Where it is better to have a rest in Greece? The choice is yours!

When the time of vacation comes, each person probably thinks about what country to visit. And if the choice fell on the land of Hellas, the question arises: "Where is the best place to rest in Greece?"

As you know, Greece is a country of warm azure sea and golden sand. It is famous for the huge variety of resorts. There are all conditions for a comfortable stay: clean beaches, Mediterranean climate, as well as a wide range of entertainment for every taste. You can visit this fabulously beautiful country at any time of the year, but still the high season here falls at the end of summer. Greece belongs to a lot of islands, so if you are a lover of the sea air, we offer to your attention those islands of Greece where it is better to rest. The most famous of them are Corfu, Rhodes, Crete and Mykonos.


This famous resort will be remembered for you by the cleanest beaches, rich cultural and historical heritage and beautiful scenery. The island is divided into 3 parts, so here every tourist will find what he is looking for. If you are striving for peace and quiet, then the Nissaki district is suitable for you, Dassia is suitable for a youth or family holiday. But if you are a fan of entertainment and get-togethers, you need a part of the island called Ipsos. It so happened that Corfu combines many different cultures, such as Turkish, French, Byzantine, Roman and others, which affected the local traditions and architecture. Here you can see the ruins of the temple of Zeus - a monument of ancient culture. If you think where to have a better rest in Greece, then this island will surprise you.


It is the most visited and famous island in Greece. Here you will find the medieval architecture preserved to our time. Rhodes is also famous for its unique ceramics, exquisite wines and delicious cuisine. One of the seven wonders of the world - the statue of the Kolos of Rhodes - has glorified the island to the whole world. Rhodes can also be divided into 2 parts: a medieval city surrounded by walls of an ancient fortress, and a modern spa city with wide streets, shops and vibrant evening life. It is also one of those places where it is good to relax in Greece.


It is washed by the Libyan, Aegean and Ionian seas. This is a unique place for recreation, one of those where it is better to relax in Greece. According to mythology, it is the birthplace of the gods. The nature on the island is extremely picturesque, moreover, here you can find small mountain villages, clean beaches and azure sea, which, of course, attracts tourists from all over the world.


The island is famous for its beautiful scenery and vibrant nightlife. There are many beaches here, so you will not see a mass gathering of people in one small territory. Also among other attractions there is a beach for lovers of water skiing and nudists called Paradise. On the beach of Psaru you will find a snorkeling center and excellent conditions for surfing. The main attractions of Mykonos are the archaeological museum, which houses the ancient amphora, created in the 7th century. BC, which depicts the Trojan horse, the Aegean Sea Museum, ethnographic museum, as well as the Church of the Virgin Paraportiani.

Greece is a country of unlimited opportunities for tourists, so you only need to choose where to have a better vacation in Greece, and your vacation will be unforgettable!

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