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Tatyana Rudova: movies, personal life

There are a small number of actors who can play only a few roles, however, they remain in the minds and hearts of TV viewers, subduing them not only with their acting, but also with sincerity, every minute zest for life and the desire to make the world around them better and cleaner. Such actors make a significant contribution to the world of art. It is to this galaxy of great personalities that the honored artist of the Russian Federation, Tatyana Rudova, also belongs.

Childhood memories

Tatiana Kuzminichna Rudova saw this huge world in March 1941. It was a quiet pre-war time, when millions of Soviet residents did not even imagine that it happened only three months later, in the second half of June.

Her childhood was the same as that of the millions of kids of the Soviet Union of those years who had to survive in difficult war years. It was scary, hungry, and sometimes very scary. In an interview Tatyana Rudova frankly told reporters that, fortunately, she remembers little from childhood. But explosions of exploding shells, the rumble of German planes, mother's tears - all this remains with her until now.


The victory came when the girl was already four years old. On the one hand it was still quite a baby. And on the other ... Children who survived the terrible war, grew up, unfortunately, much faster than those kids who were born after her graduation. And now, from time to time, she often imagines images of completely unfamiliar people in her thoughts, who in a single joyful rush shouted "Hurray! We won!"

Brief biographical data

An irresistible desire to become an actress arose a lot later. At first she just went to the cinemas, watched films with the participation of well-known actors at that time. Later, gradually looked at their game, admiring the gestures, intonation, manner of behavior in front of the camera. So she had a dream to give people joy. Actresses of Russia, to which Rudova belongs, have always been distinguished by a special talent and ability to present their heroines as familiar to each spectator of people.

Tatyana Kuzminichna studied at M. Tsarev's course at the Higher Theater School named after M.Sh. Shchepkina, whose diploma was awarded in 1964. Over the next five years, she worked in Dnepropetrovsk, and already in 1969, Tatyana Rudova became part of a large company in the Moscow Regional Drama Theater. Ostrovsky.

Theatrical actress

One can say with certainty that Rudova (the actresses of Russia - her colleagues - almost unanimously say that she is one of the most talented and gifted of them) is a theatrical actress. From the very beginning of her creative career, she appeared on the stage of MODT, and it lasted more than thirty years.

She got all the different roles that she performed with brilliance. She played in various performances, performing vivid and very interesting roles: Tatiana Rudova was Mrs. Boyle in The Mousetrap, Janet Mackenzie in the Prosecution Witness, staged by plays of Agatha Christie, Capca in the Council and Love, Olga in Drama On the hunt "by Chekhov, Gertruda in" Murder - Family Affair ", Lidia Cheboksarova in Ostrovsky's" Mad Money ". And each of her characters was truly inimitable. Perfection movements, head twists, swings of hands, the giving of each line always told viewers that before them a great actress.

Her epic film

In the film industry Tatyana Rudova, films With the participation of which they enjoy the deserved attention of her fans, came already at a fairly mature age - only in 2003. Her debut role was the role of a saleswoman in the movie "Bumer", familiar to many viewers. Her character here is far from the main one, but the actress tried to make it as interesting as possible. In the same year she was invited to play a maid in the tape "Life One".

Despite the fact that the start of Tatiana Kuzminichny was more than successful, the following invitations to the shooting were followed only three years later. Now these were the pictures "The Seventh Day" (neighbor), "The End of the World" (episodic role) and the series "More important than love" (Pavlusha's mother). But after these works, finally, Rudovaya began to offer more and more often interesting heroines. And she always agreed, marveling at the fact that going to the set for her was as interesting and exciting as it was on the stage. Tatiana Kuzminichna was amazed at why she did not start acting earlier, because before her first work in the cinema she was convinced that there was nothing better than the theater.

In recent years, Ksyusha Valentinovna Zotova from the film "The Method of Laurel", Catherine Vasilyevna Gnevasheva (mother-in-law of Yefim) from "The Personal Life of Investigator Savelyev", Lydia Vasilyevna from "Forgive Me, Mama" and the saleswoman of pies from the jeweler from the "Jackal" ".

That's the kind she is - Tatyana Rudova. Her personal life is of interest to ordinary people, but the actress never told anything about her family. She does not think that viewers should know everything. Well, she's right about that.

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