Resort Rasseika: recreation centers, prices, guest reviews

Some people like noisy resorts, with a well-developed leisure industry. And this article is not for them. We will tell you about a quiet place hidden from prying eyes, in which one can feel one on one with wild nature. Wherever you look, only the waves rolling to the shore, seagulls, herons, white and pink pelicans. And behind the beach is the Ukrainian steppe smelling of herbs. Kurortnoe, Liman and Primorskoe - only three villages are located on the long sea coast. This is the "site" of the Tatarbunar district of the Odessa region. Rasseik's resort , which we will talk about here, is administratively related to Primorsky. And the neighboring Katranka to the village of Liman. How does one rest on this "land edge"? The sensation of life on an atoll lost in the ocean is promoted by a nearby bird sanctuary. Feathered there is clearly more than people. And there are wild boars, foxes, hares. We will tell about this resort, about prices and living conditions.

Where is the

Rasseik (Tatarbunar district) is located one hundred and sixty-five kilometers to the south-west of the regional center - the city of Odessa. Noisy Zatoka is located in a hundred kilometers, in the east. A characteristic feature of Rasseiki is the abundance of water. This, of course, is not Venice, and not even Vilkovo, Odessa region, where all life is concentrated on the countless islets in the Danube delta. But there is a lot of water here. The resort is surrounded by it from three sides. These are the Jancei and Sasyk lakes, as well as Shagan's estuary. This last reservoir is fenced off from the Black Sea by a natural sand bar. Therefore, up to the beaches, vacationers make their way along the long walkways across the Jantsha Lake.

How to get to Rasseiku

To get to these places, you need to first arrive in the village of Kurortnoye. In the regional center, at the station "Privoz", you need to find a bus Odessa - Primorskoe. Reviews are strongly advised to ask the driver where exactly the car should be. After all, in the Odessa region there are two settlements with the name Primorskoye: in the Tatarbunar and Kili districts. On private vehicles, you should follow the road to Reni. After Tatarbunar you need to drive Zarechnoye and Liman. Behind him there will be a settlement, to which the Rasseik resort belongs. You can start the road from the south, from the border of Ukraine with Romania. In this case, a bus runs straight from Izmail on Fridays to Rasseiki. Departures from at three o'clock in the afternoon. Back from Rasseiki he follows on Sunday at the same time.

Nature of resorts

Ecology in these places is the cleanest in the Odessa region. We have already mentioned the bird sanctuary. These are nesting places for many species of birds, many of which were included in the Red Book. In addition to birds, a variety of fish are found in the Black Sea, the liman and the lakes. Shagans are included in the system of wetlands protected by the Ramsar Convention. Diners, frogs, toads and, alas, mosquitoes found shelter in this estuary. But besides this living creature there are healing mud. They are used to treat skin diseases, ailments of bones, joints and muscles. Rasseika Resort is located directly on the shore of this estuary. Therefore, some vacationers come just to be treated and do not cross the coveted bridges that connect the sand spit to the mainland. There is no river mouth near by, so the water in the sea is always clean and transparent. You can often see dolphins. On the shore, sand crabs live. The beaches stretched on a fifty-kilometer spit, the width of which is only one hundred meters. In such a vast space, everyone will have a place under the sun.

Resort Rasseika: recreation centers

Reviews assure that directly on the beach, on a sandy spit, there is no shelter (except tents). All habitats are located in the village. Passage to the sea can take from five to twenty minutes - depending on how close to the bridge you settle. The hotel fund in these places is in its infancy. However, the region has great potential. And evidence of this is the rapidly developing Rasseika resort. Recreation bases here are multiplied year by year, and their number has already reached fifty. There are also private houses that host holidaymakers. What is characteristic is that new recreation centers and mini-hotels build their bridges across the lake to facilitate their guests' way to the beaches. What kind of housing praise reviews? They advise to avoid the "remnants of the socialist past" and to stop their choice on new recreation bases - these are "Play", "Eden", "Camelot" and others. Well-established private hotels "At Uncle Feodor", "Lada", "Cottage by the Sea", "Rainbow".

Where to eat

The solitude of this place does not at all mean that you, like Robinson Crusoe, will have to procure for yourself fishing and fishing for crabs. No, if you want, you can do all this. But the extraction will go well with beer and salads, which can be ordered at the cafe. Rasseika Resort has two markets, numerous shops, bars. Vegetables, fresh milk, fruits, home-made wines - all this can be bought from people on farmsteads. You can, sitting in the private sector, order three meals a day at some recreation center. The cost of such a pleasure is small - about ten US dollars a day. In many evenings live music is heard in the evenings. Well, in the afternoon along the sand spit roam peddlers of all sorts of food - from smoked fish to ice cream and fruit. So for a light lunch - assure feedback - do not necessarily re-cross the bridge to get to the village.


Rest in the resort of Rasseika is not as noisy as, for example, in Zatoka. But some entertainment is still available. On the beach you can ride on "bananas" and the like inflatable swimming equipment, there are water slides, there is a rental of catamarans. Evening life of the resort is represented by discos in a cafe, karaoke and similar entertainments. Fortunately, all these hanging places are located in the distance from the recreation centers. They operate in the resort of Rasseika and the travel agency.

There are organized fascinating trips to Vilkovo (with a visit to the zero kilometer of the Danube), to the fortress of Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, to the "Kulevchansky miracle", to Izmail. You can go to the wine tasting rooms of Shabo, and if you have enough patience, then to Odessa itself.

Rasseik Resort: prices for holidays

The cheapness of living is undoubtedly the greatest plus of this place. In the summer of 2015, despite inflation, prices for a bed in the private sector did not shock even not very well-off tourists. They fluctuated in the range of 40-80 hryvnia, depending on the conditions (mainly the indicator is the presence of hot water). As for recreation centers, the budget resort of Rasseika prices offers not too overpriced. Take, for example, "Eden" and peak season (July-August). On this recreation base, the double "Lux" cost 380 hryvnas, and the apartments - 420 UAH. The cost of a full three meals a day in a cafe-pizzeria was one hundred and sixty hryvnia per person. For reference: one hryvnia equals approximately 2.7 rubles.

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