Azimut: recreation center in the Leningrad region

In the Leningrad Region, in Zelenogorsk, near the coast of the Gulf of Finland, Azimut was built - a recreation center for the entire family. Two kilometers from the hotel there is Lake Krasavitsa, which was called not accidentally. Karelian strict nature of this area is incredibly aesthetic, especially on summer evenings, when the sun is going to the sunset, and not leaving the horizon - at this latitude enjoying the white nights for nearly two months.

Azimut: advantageous location

A convenient place for holding weekends for a resident of St. Petersburg is Azimut recreation center. Zelenogorsk is only 60 minutes away by public transport from the cultural capital of Russia. They get here by train, bus, shuttle bus, private taxi, by private car. The length of the path is 60 km. From the railway station to "Azimut" 2.5 km.

"Azimut" is a recreation center, built not far from Pukhtolova Mountain, where a modern ski resort awaits guests. While the snow is lying, a classic snow track is open, there is an inexpensive rental of equipment.

Hotel Facilities

Guests are welcomed with comfortable dwellings, equipped with everything necessary according to modern requirements. Visitors are provided with:

- large LCD TV;

- everything necessary for cooking shish kebabs, barbecue;

- individual bathroom.

There is a tennis court on the common area. A classical sauna was built. Those wishing to take advantage of the service of the fitness center, own masseur of the hotel. "Azimut" is a recreation center, but the restaurant is equipped at the level of the top institution. Specialization - dishes of national cuisine of Russia with northern specificity. Cowberry pies and traditional thick soups with fresh fish, cheese from milk of domestic deer and other delicacies are served here. Along with them, the menu includes familiar dishes.

How to Arrange

"Azimut" offers a vacation in the Leningrad region near the lake inexpensively. Available accommodation in the main building, designed for several people - here is a restaurant and other places for leisure. The cost per day is from 2 500 rubles. Presented are a choice of rooms for several people, studio rooms, optimal for a lonely traveler. You can settle in an individual cottage by the shore. All accommodation options are equipped with their own kitchens.

Cottages consist of:

- living room;

- two bedrooms;

- mini-kitchen;

- bathroom.

In the yard there is a common gazebo, a safe brazier is equipped.

"Azimut" is a recreation center with 45 rooms. Each room has a large bed and a wardrobe for storing clothes, a desk.

Several suites are equipped with a jacuzzi.

Free private parking is available for guests of the recreation center. There are points of free access to the Internet.

In "Azimuth" you do not get bored

Rest in the Leningrad region at the lake is inexpensive - it does not mean that it will be boring. The recreation center is equipped with a swimming pool and a sauna for lovers of water procedures. You can warm up in front of them on the tennis court or in the fitness room designed for the free location of several groups of athletes.

The hotel has a manual therapist, any guest can reach him. Invites you to rejuvenate your body phyto. Here you can enjoy the aromas of essential oils, healing herbs. The effect is not only youthful, but also fortifying, the barrel acts relaxing and health-improving.

The presence of a banquet hall allows organizing large family and corporate holidays serviced by local traditional cuisine on the basis of rest. Participants of the celebration, except for the feast, will be able to entertain themselves:

- playing billiards;

- board games;

- karaoke;

- playing darts.

And what about

In "Azimut" you can go immediately for the whole vacation, pleasing the body with useful procedures, clean air, tasty and healthy food. Boredom is not necessary not only thanks to the entertainment present in the hotel, but also due to the opportunity to see nearby attractions.

The most interesting is Zelenogorsk, where they visit:

- Gold beach.

- Museum of retro cars.

- Temple of the Icon of Our Lady of Kazan.

In the city there are many well-groomed parks, which are pleasant to walk around.

How to get to Azimut

Affordable price (from 2,500 rubles) and ease of booking - what the Azimut recreation center is proud of. The testimonies indicate that the time spent here is good for the body and the spirit. To give yourself a measured rhythm of life and a chance to recover after being in a noisy big city, it is better to reserve a room in advance. To do this, you can call the reference number indicated on the official site of the recreation center or use the online reservation service. Room reservation is free of charge. Cancellation of the reservation does not require any surcharges.

Additional benefits

If desired, guests of the recreation center can request an extra bed in the room. It is not always possible to put one more berth, depending on the category of the chosen accommodation. Specific information will have to be clarified by the hotel employee.

Special conditions the hotel offers for accommodation of a large group of visitors. If five or more rooms are booked, it is worthwhile to specify which discounts are levied at current rates - the hotel will necessarily make a profitable offer.

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