City of Dortmund, Germany: attractions, photos, reviews

Today you are presented with a publication about the city of Dortmund (Germany). One of the largest in terms of territory and population. Thanks to the river channel (Lippe, Emscher, Rouv) and accessible access to the North Sea, the city was able to establish strong trade relations with other countries. Dortmund has a centuries-old history: it was repeatedly destroyed and again reborn, like a mythological phoenix bird.

Even the 30-year war did not break the strong spirit of a great country. To restore the city spent a lot of energy, money and time. Modern Dortmund successfully develops in different directions: industrial, transport, scientific and tourist area. Many travelers go here for an inspection of the oldest historical and architectural sites.

The streets and quarters preserved the medieval spirit of the times. There is literally everything for cognitive, relaxing, excursion, family and children's rest. Cozy parks, green alleys, ancient temples, churches and museums will allow you to experience a European note and join the German culture. And the reviews of tourists confirm this.

Virtual acquaintance

Western European Dortmund (Germany), whose photo brightly illustrates the external appearance of the city, is a major economic center of the Westafalian region. Call the region plain and dull the language will not turn. As evidenced by travelers' reviews, this is a friendly city, featuring a special charm and color. In the last century, the authorities focused on the development of nanotechnology and electronics.

In 1968, the first university appeared here, where until now students are taught technical literacy. Over the past few decades, the region has become the main innovation center in Europe. The number of jobs in the direction of logistics, modern industry, IT-technologies, microsystems has grown.

In addition to the above advantages, the city occupies a leading position in the transport industry. The railway station entered the TOP-4 of the largest institutions. Every year more than 40 million people are served here. Transport communication operates on suburban and distant routes.

Tours to the German city are in great demand among tourists from other countries. Thanks to a powerful transport hub, guests can easily reach any interesting object and the nearby village, for example, to Bohem, Valtrop, Kamen, Lünen. A fascinating journey through historically significant sights will turn your holiday into an unforgettable walk.

The capital of brewing

The city of Germany Dortmund is famous for Westphalian beer. Special varieties of malt drink attract real connoisseurs. The production of beer began to be practiced for a long time, this tradition does not die out to this day. In the region there are breweries, which annually supply about 8 million hectoliters of foam drink for sale.

For true fans of intoxicating potions, a brewery-museum is open, working 6 days a week. All interested persons can see with their own eyes the process of preparing the amber liquid, learn the history of the drink and, of course, taste it.

Dortmund (Germany): sightseeing of the city

The main religious object is the church of St. Rinald, dating from the 13th century. After the Second World War, the temple was significantly destroyed, but this did not stop the local authorities from reconstructing its original appearance, not without the help of donations. There is an object in the historical part of the city near shopping and entertainment complexes.

The building was rebuilt several centuries, therefore in design two architectural styles predominate: Gothic and Romanesque. The interior decorates with luxury. The interior is decorated with wooden sculptures from the 15th century - St. Rinald and Charlemagne, as well as statues of other rulers. Here you can see unique works of art dating from different eras.

Also preserved are the historical elements - the baptismal font. Every weekend and religious holidays in the church of the city of Dortmund (Germany), choral singing is organized, organ music sounds. Everyone can go up to the observation deck, which offers a magnificent panorama of local beauty.

Holy places

After visiting the church of St. Rinald, you can visit the Church of St. Mary, which is a few steps away. In architecture there is a Gothic style, there are elements of Romanism and medieval architecture. The temple retains the unique altar of Mary, as well as an extensive collection with the face of the saints. Be sure to look at the church of St. Peter, Ewald, Jonah the Baptist and Boniface. Touch the spiritual side of a wonderful city, feel its peaceful atmosphere and culture.

Westphalian Park

The favorite place for walking around townspeople and tourists, judging by the reviews, is this park. On its territory is a huge sports hall, which can accommodate up to 23,000 spectators. Once there was a football match of the legendary team "Borussia". Dortmund (Germany) still remembers all the victories of the outstanding FC, which has repeatedly won the championship titles.

Today in the sports hall there are solemn events, concert programs, large-scale shows, which gather a huge audience. There is also an ice rink built in the park. In addition, Westphalian Park is a green recreation area, where couples often go out with children.

What objects is famous for Dortmund (Germany)?

A fascinating and unforgettable experience will be acquaintance with the museums, famous for unique exhibits. Among the most popular is the Museum of History and Art, located in a building of the 20th century. Your attention will be presented to the ancient collections of gold coins. The second name of this object is the Dortmund Treasure.

The hall contains art paintings of medieval authors, strange handicraft items, antiquarian objects and sculptures. No less interesting is the Museum of Ostwald, which features contemporary art. Guests will see the works of famous photographers, artists and sculptors. The museum owns paintings by Picasso, Chagall, Dali, Miro.

When you arrive in Dortmund (Germany), do not forget to purchase a ticket to the Eagle Tower, which houses the archaeological museum with a huge collection of contemporary works by Picasso, Macke, Rodin. You will be acquainted with armor and weapons of past centuries, will show archaeological exhibits.

Shopping & Entertainment

If you are an avid fashionista, then you will be interested that Dortmund is a place where branded boutiques are concentrated on every street, and prices (according to reviews) are pleasantly pleasing. National goods, jewelry, clothes, souvenirs will taste to the most capricious tourists. Fans of nightlife will appreciate the casino "Hohensiburg", consisting of three floors. The choice of cards, roulette, slot machines.

The city has a lot of discos, bars, luxury restaurants, cinemas and other institutions. There are zones for children's pastime: the zoo, which is home to more than 2500 populations of wildlife. The city of Dortmund (Germany), whose photo is presented in the publication, will amaze with its hospitality, the abundance of attractions and an unusual atmosphere.

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