Where is Sri Lanka - a country of absolute exoticism

The country of absolute exotic is considered to be Sri Lanka. This is one of the most ancient states, which has a rich history and deep traditions. The country is considered the world center of Buddhism with unique monuments. In order to see them, you need to know where Sri Lanka is. It is a small island that stretches in the Indian Ocean, just 800 kilometers from the equator. He has all the riches that are inherent in the tropical islands. The islanders value religion, the philosophy of which completely enfolds people's lives.

In order to learn about where Sri Lanka is located, first of all you need to look at the map. "Blessed Land" - so in the translation from Sanskrit the name of this island sounds. The full name of the country is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. However, this name appeared only in 1972, and before that the island was called Ceylon. The official capital of the country is considered to be Sri Jayavardenepura-Kotte, but all the inhabitants consider the city of Colombo to be the actual capital. Sri Lanka is a country that keeps a lot of mysteries and mysteries. Until today, scientists and archaeologists can not explain the origin of many finds found during excavations on the island. But all of them adhere to the version that there was an ancient civilization on the island, which has special knowledge and abilities.

Now that you know where Sri Lanka is, it's time to talk about tourism in this country. For many years, this island enjoyed great popularity among European travelers. But during the thirty years of internal conflict the number of tourists to this country has significantly decreased. After the end of the war in 2010, tourism again began to gain momentum. So, according to statistical data, during 2010 the tourist flow increased by 46% compared to 2009. And by the end of 2011 this number doubled. This is because the tourist destination in Sri Lanka has a triple advantage: the authenticity of tourism, the compactness of the island and the unique variety of offers.

Despite the fact that the answer to the question, where Sri Lanka is located, has already been obtained, it is very important to have information about the beaches. After all, 90% of all tourists prefer beach rest. The island is an excellent place for such a holiday. When the storm is on one side, then there is total calm and calm on the other. On the west coast is Mount Lavinia Beach, located 12 kilometers south of Colombo. At 30 kilometers further stretches Kalutara, and in the opposite direction, 35 kilometers from Colombo, is Negombo. On the south coast there are 8 beaches, the closest to the capital is Bentota, and the most remote - Tangalle. The eastern coast is occupied by Arugama Bay, the famous beach of Trincomalee, Nilavelli and Uppuveli.

For those who believe that a holiday on the island is expensive, you can look for last minute tours. Sri Lanka is an island with unique sights that you need to see with your own eyes. The official capital of the country offers tourists to visit the magnificent temples and churches. Buddhist monasteries, such as Gotami and Vihara, deserve attention. In the actual capital it is recommended to visit the Buddhist temple of Gangaramaya, the mosque of Jami Ul Alfar. It is impossible not to mention the beautiful park Viharamahadevi. In the central part of the island stands the majestic Sigiriya or "Lion's Rock". It belongs to the monuments of World Heritage. The fortress is distinguished by its uniqueness, and the entrance to it is the jaws of the lion, thanks to this the mountain and got such a name among the people.

But that's not all the sights of Sri Lanka. Excursions around this country include a visit to the cave temple in Dambulla, located slightly south of Sigiriya at the very top of the mountain. This is a Buddhist temple, which includes 5 cave cavities. It is considered to be the highest cave temple in South Asia. In addition to the unique structure, the value of the temple is 157 gilded Buddha statues. It is impossible not to mention excursions to the royal botanical garden, to the elephant nursery, to the gardens of spices. In addition, the island has more than a hundred waterfalls, the highest of which is considered to be Barbarakanda.

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