Resorts of Turkey with a sandy beach. Vacation with children

Among Russian tourists, Turkey is famous for its high-quality service at a relatively inexpensive cost of rest. There is a huge choice of entertainment: beach in summer, skiing in winter. The resorts of Turkey with the sandy beaches, as well as pebbly and mixed, greet travelers with affection and affection. In the local parts like to relax divers, because in Turkey, many small islands with rich opportunities for spearfishing. Winter The country is waiting for those who like skiing. In addition, there are medical resorts with hot springs. Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes that there is nothing to do besides bathing, there is much to see in Turkey. To view all the sights of once great civilizations, there will not be enough leave.

The time of flight to the place of rest is 3-4 hours. The newlyweds go to Turkey after the wedding, groups of young people and families with children. Everyone will find their own classes, you just need to choose the right city. Many holidaymakers choose this direction for several years.

For example, for families with children the best resorts of Turkey with a sandy beach are best. Such conditions are created in Alanya, Antalya, Belek and Side. The country is washed by two seas - the Aegean and the Mediterranean. On different coasts and the climate differs. The Mediterranean Sea is warm and affectionate in May-June, as well as in September, but the Russians suffer with difficulty - it's too hot. But at this time will be a good rest on the Aegean coast. Resorts of Turkey with a sandy beach will leave unforgettable impressions for the whole family. Children can be left with the animators in a group of the same resting comrades. Adults at this time can go to explore the historical sights of Turkey. To the services of small travelers, multiple water parks and dolphinariums, excursions by sea with the opportunity to see the inhabitants of the depths.

For the rest of the family there are many wonderful places, among which one should choose the resorts of Turkey with a sandy beach. Very popular with tourists from Russia Antalya. This is a long resort, famous for its unspoilt beaches. Sandy beach is in Lara, there are also platform.

Alanya is known for budget rest. There are also a lot of golden sandy beaches and clear water. Snow-white sand is typical for the old town of Side, complementing the resorts of Turkey with a sandy beach. But this is only in the west of the resort, the eastern part of it is represented by deserts, which is suitable for lovers of quiet quiet rest.

Belek is not a cheap resort. For children, favorable conditions have been created here: sand on the coast and coniferous and eucalyptus air from forests growing in the vicinity. Hotels in Belek are mostly four- and five-star.

Whichever city is chosen as a holiday, staying in this wonderful hospitable country will leave the most favorable impression. The best resorts in Turkey are sure to bring joy, fill with new impressions and help restore strength.

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