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Woodworking machine with CNC: description and characteristics

Woodworking machine with CNC is used for processing wood, plywood, particle board, MDF in terms of milling and engraving. CNC unit allows you to optimize the complex processes of manufacturing furniture elements, friezes and other operations with high accuracy and speed.

Short description

Woodworking machine with numerical control (numerical control) is an assembly with an intelligent unit that reads programs and monitors the drive of equipment. Simply put, after entering the program codes by the operator, the computer controls all processes. By type, the aggregates are divided into:

  • Combined options.
  • Models for working with thread.
  • Modifications that process not only wood, but also plastic, stone, metal.

With the appearance in the production of CNC equipment, the processing of wood, including the manufacture of any carved elements, is greatly facilitated, the accuracy and speed of work is increased, while the cost price compared to manual processing is an order of magnitude lower.


Woodworking CNC woodworking machines are often used for cutting through the workpiece. For example, milling MDF is very easy, even for the entire height of the workpiece in one pass of the cutter. Other materials, depending on the density and other characteristics, require several attempts at processing.

The products made on such equipment have high accuracy and quality of processing (for example, in the production of parquet boards). The disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that at high speed, the place propyl is characterized by a slight burning. In addition, on the CNC machine it is difficult to obtain sharp edges of the engraving lines (there are roundings equal to the radius of the cutter).

Scope of application

The woodworking machine with CNC is used to perform complex and time-consuming work. The equipment is used in the serial production of furniture, facades, doors and linings, parquet, decorative elements, details of outdoor advertising.

In addition, the woodworking CNC milling machine is used for the manufacture of the following products:

  • Balusters and other curly details for stairs.
  • Objects and facades of furniture.
  • Carved frames for mirrors, paintings, wall clocks.
  • Wooden icons.
  • Baguettes, brackets, overlays.
  • Elements with artistic carvings.

The complexity and cost of wood carving is determined by the characteristics of the product itself. The smaller and more complex the details of patterns, the higher the price of finished products.

Possibilities of some modifications

CNC-3520-1R-350 CNC woodworking milling machine is equipped with a single welded bed, which provides reliable stability even when handling massive and heavy products. On this equipment it is possible to perform a three-dimensional thread on the radial areas of blanks with a large diameter and a maximum length of up to 2 thousand millimeters.

Model 1318-3HR-300 is a three-spindle lathe for turning and milling workpieces up to one and a half meters in diameter and 25 cm in diameter. The adjustable tailstock makes it possible to quickly switch from the planar milling mode to turning and vice versa.

Modifications of CNC machines can be equipped with vacuum tables, several spindles, laser equipment and combine various instruments, which allows processing several parts at the same time, perform various processes and high-precision engraving.

General characteristics

The technical characteristics of a woodworking machine with CNC depend on its equipment, dimensions, additional functionality, manufacturer. Consider the main indicators of some modifications.

The machine "Art-Master 315 Racer":

  • The unit is equipped with a vacuum table.
  • Has an automatic device for waste disposal.
  • There is a rotary magazine for automatic change of cutters (4 pcs.).
  • The compressed air supply pressure is not less than 6 kgf / sq. cm.
  • The operating voltage is 220 V.
  • There is a pneumatic device for placing the workpiece, a scanner.

CNC-1500-1R unit:

  • Spindle characteristics - 2.2 kW, water cooling.
  • The guide elements are circular, located along the Z axis.
  • Power supply - 220 V.
  • Ballon transmission to all axes.
  • The maximum indicator for the dimensions of the workpieces to be processed (length / diameter) is 150/20 cm.

Household Options

For domestic use or doing a small business, CNC woodworking machines for woodcarving can be built with their own hands. This will require the purchase of standard electronic and software components. Depending on the need, the equipment is assembled according to the required type (in terms of the mechanical part). Modifications can be made easily by examining the drawings and installation diagrams of the unit, which can be found on the Internet.

As evidenced by user feedback, CNC machines greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of processing wood blanks. At the same time, high accuracy and quality of finishing are preserved. It is worth noting that equipment collected at home, will cost much less than the factory option. Of course, for mass production, medium business and industrial volumes, modernized machines with the most automated control and the ability to perform several processes simultaneously will be required.


If you consider all the features that have woodworking machines with CNC for threading, you can note the following:

  • For volumetric production, provided rotary tables, which allow you to program the adjustment of the workpiece at the corners and in the plane.
  • Virtually all manual threading techniques can be simulated on CNC devices.
  • Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to simulate the technique of geometric carving due to the technological features of milling and cutting processes.

In any case, machine-controlled machining is a high productivity combined with excellent quality at low cost.

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