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Brief description of the high-pressure sink "Calm"

Inhabitants of apartment buildings for certain time and again dreamed of own house. With a lawn, a lawn and the lack of punchers behind the wall. Owners of individual cottages never in their lives will not agree to change a cozy nest on the staircase with neighbors, even though their own homestead requires fantastic care efforts. Changing weather, snow and rain - all this is not the best way to affect the flower beds, alleys, lawns, fences and other details of the house and its landscape.

The use of equipment and their manufacturers

Especially quickly, moss extends over the surface. It is easy to find on the garden paths, steps, foundation and even on the walls. To combat this vegetation and for other purposes use high pressure washers. "Calm" - a famous German company, which has established itself as a manufacturer of excellent power saws. There are also motor mowers, gasoline boilers, blowers, sprayers, combined mechanisms and high pressure washers. "Calm" is constantly updating the range of models offered by household machines, taking into account the requests and wishes of customers, as well as their past mistakes.

In addition, for the best work of the equipment, the organization produces special oils that help to care for the details of the instruments.

High-pressure washers "Calm" refer to household equipment, so they can be used to combat dirt even in a limited area. Garages, paths, walls of houses and roofs, terraces, verandas, cars, trailers and bicycles - these devices can easily cope with the work of any complexity.

Scheme of the device and general description

Washing works according to the following principle: each of them is equipped with an engine that drives the pump device. That, in turn, is endowed with constant pressure, due to it, quickly pumping water. Depending on the model, the volume of water passing through the device can be about 450 liters per hour.

The main difference between the high-pressure sink "Calm" and the cheaper counterparts is the three-piston axial pump equipped with wear-resistant stainless parts. Some models have additional attachments, the area of application of which is specified in the instruction manual.

The engine of the described equipment is equipped with a special function that turns off the water supply automatically (i.e., switches off the machine) if the spraying device is not currently engaged. This helps to reduce the consumption of resources, reduce the wear of the device itself and reduce noise when it is used directly.

Characteristics of the two models

High-pressure washer "Calm 98" is the first model in the line of data of household machines. 380 liters of water (at a minimum) passes through the pump device with a pressure of 110 bar. This equipment is massive - it weighs 14 kg. The place of electric power supply can be located at a distance of up to five meters from the place of use of the device. This is possible due to the length of the cord. The kit includes two nozzles (rotary and spraying), as well as a holder for the hose.

High-pressure washer "Calm 108" is an improved model. It is equipped with a detachable coupling, which plays an important role in the rapid change of attachments. Last, by the way, in the set is three: the usual flat, spraying and with wheels. This washing allows the use of detergents. Slightly heavy compared to its predecessor, it is equipped with a convenient folding handle. The maximum pressure of this machine is 120 bar. At the same time, it allows up to 440 liters of water per hour. The length of the pressure jet reaches 8 meters, which allows you to perform many works without the use of stairs and additional equipment.

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