Bergamo, Italy: attractions with photos and reviews

Italy is a country of unsurpassed traditional cuisine, temperamental people and a warm sea. Each year this state is not deprived of the attention of tourists. There are no seasonal frames, a good pastime will be provided in winter and in summer, since attractions, in particular in Bergamo, are more than enough.

Road to the past

The founders of this ancient, ancient city are the Celts. The name was not accidental, the locals worshiped the god Bergamus, and from there the name came.

Since the 6th century, the city has become a center for the Ghergs under Charles the Great. Then came the great battles with the Ghibelins and the Guelphs, they had a single people, but they withdrew all the way from power and tried to gain independence.

Closer to the 15th century, the urban industry began to change, the trade and the production of fabrics went up.

In our time with this place tourists have different associations, for example, tea with bergamot, a character of the famous Italian comedy Harlequin and local dances.

Climatic conditions

The weather in Bergamo is quite stable. There is no significant temperature drop and no significant precipitation. The climate type is Mediterranean. The average temperature in the summer is 25. The average temperature in the winter season is + 7.

Given all these features, we can say that the climate is comfortable enough for excursions at any time of the year, and no rain will not hurt to enjoy the beauties of this beautiful ancient city.

The way to antiquity

A mysterious, but at the same time, a luxurious place - Bergamo. How to get to this magnificent city, we will tell further.

Bergamo is located near Milan, so the tourist tour begins from there. Most airlines have decided that it is more profitable to increase flights to a larger city than to a small one like Bergamo.

Italy is a country with a complex terrain, so it is not possible to build a lot of airstrips. Already from the airport to get to Bergamo is not difficult, you can call a taxi or ride a bus.

But still, if you prefer the air way, we advise you to book tickets in advance, because there are a lot of those who want to get on a rare flight.

Discover the world of beauty

Do you know what to see in Bergamo? Sights of this area will satisfy all taste requests, regardless of whether you are a fan of paintings or good music.

Ordering an excursion in this beautiful city, you should pay attention to the fact that it is divided into two parts. Upper Bergamo is on a hill and embodies the atmosphere of past centuries. The lower part gives a ticket to the world of more modern Italian architecture.

The place that is most often in demand among tourists is the Piazza Vecchif square. Monuments of architecture recall the times when the city was under the influence of the Venetian authorities.

Not far from the square is the Colleoni Chapel, made in the Renaissance style.
Being in search of something unusual or just walking around the city, it is worth looking into the picture gallery "Carrara", which is located in the lower part of Bergamo, there are paintings of famous Italian artists.

One who does not imagine his life without music is worth visiting the Opera Theater. It was built in the early 18th century by the then famous composer Gataano Donizetti. If you travel in the summer season, you can get to the music festival, which brings together famous singers from all over the world.

And this is only a small part of what you can see in Bergamo.

The sights of this city are not limited, for more detailed information it is necessary to address directly to the guide. Also before the flight it is necessary to check with the tourist operator how to navigate the terrain upon arrival.

The lights of the Italian city

Romantic Italy is a country with an unusually tasty cuisine. In order to relax after long excursions, you should drop into a restaurant or cafe.

The most popular places among tourists who came to rest themselves or with the family:

1. Colleoni & dell'Angelo is a luxury restaurant that has collected everything you need to showcase real, traditional, Italian cuisine. Experienced organizers will help organize your meal or celebration at the highest level.

2. Da Mimmo is a traditional Italian cafe that specializes in high-end pizza and pasta. This place has become the most visited in the city thanks to affordable prices.

3. Bierschenke Marienplatz - this institution is different from all the others, since German cuisine is represented here . This cafe is suitable for those who are a true admirer of meat dishes.

Of course, there are many more places in the city, as well as attractions, but everything depends on your individual wishes.

Bergamo is a city of delicious temptations.

Comfortable rest

Next, let's look at what we can not do without a good holiday: hotels in Bergamo. Italy is famous for its wondrous nature. The country is decorated with wonderful vegetation, framed by mountain systems. That's where you can get real relaxation.

According to the reviews of tourists, there were definitely several best hotels at reasonable prices, which can provide a real comfortable rest after hours of excursions and walks.

1. La Valletta Relais - the rooms of this hotel are soaked in a cozy atmosphere. Outside the window there is an excellent panoramic view, which gives an opportunity to experience the Italian spirit. Price: from 75 euros.

2. Entro Le Mura - an inexpensive hotel, which contains only 6 rooms, which is the main advantage, there is no unnecessary fuss. Breakfasts in the summer are covered in a beautiful courtyard with a charming garden, and in winter - by a burning fireplace. Price: from 48 euros.

3. Gombi Hotel is a 4-star hotel with a modern interior. Located in the heart of Bergamo, which allows you to quickly reach it from the airport or train station. Price: from 113 euros.

A lot of variation you can offer travel agencies, but before you make the final choice, check out the reviews of those who have already visited the hotels of Bergamo. Italy, though a European country, but extra caution does not hurt.

Individual opinion

Considering the features of this city, we can say that it is ideal for outdoor activities. There are no small alleys that can lead to a dead end, a vast territory and asks to be avoided.

Reading the reviews of tourists, it is worth noting that Bergamo is a city of individual preferences, as they say, "for taste and color ..".

Most like cozy cafes, where you can relax and relax while walking, and someone is bribed by ancient architectural structures.

Discover the world of fairy tales and discover the centuries-old history of Bergamo. Italy is a country of inspiration that will help to forget about all problems.

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