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Arkaim is a place of power with magical appeal. In 3-2 millennium BC in this territory was a fortified settlement. It belonged to the "Country of Cities." Arkaim on the map of Russia is located eight kilometers north of the village of Amur (Bredinsky district of the Chelyabinsk region). It is located on a high promontory, which was formed as a result of the confluence of the rivers Utyaganka and Bolshaya Karakaganki. This settlement is the most famous historical-archeological and natural-landscape reserve. In the territory of the monument under consideration, ancient defensive structures and synchronous burial grounds are very well preserved. The historical landscape is characterized by maximum integrity.

How did the discovery of the amazing monument

Ancient Arkaim was accidentally discovered in the summer of 1987 by members of the Ural-Kazakhstan archaeological expedition. Survey of the area began because of the need to build the Bolshoy-Karagan reservoir, which would provide for the needs of rural households in the region. At that time, they already adhered to the rules on the compulsory archaeological survey of the territories on which large-scale construction was to be launched. At first, specialists did not concern the study of this region as a promising one. It was believed that it would be necessary to survey a not very interesting steppe zone from the point of view of archaeological discoveries. However, the later discoveries struck many.

Conducted research

Large-scale excavations have been carried out since 1991. They are directed by G. B. Zdanovich. At the same time, natural-science methods are actively used, among them radiocarbon dating, geological-mineralogical, paleo-soil research and geological-morphological studies. During the excavations it was possible to open approximately half of the settlement (eight thousand square meters of the territory). Thus, it was possible to completely restore the original layout of the monument. Here, a new method for reconstruction was used for the Trans-Urals. L. L. Gurevich drew, how, perhaps, the settlement looked in the distant past.

What could be found on the territory of an ancient monument called Arkaim? The place of power revealed some secrets. Remains of chariots, tools of saddlers and potters, harnesses, arrowheads, as well as molds in which metal products were cast, were found. Of particular interest are the water supply and sewage systems. One of the most important finds is the remains of people and animals.

Detailed description of the complex

Arkaim is a place of power, including a fortified city, two necropolises, remains of pastures and pens. The settlement was built according to a radial scheme. Its diameter is about one hundred and seventy meters. There are two walls, which are attached to the premises in the form of a circular sector. In fact, the city of Arkaim was a fortress on the territory of which there were two "multi-apartment" houses. People lived and worked there. Cattle grazed outside the settlement, including in specially organized pens.

Walls of dwellings and fortresses were erected from logs clogged with clay and unfired bricks. There were premises for both personal and public use, as well as workshops. In some buildings, judging by the found artifacts, metallurgical production was organized.

In the center of Arkaim there was a square. The city had a storm sewer system. Water at the same time was diverted from the village.

Residents of the village were representatives of the European race. This was established thanks to the skulls found in the cemeteries. Arkaim (on the map of Russia it can be seen on the territory of Bashkiria) was destroyed by fire. The cause of the spread of fire was not determined. There are three versions: the city was set on fire by either enemies, or local residents themselves, or the fire started accidentally.

The Mystic Opinion

According to the esotericists, Arkaim is the place of power, the cradle of human civilization, the ancestral home of the Slavs and the Aryans. The name of this city is usually associated with the name of Yima. As a result, the complex under consideration is known as the homeland of Zarathustra.

Arkaim (on the map it can be seen on the territory of the South Urals steppe), it is supposed to be older than the Egyptian pyramids. The spiritual power of this place has not completely disappeared. That's why ancient settlement like a magnet attracts many tourists. People intuitively try to touch a special form of subtle energy to feel the power of the ancient knowledge and abilities of our distant ancestors. If you constantly contact this system, you can learn how to attract positive events, change your destiny for the better, achieve spiritual balance and improve your health.

The mountains

It is important to note that Arkaim (coordinates - 52˚38'57 "N, 59˚34'17" E) includes not only the site itself, but also its low mountains bordering it. Each of them has a certain value. Based on geological studies, it can be argued that three hundred million years ago the territory of the Southern Urals was a volcanic chain. The height of the mountains in that period reached one kilometer. Currently, they have one name left.

