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The most popular variety of goldfish

Goldfish is called a subspecies of silver crucian carp. In the wild they live in Korea, China, Japan and the islands of Asia.

Varieties of goldfish

Breeders managed to artificially create many kinds of goldfish, they are even difficult to list. Until today, there are species in Asia that are not found in Europe. Contained these fabulous waterfowl in outdoor pools, where they grow to a length of 30 cm in the aquarium goldfish can grow only up to 15 cm at the bottom of the pond must be smooth and large gravel or pebbles. These fish are very peaceful and easily get along with other species. Only such a variety of goldfish, like veiled tails, should be kept separately, so that neighbors do not damage their tender and beautiful tails.

Today you can choose for your aquarium any kind of goldfish in accordance with their own taste. And they are available to everyone who wants. In general, it is possible to divide all fish of this large species into short-bodied and long-bodied. Consider the brightest and most common representatives.

A variety of goldfish with a special tail in the form of butterfly wings, flung open for flight, is called - a butterfly. But the trail tail, which is raised up, divided into 2, 3 or 4 parts, have small fish-tails. He can adopt a position similar to that of a fan.

What kind of goldfish is most popular? Are in demand baby with nontrivial appearance, called pearls. It is a round fish with short fins, and its scales are like pearls. This representative of the family will be an excellent decoration for any aquarium.

The next type of goldfish is the lionhead. The head of representatives of this species is covered with outgrowths similar to strawberries, and together with a round body it resembles the head of a lion. Orand is distinguished by large growths between the eyes, and ryukina has a humpbacked back.

Many varieties of aquarium goldfish mutated, changing the shape of the eyes. For example, a fish, which is called the "heavenly eye", constantly looks up, and the fish "water eyes" has impressive eyes and blister bubbles with liquid. The telescope, the veil telescope and the black telescope are characterized by very large eyes.

Varieties of goldfish, the photos of which you see, differ in the shape of the body. The comet is the owner of a long tail, often superior to the body itself. The ranch is deprived of the dorsal fin, but has growths on the head. Shubunkins are noticeable in their calico color and transparent scales.

And, finally, the usual goldfish has a body of medium size, elongated fins. The color of it can be red, red-gold and red-white.


Fish, differing in size or body length, have their own temperament, so it is more correct to settle them separately. Long representatives (shubunkins, comets) can grow quite large, so for them you should take an aquarium of at least 200 liters. However, they are unpretentious and very hardy.

Separately, it is necessary to settle astrologers, telescopes and fish with "water eyes". Sluggish and slow telescopes risk not having time to distribute food and remain hungry.

Fish "water eyes" easily injured. But the most unpretentious can be called ryukinov and vyerohvostov. It is with the content of these species and you can start newcomers-aquarists.

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