"Soho Country Club", Moscow, a country complex

A large comfortable countryside beach complex is located 4 minutes drive from the Moscow Ring Road and has the prestigious name "Soho Country Club". Moscow and the guests of the capital like to relax in this place. It was located along the Novorizhskoe highway on the shore of the "picturesque bay" and is one of the elite restaurants of the Moscow region.

Services and interior

Here you can have a wonderful rest in the circle of friends and relatives, spend a romantic evening and various activities: weddings, birthdays, parties, graduation parties and various parties. The restaurant's cuisine is Asian and full of delicacies. The hotel has cozy rooms with comfortable interiors, a terrace by the water, a beach with sun loungers, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a dance floor, a children's room and a playground, a huge broadcasting screen, and convenient parking.

Cozy and comfortable "Soho Country Club" (Moscow) occupies the territory of more than two hectares and is decorated in a unique Asian style. The abundance of greenery, natural materials, natural fabrics, bamboo decoration, grass, cozy beach umbrellas of reeds, wicker furniture, all this brings about a pleasant mood and inspires. In this place, it breathes freshness and health, I want to return here again and again.

The popular high-end Soho Country club complex is environmentally friendly, and there is always something to do on its territory. It will not be bored either for adults or for children. A lot of entertainment and services are organized here:

  • Visiting the bath complex;
  • A huge swimming pool;
  • gym;
  • children's room;
  • In the summer, there are animators who will not bore small visitors;
  • Beautiful beach;
  • beer pub;
  • Evening performances and much more.

Holding celebrations

There is a large banquet hall that can accommodate up to 150 people, for a banquet this is an irreplaceable place, a large outdoor terrace, the possibility of launching a salute. To hold weddings and festive corporate events "Soho Country Club" is perfect. Moscow invites everyone to have a good time. Here are the advantages of the establishment:

  • delicious cuisine;
  • A lot of space;
  • Entertainment for children and adults;
  • Beautiful view and background for photo;
  • High service;
  • Attentive administrators;
  • Good DJ ;
  • Great cocktails;
  • Suites and penthouses.

In the evening, various performances and night discos are held, a beer bar, a restaurant, various performances and competitions.

The duration of the stay in the complex is booked in advance, mainly hours from the 14th to the 12th of the next day, all the nuances of holding and preparing celebrations and events can be stipulated with polite administrators who will take into account all wishes and preferences. Individual approach to each client makes holidays unforgettable.

Daytime entertainment

The 20-meter-long beach, from whose banks you can admire the relic pine forest, is located on the territory of Soho Country Club (Moscow). The beach, although small in size, but equipped with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas, a refreshing bar with delicious food. Nearby there is a pier where guests can take a boat, as well as if you want you can take a ride and take a walk along the Moscow River. Thirty-meter pool will please all visitors with azure and clean water.

"Soho Country Club" (Moscow) is a very romantic and beautiful place, it is often celebrated weddings and parties, this place is ideal for a comfortable stay and is equipped with everything necessary for this.

Service Level and Reviews

Service in the restaurant is carried out at a high level, professional chefs, restaurateurs, service personnel work here, which constantly develops and cares about the comfort of customers.

Visitors to the restaurant Soho Country Club (Moscow), whose comments make it clear that this is a very beautiful place with excellent cuisine, were satisfied. Those who rested in this beach complex, note that there is a cheerful atmosphere with a pleasant contingent, excellent music and hookah. It can be indicated that this place is designed mainly for young, fervent and energetic. Cons, which guests noted: a large number of people in the summer. Therefore, especially on weekends, you need to book rooms in advance. Of course, without stingy reviews like "dirty water and impolite waiters" did not happen, but mostly the opinions are positive, and many comments from the regular guests of the complex.

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