"Husky Park" in Sokolniki: a piece of the north among the Moscow jungle

In the park Sokolniki many interesting tourist attractions and museums. If you want, you can spend the whole day relaxing with the whole family. Special attention should be paid to the "Husky Park" in Sokolniki - an ethno-cultural complex dedicated to the life, traditions and way of life of the peoples of the Russian North.

Save traditions and multiply

The ubiquitous "fashion" for dogs of the Husky breed began in our country just a couple of years ago. However, as it often happens, popularity is a short-term phenomenon. And gradually, the greatest interest of the public is caused by some other animals. "Husky Park" in Sokolniki was created to familiarize guests and residents of the capital with the traditions of the northern peoples. This is a unique place where you can not only admire the dogs of all ages, but also look at the dwellings, traditional for the inhabitants of the Chukchi region, try the local cuisine and participate in various rites and fun. Solemn opening of eco "Husky Park" in Sokolniki took place in the summer of 2015. At first the visitors were not so much, but gradually the public interest grew, and the people who visited here told about this unusual excursion to their friends and relatives.

What to see in the "Husky Park"?

Entrance to the complex is free of charge. The basic cost of the entrance ticket includes an inspection of the entire territory, visits to the homes of representatives of different "professions", as well as visiting the enclosure with the husky puppies and acquaintance with adult sled dogs. "Husky Park" in Sokolniki is a real northern village in the center of the capital. The sightseeing tour will not be boring, because during it you can not only look at the interiors of traditional dwellings, but also see "locals" in national costumes, listen to the game on the harp and traditional throat singing. Each tourist can visit the home of the northern hunter, reindeer herder, fisherman and shaman. This is an exciting excursion, which will be remembered for a long time.

And are there any huskies in the Husky Park?

In the ethnocultural complex in Sokolniki you can see dogs of the Chukchi breed. You will be surprised, but in fact the definition of "huskies" was invented by the Americans. And Chukchi or northern sledge since time immemorial are true friends of representatives of nationalities of the Russian North. "Husky Park" in Sokolniki will help to learn more about this breed and the peculiarities of its content and upbringing. In the complex today live sports dogs, designed for riding in harnesses, show-dogs, adapted to communicate with people. Often, animals are pleased with the replenishment, and almost always here you can see the puppies. Each pet has its own destiny and unique character. During the tour you can listen to a lot of interesting stories from the life of these incredibly beautiful and intelligent dogs.

Additional services

For an additional cost in the "Husky Park" you can ride a dog's field, take a walk with a puppy or an adult animal. Also here you can try traditional northern dishes and shoot from onions. Photo and video shooting is included in the cost of the basic entrance ticket, you do not need to pay extra - you can take everything everywhere. Various events take place in the ethnocultural complex. Here you can see various rituals conducted by shamans, or take part in traditional festivals with folk dances and songs.

How to get to the Eco "Husky Park" in Sokolniki Park?

The exact address of the complex: Moscow, 5th Radial Prossek, 7a, ow. 16 A. "Husky Park" operates from 10.00 to 23.00, daily. Schedule of work during the holidays check with the administration. On weekends there are many more guests than on weekdays, but more often concerts and other events are held. On weekdays, few tourists come here, and you can see the whole "Husky Park" in Sokolniki without haste and bustle. How to get to this place by public transport? From metro stations "VDNKh" and "Preobrazhenskaya" there is a tram No. 11, and from the metro "Sokolniki" - itinerary No. 25. You should exit at the "Institute of Foreign Languages" stop, then you will see bright banners and signposts. The entrance fee is 150-300 rubles, children under 5 can visit the ethno-cultural complex for free.

Guest Reviews

Many residents of the capital have already visited this interesting place, often include it in their excursion program and tourists from other regions. Reviews about "Husky Park" can be found very different. Someone enthusiastically tells about this adventure, while others complain that they came on an excursion at the specified hours of work, and the actors - "villagers" were not caught. In order not to be in a similar situation, before the trip, look at the event poster in the park. You can also pre-book an excursion. In general, the "Husky Park" in Sokolniki reviews is often positive. The creator of this unique open-air museum lived for a long time in the far north. Due to which he managed to reproduce carefully and accurately the situation of the Chukchi village and demonstrate the life and traditions of local residents. A separate praise deserves the staff of the "Husky Park", excursions are always fascinating, and tourists once bored. As for the dogs - they look well-groomed and cheerful, they gladly pay attention to the guests of the complex and are always ready to communicate. Do not forget to charge the camera before the trip - in this ethnocultural complex very beautiful and vivid photos are obtained.

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