds for active games, changing cabins and a toilet. At the service of vacationers rental point for renting catamarans, boats, air mattresses and sunbeds. There is a pier for water transport. There is a summer bar - for sale sweets and soft drinks for guests. In the evenings, entertainment programs with a disco are organized right on the beach.

Active leisure

People come not only for a beach holiday on Lake Baikal. "Enkhaluk" (photo is presented in the article) is still cognitive and fun entertainment in the bosom of untouched nature. Ideal conditions for sports are created in the complex. A tennis court and even a small ice rink are built on the territory.

At the disposal of tourists are volleyball and football fields. The connoisseurs of golf will appreciate the mini-field with holes. To services of tourists a billiard room with the big table. You will get an unthinkable pleasure from visiting the Russian bath.

It is in a separate wooden structure. What kind of sauna without a cool pool and rest rooms? First-class amenities you will experience. In addition, the gym is open with horizontal bars, cross bars, simulators and other sports equipment.

Service for children

The country camp "Enkhaluk" on Baikal cares about small guests. In the summer - it's swimming, in the winter - roller-skating, ice rink, modeling of a snowman and fun dances. For the children is equipped with a whole gaming town with swings and slides. And what a pleasure your children will receive from the campaign for berries and mushrooms! Every day rallies, competitions, entertaining shows with dances for children are arranged.

Excursion tours in the hotel

Working in the boarding house "Enkhaluk" (Baikal) own tourist office, which offers cognitive walking, helicopter and water routes in the suburbs. A trip to the hot springs to the settlement "Urochische Zagza" together with a guide is organized. Guests can swim in the healing waters and improve their health. You will be taken to the village of Dry, where the water in the lake has medicinal qualities.

An indelible impression will be left by the trip to the marine museum "Omulyovy Baikal" with a rich collection of exhibits: a mast, a long-tailed boat, a compass, a lantern. Pleasant emotions will make a tour to the Bird Harbor - here you will observe the life of gulls, geese, herons and other strange inhabitants. Many amazing objects were absorbed by Baikal.

Discount system

A good discount is offered by the boarding house "Enkhaluk" (Baikal) to its guests. For children under the age of five, living on the bed with parents is completely free. A 50% discount is given to children under 12 years old - on a couch or a cot (meals are paid separately). For holidaymakers who come to rest in large groups (over 10 people) - a discount for accommodation of 5%. For further information, please contact the hotel receptionist.

The camp "Enkhaluk" (Baikal): how to get to the place?

You can reach the village either by private transport or by bus from Irkutsk (6 hours), Ulan-Ude - 3 hours will take time on the way, Selenginsk - in 1.5 hours. The section of the route, passing on the distillation of Nikolsk Enkhaluk, is a gravel road more complicated than the M55.

They built a bridge, which is closed in winter. Motorists need to refuel in the village of Baikal-Kudara, since there are no more gas stations. In the village of Oymure should be extremely sharp because of a bad road. Before arrival, we advise you to specify in advance the availability of vacations at the boarding house Enkhaluk (Baikal).

Reviews of tourists

People are particularly enthusiastic about the hotel. The main advantage of the base is that you can retire from city noise, bothersome vacationers and immerse yourself in bliss, pleasure and silence. Connoisseurs of wildlife await stunning scenery, walks through the virgin forest, trekking tours of the Baikal taiga and bathing in a warm lake. According to tourists, an unforgettable experience and a storm of positive will give a rest at Lake Baikal. "Enkhaluk" - this is a paradise where you forget about all the problems and adversities.

More than 90% of people who spent their weekend in these parts, argue that a more mysterious, hospitable and spiritual place is difficult to find. The administration provides an opportunity to engage in fishing, passive hunting, sports and just live for fun. All care for cleaning and maintenance will be taken by employees, and you will have to enjoy the service, services and absorb the positive.

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