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Audrey Tautou - filmography. Best movies with Audrey Toth

In 2001, the moviegoer won the image of the unusual girl Amelie Poulain, created by Audrey Tautou. The filmography of the French actress at that time numbered thirteen works, among which there were also very good ones, but this picture became the peak of her creative career.

Monkeys and music

The main feature that distinguishes Tota from a number of many young talents, possessing at times no less lovely appearance, is her outstanding intellect. But he did not appear on his own, but, as always, as a result of hard work. As a child, Audrey, surprisingly the whole family, suddenly became attracted to primates. She could watch monkeys at the menagerie for hours, noting their habits, and quite seriously expressed her intention to devote her life to the study of the life of these animals. It is possible that the world science has lost in its face an outstanding zoologist, but it so happened that the propensity for art manifested itself in the love of music, which, fortunately, did not pass. Audrey Totu graduated from music school and plays beautifully on oboe and piano. Her favorite composers are Mozart, Chopin and Ravel.

Studying the classics of literature

Audrey's second passion is literature. At the Faculty of Contemporary Literature of the Paris College of Arts at the Sorbonne University, she studied the works of French and world classics, and it was during these classes (evidently due to a natural inclination for empathy) that she very much wanted to identify herself with the heroes of the works of famous prose writers and playwrights, from Victor Hugo to Oscar Wilde. This desire to play led her to acting courses, and after them to continue her education at the university she became uninteresting. Audrey was attracted to the scene and the set.

Calling - art

A young curly brown-haired woman with a height of 160 cm sometimes did not even believe that her acting career would be successful. His parents were far from art, his mother worked as a school teacher, and her father as a dentist. Apparently, they were puzzled by the desire of her daughter to become an artist. But she persevered towards her goal.

I had to work as a secretary, until the first opportunity to earn a movie appeared. But soon the former employer could boast of the fact that Audrey Tautou herself sat in the waiting room. Her filmography begins with the first serious role ("Beauty Salon" Venus ", 1999). By this time, the future star managed to win the contest of young talents, to star in several episodes of the series "Cordier" and in six more paintings, not noticed by the critics. But the "Venus" immediately began to talk and write. It became clear that a new star had caught fire on the French cinematic sky, yet not brightly yet confidently. The actress was 23 years old.

The first serious work

Doors open only to those who knock on them. Audrey has already participated in many castings. When I went to the next one, which was recruited for "Venus" (in the genre of comedy with a romantic bias), it was slightly late. This circumstance, strangely enough, turned out to be happy. Out of all the contenders, Odry Totu was out of breath. The filmography of Marshal, who wanted to shoot this picture, was extensive, and the experienced director immediately saw the image he aspired to. He needed just such an immediate and somewhat naive girl, preferably with pigtails. For this role, the actress was awarded the "César" award, one of the most prestigious in France.

"Amelie" and "Ameli-2"

It is difficult even to assess how many girls in France and throughout the world became the idol of Audrey Tautou. Her filmography after the "Venus" was replenished with works in the films "Come for Me", "Marry Me", "Butterfly Wings", "Bad Girls" and "The Libertine", all five of them were released in 2000. But these roles were secondary, almost all. It is also interesting that "Butterfly wings" after "Amelie" began to be perceived by the viewer as a continuation of this film, although they shot this picture a year earlier.

And in 2001 the world was covered by "amelimania". The cafe in Montmartre "Two Mills", in which some scenes were filmed, became a place of pilgrimage, which certainly affected prices, as well as profitability of the institution. Moms and dads started to call female babies a famous name. Such a thing France did not know since the days of Jinnah Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardot.

From Europe to Hollywood and back

Careful study of the nature of the image became the "calling card" Audrey Tautou. Filmography of her testifies to her membership in the European School of Cinematography. Three years later, she co-starred with director Zhenya, this film was called "A Long Engagement." He and "Amelie", perhaps, are the best films with Audrey Toth. After "Engagement" she even had a second nickname, which she was awarded by the audience. She was called Matilda in honor of the main character of the tape.

But the actress would not mind to try herself and in American cinema, with one condition only, that the material was serious. A lightweight comedy with blunt humor did not suit her. Jodie Foster has always been one of her favorite actresses, and Audrey had the opportunity to work with her on the set of "Engagement."

Interesting work in the United States was found. And at the same time, and a place in the American Film Academy. Tom Hanks became a partner of Thoth in the famous blockbuster "Da Vinci Code", filmed in 2006. The success of the work contributed to the excellent knowledge of the actress in English.

Madame Coco and her image

Filmography Audrey Tautou in 2009, replenished with work, which can be attributed to the epic works, however, with a French bias. The screening of the biography of the legendary Madame Coco Chanel has become a cultural event and on a global scale. The fate of this extraordinary woman proved to be interesting not only for the French. The role turned out bright, and the actress herself was squeezed by Nicole Kidman, becoming the face of the firm and brand of perfumes Chanel No. 5.

Aware of her artistic vocation, the actress did not become a capricious diva. All those who had a chance to communicate with her are surprised by her modesty and good simplicity. In the midst of popularity, when the films with Audrey Toth triumphantly went to all theaters, the "princess of the ball" left the country, obviously hesitating to be introduced to French President Jacques Chirac, who expected to see her on a specially arranged for him premiere screening of the film "Amelie".

Change of Role

It is possible that due to the abnormal popularity of "Amelie" many of the best films by Audrey Tautu remained in the shadows. For example, in the picture "God is big, I'm small," she played the vivid role of the fussy and extravagant photo model, constantly changing religion. And every time she refers to this transition in the most serious way.

A completely unexpected change in the role occurred in the film "Dirty delights" Stephen Frears. Audrey Tautou has so organically entered the image of an illegal immigrant living in London, that she even had to refute the assumptions about her Arabic origin.

Modesty is the sister of talent

Personal modesty and the lack of "star" is manifested in the fact that the actress does not want to advertise her personal life, which often serves many, much less talented actors, a favorite way of constantly reminding themselves of the public and thus maintain popularity. Many world publications show an increased interest in this mystery, but so far unsuccessfully.

However, those who like movies with Audrey Tautou, that is, real fans of cinematic art, know about the preferences of the actress. She manifests herself creatively not only on the set, but also at the easel. Her successes in painting may not be as impressive as in the movies, but she also has talent in this. Favorite artists Audrey mostly worked in an expressionistic manner. This is Manet, Delacroix, Turner and Schill.

It is known that the fortuneteller predicted to the actress that she would have twins. It is possible that the best work of Audrey Toth still lies ahead.

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