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Somatoform disorders: the psyche as a source of pain

While many diseases manifest themselves as an obvious and consistent set of symptoms, somatoform disorders are always a mystery. And not only for the attending physician, but also for the patient himself. Those suffering from this disease often experience strange, unusual symptoms. And sometimes they are rather prosaic - pain, for example.

The Real Problem

It is not easy for the doctor to determine the source of the symptom "pain". After all, the reasons for such feelings can be a huge number. And the therapist is the last "door" into which the patient suffering from incomprehensible pain will knock. And if the somatoform disorder is suspected by the therapist, then his situation will not be envied. How to explain to the suffering person that all his pain is literally "in my head"? Moreover, that malicious simulators are not so many, and suffering people with the diagnosis of "somatoform disorders", alas, abound.

Article of the income of laboratories

Such patients run into confusion. They start to think that they are not listening and they are not believed. The most terrible thing is that the symptoms are not removed by standard tablets, which seem to "help everyone". If the patient is your relative, it is harmful for him to read the medical literature. In general, such people are the most profitable clients of various private laboratories. They can sell any diagnostic service and for any money. If there is a real illness (for example, latent diabetes), then absolutely everything is written off.

What else to talk about?

Own health becomes for patients with a diagnosis of "somatoform disorders" main in life. This aggravates the egocentric tendencies. Familiar people begin to notice that the person does not want to talk anymore. The doctors can not get a sensible answer from their doctors, which undermines his faith in medicine in general. If at the same time somatic diseases are found at this stage , the patient no longer wants to be treated according to the proposed schemes and ignores the recommendations. Somatoform mental disorders become a barrier to normal interaction with relatives and staff.

Caution! Similar diseases

In the diagnosis of many pitfalls. It is necessary to distinguish somatoform mental disorders from the so-called "artificial disorder" and simulation. The first is an imitation of symptoms without obvious benefit, the second - with obvious, for example, the simulation of symptoms by the offender in order to avoid punishment.

How to make a diagnosis

Somatoform and neurotic disorders are treated, as a rule, by a psychiatrist or psychoneurologist. The patient is usually told that this is a psychotherapist, but such a doctor is trained as a psychiatrist. Do not be afraid of him - he can do a lot for the patient. The criteria for diagnosing the "somatoform disorders" section include three groups. First, the symptoms should not be caused by medications taken or allergic reactions, secondly, artificial disorder and simulation should be avoided, and thirdly, the disease should interfere with at least one area of the patient's life. It can be a job or a family, or a sphere of friendly communication.

Treatment: not just tablets

They treat somatoform disorders mainly with the help of cognitive therapy. And the symptoms go away! Sometimes appropriate medications are prescribed for the therapy of anxiety and depression accompanying this phenomenon. But without behavioral treatment they do not help.

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