Simple pattern knitting needles for beginners

Are you a novice needlewoman and you are interested in knitting with knitting needles, simple patterns, patterns and technique of execution? Then this article is for you. After all, you just learned how to knit with knitting needles, and, of course, you want to please your loved ones with beautiful things. Complex patterns are not yet available to you, or are you unsure of your abilities? In this case it will be more correct to start with a simple one, gain experience and then move on to more difficult schemes. Do not be discouraged that you still can not control beautiful trimmings and reliefs, after all, from the combination of facial and purl one can associate unique and original products. So, what simple pattern of knitting needles do we consider first?

Grooming and its use

One of the simplest and most common patterns is garter stitching. It is performed by face loops in all rows (even and odd). Agree that it is not difficult? This pattern is used mainly for knitting hats, shawls and clothes for babies. With this knitting both on the front and on the wrong side, the same pattern is obtained. The canvas is quite soft, bulky and stretches well. The main condition for carrying out garter stitching is accuracy. In this case, the product made by garter stitching will be smooth and beautiful.

To vary the usual dress code, for example, when knitting a tippet, you can use knitting needles of several sizes. Having knitted several rows on knitting needles No. 6, we pass to knitting needles No. 2, then we change them again. It turns out a very beautiful canvas - airy and relief. It is especially good for this case to use yarn from angorka or other downy threads.

Two-color knitting with facial loops also looks very beautiful. Using different bright colors you can make a beautiful kit for your baby. For example, a hat and scarf. Or for an older child - a sweater and leggings.

Stocking knitting

Another simple pattern with knitting needles is hosiery. This kind of knitting is even more common than the previous one. This way knitted sweaters, dresses, hats and so on. Stocking is one-sided.

It is carried out as follows: all odd rows of the fabric are knitted with facial loops, all even - with purl. For a more even and smooth knitting, the facial loops are tied behind the upper lobes.

And by alternately knitting the front and back loops, you can tie a pattern like an elastic band. The width of the bands can be different from 1x1 loops to three or more.

Here is another fairly simple pattern with knitting needles - "putank". This, as well as garter stitching, is a two-sided drawing. With it, you can knit dresses, children's sets, sweaters, scarves and so on. Sometimes such a mating is called "pearl". In order to fulfill it, it is necessary to type on the spokes an even number of loops and knit as follows. In the first row we alternate one face and one purl, in the second row on the contrary - one purl and one obverse. Everything is very simple.

Simple beautiful patterns with knitting needles. Large cells

This pattern is more complex in execution. But it's easy to learn how to knit. With its help you can tie beautiful things for toddlers, socks, mittens and so on. And if you use two colors, it turns out even better. The photo shows the mittens bound in this way.

Perform it as follows: in the 1 and 9 rows, all the loops are sewn with the backs; In the 2nd and 10th rows - all the facial loops. 3, 5 and 7, the row should be knit like this - first 4 face loops, then 2 loops are removed (the thread should be at work) and so repeat to the end of the row. 4, 6 and 8 the rows are knitted as follows - 4 purl loops, then two loops are removed (but the thread is already before work), continue until the end of the series. In 11, 13 and 15 rows, first 1 front loop is sewn, then 2 loops are removed (thread by work), we end with 4 face loops. In these rows, the first face loop is knitted only at the beginning, the rest of the loop repeats to the end of the row. And finally, 12,14 and 16 rows are knitted like this - the first purl loop (until the end of the row does not repeat), then 2 loops are removed (the thread must be before work) and again 4 purl loops. That's all. Such a simple pattern with knitting needles looks very original, the knitting turns out to be dense and keeps the shape well.

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