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Leash for cats - how much is it needed?

In megacities many cats and cats do not go out on the street and are satisfied, for example, with walks on the balcony. Animals that grew up outside the city are usually in a better position: they can go out for a walk and come back when they want. Often the owners of urban cats and cats regret them and take out to breathe fresh air. However, on the street, a pet is trapped in danger: it can be hit by a car, it can be stolen or lost. Secure the pet will help a special leash for cats - it can be purchased at any pet store.

Cat's leash is attached to a special device - a harness sewn in the form of a figure eight, similar to that used for walking small dogs. This is due to the fact that the neck of a cat is much weaker than that of a dog, and you can not drive it on a leash that is simply attached to the collar. In addition, the animal can easily wriggle out of the collar and escape. A harness and leash for cats, whose length is 2.5-3 meters, are usually sold as a set. They are sewn from the same material - nylon or strong cotton. For small cats, leather harnesses are undesirable: they will be too heavy for an animal and can bind its movements. For large cats, it is preferable to use the same material because they are more durable and reliable.

Before purchasing a walking ammunition, measure the cat: the harnesses differ in size. The measurements are taken from the animal around the chest, behind the front paws. Be prepared for the fact that the first shoe you bought by the animal may not be suitable: it happens that the pet does not like its style. It's worth changing one model to another - and everything will go well. Considering and choosing the harnesses and leashes for cats, pay attention to the fasteners and fastenings: they should be strong and reliable, best of all metal ones.

To accustom a cat to a harness it is necessary to begin in advance, at least a week before the first walk. Young animals quickly get used to unusual "ammunition" and the leash for cats in a short time for them ceases to be a burden. With older cats, things are much more complicated. For example, an animal can panickedly fear the harness and try to lose it with its last strength. To avoid such a reaction, experts recommend first putting on a harness before feeding the animal or playing with it, so that the cat or cat has this attribute associated with something pleasant. Well, if the new object smells like your pet's favorite food. When the cat gets used to the harness, you can fasten a leash to it - it is attached to the shoulder blades.

"Walking" with a cat is better at first in the apartment, so that she is used to feeling the tension of the leash. Give your pet the opportunity to choose the road, follow it. Sometimes pull the leash on yourself slightly - feeling resistance, most animals lie down, and you can safely take the pet in your arms.

Carry the cat or cat for the first walk should be carried, fastening the harness and collar. Choose a quiet place, away from noisy roads and houses. Open the door in the carry and wait for the animal to leave it yourself, do not rush it and let it look around. Over time, the cat will necessarily get used to walks and will get pleasure from them.

It should be understood: he who expects a quiet walk with the animal, most likely, is mistaken. Perhaps you will be able to train a cat to walk on a leash, but the slave in this case will still be you: the cat will never, like a dog, walk with you next to you. In any case, the leash for cats will be a guarantee that your pet will not be lost - and this is the most important thing. However, even if you have chosen the most reliable harness and leash, it makes sense just in case to install a special chip to the cat or put a collar on it with your contact information.

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