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Object 906 (light floating tank): specifications and photos

In the "World of tanks" to date, there is a fairly large number of models of both Soviet and German, American technology, which can be used. It should be noted that the project is not closed - it constantly adds new tanks, old ones are being improved, work is underway to bring the game closer to reality. Therefore, discussions are constantly held about which tank will be put into the game and which one is not. One of the hottest topics for discussion is Object 906, a lightweight floating tank that belongs to Soviet technology. He is not in the game, but many gamers who love this project, insist on being introduced in one of the updates. So now we should consider what Object 906 was and why everyone wants it so that it is still available to players. And also the reasons why this should not be done.


We need to start with the fact that the Object 906 was never a full-scale serial tank - it's a prototype, which never received a serious confirmation and an agreement for release. In total, only six such tanks were produced in history, and to this day only one has survived. Therefore, the first reason that this object is not reflected in the game "The World of Tanks" is already there - it is not so popular, and therefore it can not be said that it was very effective. If it were possible to assert the opposite, then, most likely, this machine would still be widely publicized and produced serially. But the fact is fact - Object 906 remained at the stage of the prototype. But all the same, what is he like? What can it be useful to players of the "World of Tanks"?

General information about the object

So, Object 906 - a tank, which has a classic layout, but at the same time capable of swimming. His weight was fifteen tons, which determined his ability, and also referred him to the division of light tanks. Only three people were required to operate this machine, but all this did not affect the fact that after the field trials the production of this facility was suspended and it did not go into service. All six models produced remained inactive. That is, we can safely say that Object 906 is a tank, which clearly failed. For all his ease and ability to move around the water, he was not well-equipped.

Dimensions of the tank

The Soviet branch of the PT in the "World of tanks" is already already considerably oversaturated - there is a huge number of different models that somehow manifested themselves in battlefields. Why do you need this object for users? It is better to consider all the characteristics of this machine in order to get an opportunity to understand what is so appealing to tank lovers in it. It starts with its size - they were quite small. The length of the car reached only 7.6 meters, and with the gun it increased by less than two meters. The width of the hull did not reach three meters, the height was slightly more than two. The ground clearance was 40 centimeters. As you can see, the size of this tank was rather small, so there could be no doubt - it's a light tank, which is also floating. Like any other tank, the M906 had not the most solid armor, which will be discussed later.

Item Armor

The thickness of the frontal armor was only fifteen millimeters - this could be pierced by the shell of any medium-sized tank. What can we say about what was happening on the sides and in the stern - there the armor had a thickness of only eight millimeters. Many Soviet light tanks significantly exceeded these figures of armoredness, as they were not forced to give an impressive part of their weight as a result of the fact that they could swim. Thus, the object was practically useless - it could overcome any water, but on the shore it could be destroyed by one precise hit of almost any gun. The Soviet branch of tanks has PTs with different indicators, but these will clearly be badly applied on the battlefield.

Armament of the object

But how will Object 906 protect itself on the battlefield? The creators of this machine supplied it with an 85 mm gun D-58, which, unfortunately, is not represented in the "World of Tanks", so it is difficult to judge how effective it would be in the game.

Level of mobility of the tank

Needless to say, a tank like Object 906 must survive in all possible ways. That's why it has an engine with a capacity of 300 horsepower, which allows him to move around the battlefield pretty fast. In the open space, its speed can reach 75 kilometers per hour, but it is worth paying attention to the fact that it can swim at a speed of only 10 kilometers per hour, that is, its obstacles are significantly slowed down. Therefore, while traveling on water, this lightweight floating tank becomes the most vulnerable - with its armor and at a speed of ten kilometers per hour to remove it could not even be the most accurate shooter. The combination of all these factors influenced the fact that when testing this tank the result was unsatisfactory. Object 906 was withdrawn from production, it did not go into service, and it remained just a prototype.


Naturally, the creators of this tank tried to diversify it, so that perhaps other models received more recognition. Therefore, two more types of Object 906 were released - the same tank equipped with a 90 mm gun, as well as the 906B facility, in which the armor material was replaced, and a rocket engine was installed instead of diesel. Both models were not produced even in the number of six units - each of them was a single mock-up. After the failure of the basic model, you could not expect the success of others - and it happened. Both the first and second tanks were rejected, their numbers never rose above one unit. What happens in the end? Users of the "World of Tanks" want a tank to be introduced into the game, which, in all respects, will lose to the other? Most likely, the answer lies in improvements.

Creating Your Own Object 906

While the developers of the "World of tanks" are not in a hurry to enter into the game Object 906, users, imbued with enthusiasm, with might and main master their own analogues. They take as a base some other Soviet PT and, on its basis, create something similar to the above-mentioned model. This is done by replacing the components, installing similar armor and weapons. But at the same time, there were no reports that the self-made Object 906 was able to conquer the "World of tanks". Naturally, if you do not improve it artificially, that is, do not increase the chassis, armor, or weapons, then it will yield to almost everyone. This tank has one advantage - high speed and maneuverability. But at the same time, all the other indicators are at a very low level, which makes it an easy prey even for medium tanks. What can I say, if light tanks have thicker armor and are not much inferior to Object 906 in speed - they will also be able to deal with it without problems.

The main reason why the Object 906 in the "World of tanks" will not be

You can talk for a long time about the speed at Object 906, but at the same time what a thin armor it has, what a weak tool, and also how many other drawbacks it has. But there is one point that reduces the probability of the appearance in the game of this machine almost to zero. Everyone must remember that Object 906 is primarily a floating tank. It was created in order to overcome water obstacles, and not to go around them or get stuck in them. But in the "World of tanks" there are no maps, where there is water. Here, the function of crossing water on floating tanks is not realized at all. Therefore, the main function that this machine could differ from others in the game will simply be absent. And then the logical question arises as to why to enter Object 906 into the game. After all, there are so many light tanks from which they did not lose weight to provide them with buoyancy. They are much better suited for the "World of tanks." And if we take into account the fact that the PT of the Soviet line is already enough in this game, the commissioning of the Object 906 in the "World of Tanks" looks as pointless as it was in 1963 when tests of this tank were conducted in real conditions. Perhaps lovers of Soviet technology who play in the "World of Tanks" would like to see absolutely all the machines in the game, but they need to understand that this is simply impossible. And even if it were possible, to enter into the game a tank that did not even go into mass production, which in the whole history had only six units - this is absolutely irrational. Therefore, it is worthwhile to trust the developers who conduct serious research and analyze the relevance of one or another combat vehicle for the game universe, on the basis of which they then decide whether to enter the tank into the game or not.

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