Ski complex "Fedotovo": photo, reviews, address

With the onset of winter, many go to ski resorts. Active leisure is becoming more popular. For skiing and sleigh does not necessarily leave Russia, on the vast expanses of the country there are many beautiful resorts with picturesque natural resources and a wide choice of routes and descents.

We present to your attention a modern ski resort "Fedotovo", located in the Republic of Tatarstan, a large industrial city of Naberezhnye Chelny (5-7 km from Nizhnekamsk airport). Rest on the base will allow you to immerse yourself in a fabulous atmosphere, leaving the city vanity, plenty to enjoy speed skating on the winding snow-capped hills. You will experience tremendous pleasure from the spent vacations in this place.

The indisputable fact that active outdoor activities, especially skiing and skating, have a therapeutic effect on the whole organism. This kind of rest fills with energy, charges with vivacity and prolongs youth. Such outings help to strengthen the spine, learn to maintain balance, improve the activity of the vestibular apparatus. Rolling on skis, you establish coordination of movement, develop plasticity and get some grace. And, finally, it is useful for blood circulation.

A few words about SDC

Going to the sports and business complex "Fedotovo", which is conveniently located in the village of the same name, you will discover opportunities not only to ride on skis, snowboards and sledges, but also to stroll around the local surroundings, breathe in fresh mountain air, steam in the bath and taste National delicacies.

The resort area is absolutely safe, therefore whole families with young children come here to get vivid emotions from winter entertainment. At a high level, business tourism is organized here. Comfortable conditions have been created for holding corporate events and celebrating solemn events.

Sporting mountain-skiing complex "Fedotovo": the address of the base and how to get there

Exact location: Zainsky district, village of Fedotovo. You can get to the complex either on your own transport, or by bus or taxi. From the airport Nizhnekamsk or the railway station you need to get to the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, from there, on weekends (Saturday, Sunday) a minibus goes to the destination. You can also rent a car that will comfortably bring you to the ski resort "Fedotovo". How to get there by car? It is necessary to follow the highway towards Naberezhnye Chelny, the index will lead to the base.

About the ski slopes

KFOR employs highly qualified instructors who are ready to help, train newcomers to all the basics of skiing. Professionals also will not be left without attention, they can always get advice on the issues of interest, thereby raising their level. On the territory there are five descents of different complexity and colors. There are modern trails for snowboarding and snowboarding (inflatable rubber tires).

If you are at a loss in choosing a descent, you can contact the staff. It is safe to ride in the evening, as lighting fixtures protected by fences are installed everywhere. To maintain the snow cover special guns are used. On the basis of two rope tows: for beginners and children.

All those who wish will be delivered without problems to the sloping hill, from which a breathtaking panorama of the picturesque landscapes opens. Slides here are even, safe even for small children. There are no dangerous obstacles and winding slopes, so beginners will easily master this sport.

The ski complex "Fedotovo" suggests again to feel like a child, to experience the storm of adrenaline rushing on a "cheesecake". Many tourists here organize real competitions and compete for the championship. For true extremals and professional skiers, high slopes with confusing trails are built.

What else to do at the base?

In his spare time, guests can play at a pool table. There is a tennis table, fields for soccer, badminton and paintball. For athletes, a fitness center with modern exercise equipment is open. Clean your body and relax will help a real steam room (sauna).

Want to please the children - ride them on a pony or an adult horse. Communication with these good-natured animals leaves positive impressions, soothes and pacifies. Training sessions on horse riding for adults are conducted.

Catering services

The suburban ski resort "Fedotovo" (photos illustrate the services provided here) has its own restaurant and cafe. After active recreation in nature, you will undoubtedly play a brutal appetite, it can be extinguished by culinary masters who work in these institutions. The menu will charm with a wealth of choice. Here you will find a variety of dishes of national cuisine and European delicacies.

Fans of elite spirits will be delighted with the wide range of wines and other alcohol. Leased mangrove areas with the necessary equipment for those who wish to cook their own meat, fish or vegetables at the stake. All the arbors have electricity, they are under the roof, equipped with comfortable benches and tables. Even in bad weather, tourists will feel comfortable and warm.

For corporate parties, business weekends and holidays

The ski complex "Fedotovo" accepts orders for various kinds of events from individuals and legal entities. Businessmen can take advantage of a cozy conference hall (for 60 seats) and it is profitable to present their goods or arrange negotiations at a high level. For large companies will offer a banquet room, a restaurant hall or a closed tent.

Experienced staff of the base will create for you a real holiday with music and dancing. Cooks will make a harmonious and tasty menu. Country celebrations and corporate events are the best alternative to classical recreation in urban conditions. Rental prices are acceptable and accessible to different social strata of the population.

Offer for accommodation

Tourists who came to the ski resort "Fedotovo" (Naberezhnye Chelny), will be offered to stay in a comfortable hotel. Those who choose apartments and suites can expect a hot breakfast. In the presence and thrifty options for two people with beds and bedside tables, a shared bathroom.

All rooms with a nice design, pleasing to the eye. There is a TV, a landline telephone, air conditioning and household appliances (except for the "economy" category). Daily cleaning and maintenance are provided.


A high-speed Internet is provided throughout the hotel - the use of the network is offered free of charge. Directly in the lobby there are ATMs and terminals for receiving payments. It should be noted that the ski resort "Fedotovo" is under protection, there is a private parking for tourists (free of charge). There is a rental office and a workshop of sports equipment.

Ski resort "Fedotovo": guest reviews

The tourist base attracts tourists from different countries and cities every year. About rest in this place it is written many responses, thus practically all of them in a positive key. People with enthusiasm and warmth remember the resort.

The beauty of the native land, wonderful ecology, excellent internal infrastructure and versatile leisure can not but rejoice. The amazing location of this complex contributes to productive rest and complete relaxation. The most pleasant thing is that the optimal conditions for children have been created. So we advise in winter to give preference to this kind of leisure.

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