Shamanka (Shamanikha)

We continue to describe Arkaim. Mount Shamanka occupies the first place in importance. It has three ledges, permeated by various energy flows. The Penitent's Peninsula is the largest in area. This is the initial stage, the starting point of the passage of all the sacred mountains of the complex. The predominant streams here are purifying. It is in this place that pilgrims conduct special rituals.

The second is the Assignment of the Priestesses. His location is south-east of the central peak of Shamanka. The energy that reigns here allows a person to remember his past incarnations and comprehend the meaning of existence in real reincarnation.

Pegasus - the third ledge. It is located on the south-west of the central peak of the mountain. Being in this place, pilgrims get the opportunity to restore their own energy structure, establish a connection between the micro- and macrocosmos, and also get rid of various ailments of the physical body.

Mount Shamanka itself played the role of a place many centuries ago in which representatives of ancient Aryans turned to the deity of righteousness. On its top there is the Spiral of Life. Travelers who visit Arkaim traditionally pass a rite of repentance in this place.


Other names of this mountain are Crow, Graachina, Blagodatnaya. Our ancestors knew that the very first rays of the sun were filled with pure energy, bearing love and joy. That's why in this place people met the dawn who inhabited Arkaim in ancient times. Mount Anael is located to the left of the upper camp and above the lower one. It is over her every year on the twenty-first of June, at the same time as the sun rises, the star of Sirius becomes visible .

Cherkasy Hill

Arkaim is famous for its many energetically powerful places. Mountain of Reason (another name of Cherkasinskaya Hill) is a unique formation. On its slopes, one can still see images of swastikas laid out by arias in ancient times. In order to get to this mountain it is required to overcome a path sixteen kilometers in length (passes around the border of the protected zone). It is noted that it is a source of radiation of the most powerful energy flows. Often, tourists who are in this zone, deteriorating health, headaches begin.

Scientific direction

At present Arkaim is the largest scientific center of the country. Active staff and invited experts constantly conduct comprehensive research on the humanities and natural sciences. In the center of study, of course, monuments of Sintashta culture - "Country of Cities". This is Arkaim's main secret. The process is carried out with the involvement of a wide range of different techniques - natural-science and archaeological, as well as remote (among them, decoding pictures, geophysics).

In 1992, a year after the creation of the reserve, a team of naturalists and archaeologists developed a program according to which Arkhaim's territory is considered as a testing ground for studying the processes of interaction between nature and man in perspective, in retrospect, and at the present stage. Within the framework of this program, archaeological monuments were studied not only in the Arkaim valley, but also in its environs, as well as local biological diversity and soil composition. Of particular interest is information on the geological structure of the underlying rocks and their influence on the nature of farming and the choice of the dwelling of the ancient inhabitants of the settlement in question.

Due to active museum activities Arkaim became a platform for organizing various experiments and reconstructions. Among them, such areas as ancient pottery, weaving and metallurgy, as well as fortification and erection of structures of different directions.

The purpose of scientific research conducted in Arkaim is to establish a dialogue of cultures, the actualization of antiquity for the present, the formation of an ecological outlook of a new type through research of the cultural and natural spheres in their historical interconnection.

Program for travelers

Are you going to Arkaim? Excursions on the territory of this reserve are not held in the autumn-winter period. Consider this when planning a trip. Answers to all questions of interest can be obtained by calling 8 (902) 870 82 99. The dispatching office is located near the canal (at the very end of the shopping arcade).

Standard program

Travelers, who come for the first time to visit the ancient city of Arkaim, prefer to go on a sightseeing tour. During the fascinating walk you can visit the following ledges: Penance, Pegasus, Ancestors, Priestesses. In addition, the ascent to the Desire Mountain will be unforgettable. Most of this excursion takes place on a hill. That is why all the objects located below can be well considered. Thanks to this, even beginners begin to orientate well on the terrain in order to subsequently plan their own routes. Having chosen this excursion, travelers get a charge of excellent mood in the process of visiting the sacred places. In addition, an experienced guide in details will tell you how Arkaim was discovered (the coordinates of this place are well known to archaeologists); Which was contained in the secret decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU passed in relation to this valley; How should pass the negative and positive spirals; How the mountains received their unusual names; What entities live in these places. In addition, you will learn a mysterious legend, narrating about the underground library created by ancient arias many centuries ago.

