Ranunculus: cultivation of garden buttercup

Ranunculus is an Asian garden buttercup, which in natural conditions blossoms roughly in June-July. Together with this, in the modern specialized centers of gardening, you can buy this beautiful plant with bright shining flowers already at the end of winter. As a rule, Ranunculus, grown in flower boxes or pots, in the warm season serves as an ornament for balconies and terraces, and in the cold - for home rooms. For the first time in Europe, this plant appeared in England in the sixteenth century, after which, for many years, it was valued as highly as the Dutch tulips.

The Ranunculus flower is simple and bright. In its home version there is no swing, while in the garden it is very dense, which can be explained by long selection. Especially spectacular are the specimens in the form of pions, which are distinguished by a wide palette of colors. In our country, relative to such a plant as Ranunculus, the cultivation is not very common yet. On the other hand, in Russia there are many kinds of buttercup, growing in nature and not at all similar to the garden option. Moreover, domestic flower lovers can hardly convince that the Ranunculus is a kind of this plant, so they call it completely different names.

Saplings of such a flower as Ranunculus, whose cultivation is planned on garden beds, can be purchased even in the online store. Root tubers of this plant are usually planted in the second half of May. An obligatory condition for them is a preliminary soaking of the seedlings in water for a term of about three hours. Among other things, the plant needs a fertile, moist and at the same time not very moist soil, as well as a sunny place. It usually begins at the end of June with yellow, white, pink, red or orange flowers. There are also original varieties in which the petals have a color with a bright border or two-color at once. What is still important for a plant like Ranunculus is that care should be taken after the withering of the foliage. It boils down to the fact that the tubers need to be excavated and stored in a dry place during the cold season. If small nodules appeared on them, then it is recommended to separate them and use them for subsequent reproduction.

Ranunculus, grown on the site, can be used to decorate the house. The fact is that these flowers can stand in the vase for up to two weeks and look very fresh at the same time. Garden buttercups effectively look in the bouquet both alone and in combination with other colors, bringing bright elements to the decor of the room. An important nuance in this case is that they must be tightly compressed. In favor of breeding the paniculum, and the fact that among its varieties all the time there are original novelties. In the predominant majority of cases, the varieties of this plant do not have separate names, so they are realized in sorted by coloring species. For the creation of the most successful compositions it is recommended to purchase garden Asian buttercups in blossoming condition.

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