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Choosing the right food for a cat is the guarantee of a pet's health.

Full nutrition plays an important role for your pet. To the cat was energetic and mobile, you need to take care of it and make a balanced diet. To cope with this task the best way is to choose the right cat food.

Nutrition of an animal with natural products is preferable, but it's quite difficult to choose a weighted diet and to balance nutrition yourself. Dry food does not require special storage conditions and is convenient for transportation.

Making up the menu, remember that cats in nature are predators, and the basis of their nutrition is meat. The composition of cat food is divided into three main categories.

1. Economy-class feeds are distinguished by the availability and poor quality of the protein components represented by soy products. Economy-class food contains many preservatives, food additives, poorly digested and not recommended as a basis for a diet. The product is not balanced, so it requires vitamins and complex supplements. Economy class includes fodder "Vaska", "Friskas", "Trapeza" and others.

2. Commercial feed contains more protein of animal origin, less different colors and preservatives, they contain a small amount of offal. The quality of the product is not much higher than that of the food of the economy class, and the average price is due to the costs of advertising. Commercial are Darling, Whiskas, Kitekat and others.

3. Premium and super premium - the best choice for cat food. Premium products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards, contain natural ingredients and mineral vitamin complexes. Premium cat food is adapted for different groups of animals depending on age and weight, enriched with vitamins, fully balanced. High prices are compensated by high digestibility of the product - up to 85%, respectively, the daily consumption rate is reduced. Representatives of premium-class are "Royal Canin", "Sheba", "ProPlan" and others.

"Sheba" - food for cats, which is classed as superpremium. The producer of canned food and wet forage "Sheba" is a well-known company Mars, which monitors the quality of the products and deserves a proper image. Food does not contain dyes, flavors, harmful additives, and hermetic packaging preserves the useful properties of the product.

The most qualitative and expensive is considered to be cat food a holistic related to the products of the new generation. Producers of this product argue that the meat that forms the basis of the feed is completely natural and grown without the use of hormones and antibiotics. Feed Holistic has the following advantages:

  • High concentration of natural meat - up to 70%;
  • Absence of by-products;
  • Natural supplements - fruits and berries, vegetables, herbs;
  • The absence of cereals, with the exception of brown rice.

The use of food, as close as possible to the natural in composition, provides the cat's body with energy and health, makes the coat thick and silky.

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