Borovoye Lake is the pearl of Kazakhstan

Probably, you can not talk about Kazakhstan and not mention the resort pearl - Lake Borovoe. The photo of the surrounding landscape beckons with its splendor. This is the most popular place for recreation, which is famous for its stunning nature and a multitude of entertainment options for every taste. Here, not only lovers of beach recreation will like it, but also fishermen, lovers of hiking, people who are engaged in healing their body. Tourists, keen on rock climbing, will be able to find an interesting activity for each day. This area is not by hearsay considered an oasis of beauty and a unique climate in the middle of the steppes.

Picturesque places

Borough Lake is one of the most famous sources from the group of reservoirs, united by one name. This complex is located in the eastern part of the Kokchetav Upland. There is clear and clear water here: the bottom is visible even at great depth. The lakes, surrounded by pine and birch green massifs, purify the air and create certain climatic conditions.

Offers for holidaymakers

Rocky mountains, clean air, pine forests and unspoiled lakes are the criteria that will help anyone coming here to rest and gain strength. For active pastime horseback riding, catamarans, trips with climbing elements to local peaks are offered. For others it will be more interesting to lie down on the beach during the day, bathing and taking sun baths, and in the evening to sit in a pleasant company by the fire.

The programs of some sanatoriums cover not only medical procedures, but also horseback riding and skiing in the winter. One of the important advantages is the fact that due to coniferous forests there are absolutely no mosquitoes on the territory. Steppes, ponds and forests - that's what visitors can see by visiting the territory where Borovoye Lake is located.


Visiting the lake can be either spontaneous or pre-planned. Thanks to the developed infrastructure everyone can find a place suitable for tastes and requirements. On the territory of lakes there are many private houses offering rental for tourists, there are many hotels and sanatoria. But the number of seats available for accommodation will depend on the season. Enjoy the views, get some fresh air or get better - that's why people come to Borovoye Lake. Reviews about this place are only the most positive.

Therapeutic properties of the reservoir

The history of the establishment of sanatoriums begins at the beginning of the XX century, when in 1910 the first koumiss-healing hospital was opened. In subsequent years, many travelers came to Borough Lake in order to breathe fresh air and take a sun bath. It is also known that the water and clay of the local salty water reservoir Maybalik have medicinal properties.

The water contains many useful elements, so some sanatoriums located near this lake offer a similar service. For example, the "Shchuchinsky" sanatorium works in a similar way, which was again opened after the Great Patriotic War. The recreation center is popular not only with local residents, but it also has success with foreign tourists. The treatment program includes the use of koumiss - the milk of mares, which, in conjunction with a calm and measured life in the paradise of Borough Lake, has a beneficial effect on the treatment of diseases of the nervous system and heart.

Acquaintance with the animal world

The government of Kazakhstan does not leave without due attention the preservation of the pristine nature and in every possible way protects Borovoe Lake from pollution. For example, in the forests you can meet freely roaming roe deer, and also eat cranberries and cranberries. And for those who are not lucky enough to meet animals in their native environment, most hotels and sanatoriums have small zoos in their territory, in which live wild animals live. In them you can see wild boars, deer, llamas, roe deer and eagles. And in order to get acquainted with the world of animals that live in the local territory, you can visit the nature museum located in the village.


Interesting vacation will be for avid lovers of fishing rods. The water here is clean, and there are crayfish in the lake, which speaks of a beautiful ecology. In the reservoirs there are a lot of different kinds of fish, namely, carp, pike, perch, carp and carp. In order to enjoy the wonderful fishing, people come to the water from all over the world.

How to get to Borovoye lake?

You can get to the reservoir in many ways:

  • By bus from Omsk. Transport runs daily, takes about 11 hours.
  • By train from Ekaterinburg. Route: Sverdlovsk-Alma-Ata. Rides through Schuchinsk. After that you can change to a bus or a taxi and get to the nearest sanatorium.
  • By private car. In this case there may be delays at customs due to buses.
  • By train with a transfer. First you get to Petropavlovsk, after to Shchuchinsk. Then you can take a taxi or go to the desired place by bus.

The most simple and less time-consuming method is to purchase a ticket through a travel agency. The only thing that the traveler will have to face is the time it takes to choose the right option. You will need to review all the ways offered by the company and find the right one. Thus, you can easily visit Borough Lake without any problems.

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