Special offer for lovers of mysticism

Along with the review is no less popular excursion to the secret places of power, of which there are a great number on the territory of Arkaim. So, it is suggested to visit the rock of Penance, in place of the power of shamans, to touch the stone of Health. Perhaps someone will be shocked by the information about why Hitler so wanted to break through the Volga, into the deserted steppes. Travelers are given a unique opportunity to pass through the Great Arkaim labyrinth - the place of awareness of their own thoughts. What other unusual places are you invited to visit? We list them below:

- The place of the power of shamans.

- The place of the Power of Indian religions and teachings.

- The wound of the Earth (health-improving energy zone).

- The Assignment of the Priestess.

In addition, you will hear a story about the mountains of Reason and Power, as well as the history of the emergence of a spiral on the Desire Mountain.

Tourists often choose an excursion to the mountain of Love. During the walk you can visit the cave Sim-Sim, on the bridge of Love, in the garden of Love, in the women's and men's forests. Very interesting stories about the Forest of Oblivion and the legend of the mysterious mountain of Love.

Option for the boldest

On the territory of Arkaim there is a Field of Miracles, on which it is possible to make wishes of a material nature. It is noteworthy that excursions to a mysterious place are held only in the dark. According to knowledgeable people, before dawn, dark forces reign on the Field of Miracles. They help travelers in the realization of the mystery. In order for the material desire to be implemented quickly, it is required to bury any paper bill (nominal, year and country of issue does not matter) on which everything that it dreams about is written down.

Any of the above excursions will cost a hundred rubles per person. The maximum length of the routes is nine hundred meters, all of them are designed in such a way that even the most unprepared travelers do not fall off their feet. Exciting travel lasts from sixty to eighty minutes. Children under seven years of age (necessarily accompanied by adults) and heads of organized groups (no less than twenty people) have the right to free excursions.

If you have your own tent, you do not need to book a place in the camp in advance. If you want to stay in a cottage or caravan, you must first call 8 (904) 800 40 56.

Those who wish can rent a local conference room with a capacity of forty seats. It will cost five hundred rubles per hour.

Therapeutic sounds of Arkaima

As noted by music therapists, each person is helped by melodies selected individually. Nevertheless, there are universal sounds that help to cope with negative psychological conditions. The powerful technique gives impressive results. Let's list the miraculous sounds of Arkaim, which will help get rid of many problems:

- "The Ocean of Nothingness" corrects energy centers.

- "The element of energy" "patches" the field structures.

- "Secrets of the subconscious" contribute to spiritual enlightenment.

- "Thoughts of good" remove negative energy.

- "Healing sound" promotes the disclosure of superpowers.

- "The New World" can lift the energy blockade of all channels.

To tourists on a note

Do you wish to visit Arkaim? How to get to this unusual place? All the options presented below are as simple as possible and available to everyone:

- By bus from Chelyabinsk. Annually from the beginning of June to the middle of September to Arkaim bus leaves from the bus station "Yunost". Travel time is seven hours.

- By bus from Magnitogorsk. The vehicle is sent daily from the local bus station at 15.30.

- Using the services of travel companies. On Fridays at 8 pm a comfortable bus departs from the Yekaterinburg circus . At 23.30 he takes travelers from Chelyabinsk railway station. The journey from Yekaterinburg to one side will cost you a thousand rubles. A full program with excursions costs four times more.

- How to get to Arkaim by car? If the starting point of your trip is Chelyabinsk, then the route will pass through the following settlements: Yuzhnouralsk, Plast, Stepnoe, with. Agapovka, with. Kizil, settlement. Obruchevsky. If you have a navigator, the trip will be as simple as possible. Arkaim on the map can be found from such coordinates: 52˚38'57 "N, 59˚34'17" E. It is possible to leave the vehicle on the parking lot next to the reserve. The cost of this service is fifty rubles.


Arkaim (photo of a unique place presented in the article) became a sensation of the world scale of the penultimate decade of the twentieth century. From the very first day of his discovery, he was the subject of numerous disputes. Some call it an ordinary archaeological object of the Indo-European type, others - a receptacle of the gods, others - an outpost of extraterrestrial beings on Earth, the fourth - a station to receive the energy of the Cosmos. In any case, no one denies the fact that Arkaim is a territory that is the ancestral home of peoples, later settled throughout the Eurasian continent.

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