Just about "Dexalgin": instructions for use for patients

For many centuries, mankind has been trying to reduce discomfort in life. And certainly, the pain can be called an extreme degree of discomfort. We have different pain sensitivity, but the most persistent of us do not want to endure unpleasant feelings. Therefore, funds that reduce pain, will always remain popular. For example, "Dexalgin".

Instructions for use prescribe to use it for symptomatic treatment. That is, the cause of the disease, this medicine can not eliminate - and this is very important. Therefore, in parallel, treatment of the underlying disease must be carried out. The medicine "Dexalgin" is prescribed for toothache, in cases when a woman is prone to pain during menstruation, and with severe diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, when the patient constantly has to experience a lot of pain. In all these cases, "Dexalgin" will help.

Instructions for use refer this drug to the category of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . Usually such medications do not have a lot of contraindications and side effects, but the drug in question is an exception, its doctors usually prescribe very carefully.

How does Dexalgin work? Instructions for use explain that it changes the metabolism in the area of inflammation, reduces local temperature and pain, as a result of the patient's suffering become much less. In half an hour, most patients become easier, which makes this tool very attractive in the eyes of a sick person. The drug lasts up to six hours. It depends on the individual features of the kidneys and liver. In some, the remedy is removed so quickly that after three hours the pain returns again. But you need to know that more than 50 mg per day can not be taken, this is 2 tablets. Doctors do not recommend taking a new pill within 8 hours after the previous one was taken. Still, the burden on the kidneys, and even on the liver, is quite high. A positive feature is that the product does not accumulate in the tissues, that is, if the kidneys work well, the "Dexalgin" leaves our body without problems. This medication is not used for a long time, usually these are one-time cases, with the exception of rheumatoid arthritis. If the disease has appeared in the elderly, they are usually given 1-2 tablets per day, if tolerability is good, then the dose can be raised to the maximum (3 tablets). When treating patients with renal insufficiency appoint 1 tablet, if you need to drink them constantly.

We mentioned that there are many contraindications to the medicine "Dexalgin". The instruction for use gives a fairly large list. So, you can not drink this remedy for those who have at least once been noted for a poor tolerance of this class of substances (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory). Do not prescribe a remedy for those who suffer from gastric ulcer lesions, severe liver and kidney diseases, bronchial asthma, hemorrhagic diathesis, and certain heart diseases. Do not prescribe this remedy simultaneously with anticoagulants. Do not give this medicine to children! "Dexalgin" is a drug for adults! And even if the dose is small, irreversible changes are possible. Do not risk the health of a child!

Side effects on the digestive tract are very extensive, here and vomiting, and diarrhea, but still dangerous means the possibility of ulceration and perforation. Patients may refuse food, internal bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis and changes in taste are likely. So without the need to not drink this medicine.

It also has a bad effect on the nervous system (even loss of consciousness is possible), on the genitourinary sphere (cycle disorders, edema, nephritis). Badly affects this tool and the heart, and the respiratory system. So it is necessary to drink the medicine "Dexalgin", only if the doctor prescribed it for pain.

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