Excursions in Kaliningrad and the region

One of the most interesting and original cities of Russia, no doubt, is Kaliningrad. Excursions around the city are very exciting and rich. Still would! After all, you can visit the world's largest Amber Museum, visit the grave of the greatest philosopher, wander through the remains of one of the many city forts.

Many book excursions to Kaliningrad from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Poland and the Baltic States. Let's go to this unusual and ancient city!

Kaliningrad is a city through the ages

Kaliningrad is a largely unusual city. The spirit of Europe here is felt literally at every step. Kaliningrad, or Koenigsberg, as it is often called, is a rich history and a lot of interesting sights. That is why excursions in Kaliningrad are so popular and in demand today.

The city has a special geographical location, because this region is an enclave between Lithuania and Poland and is not territorially connected with the rest of Russia. On the other hand, this unique symbiosis of Russian and European spirit attracts many tourists from neighboring countries.

The history of the city began in the thirteenth century, when here, on the shore of the bay, the Teutonic castle was laid. "The Royal Mountain" (or, in German, Königsberg) - this is how the medieval knights nicknamed this area. Approximately at the same time there are strongholds in neighboring settlements. All these ancient cities are included today in numerous excursions around Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region.

Over time, the castle has turned into a small town where a church is being built, a university is being established. Soon Koenigsberg becomes an important center of East Prussia. As a result of the Second World War, the city was part of the USSR and was renamed Kaliningrad. Unfortunately, he suffered greatly from military operations: about 80% of the historic buildings were destroyed. Nevertheless, there is something to see the tourist today.

Excursions in Kaliningrad are conducted, as a rule, by well-read local historians, who are very fond of their native land. Therefore, they certainly will be able to tell a lot to tourists and all guests of the Baltic city.

Modern Kaliningrad: sightseeing, excursions

The most popular objects among tourists in the city are the Amber Museum, the Cathedral with the grave of the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the quarter "Fish Village", as well as a number of surviving fortifications of the XIX century. A general sightseeing tour of Kaliningrad, as a rule, involves visiting all these attractions.

Guests of the city are usually attracted to local institutions. So, in Koenigsberg, a lot of cozy bars, designed in British or English style, where you can taste delicious tinctures and cocktails. Excursions around Kaliningrad and the region are not only walks through ancient streets and a tour of the forts, but also a visit to the numerous natural beauties that are abundant in this region. But these places will be discussed a little later. Now we will get acquainted with the most interesting sights in the city.

The most popular excursions in Kaliningrad include visits to the so-called Kant Island with a cathedral of the XIV century, the fort "King Friedrich-Wilhelm I", the Fish Village, show tourists the old city gates and remains of bastions. Many are also very interested in visiting Amalienau - an area in which you can feel the spirit of old Prussian Königsberg.

The State Museum of Amber

Excursions in Kaliningrad are difficult to imagine without visiting this unique institution. This is the largest amber museum in the world, and also the only cultural object of this kind in the country, dedicated to only one mineral. And what!

Amber, as is known, is the resin of relict trees, which millions of years ago was in seawater and transformed into this medium into a solid mineral. The museum was opened in 1979 in the tower of the Don.

There are 28 rooms in which you can see pieces of amber weighing up to 4 kilograms, as well as about two thousand items from it. These are paintings, sculptures, dishes, decorations, models of ships and much more.

Fish Village and the Island of Kant

The fishing village is an ethnographic and historical and cultural center, a favorite holiday destination for the residents of Kaliningrad and guests of the city. Works on its creation began in 2006. This is a complex of buildings built in the German style, which is located on the banks of the river Pregoli, between the High and Honey Bridges. The center includes several objects. These are hotels, cafes, restaurants, a lookout tower, information and sports and entertainment centers.

Quite a number is another attraction of the city - the Island of Kant with the Cathedral Gothic Cathedral, built in 1380. The sacred building was badly damaged during the Second World War. Now the building serves as a museum and a hall for concerts.

In 1804, the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant was buried in the tomb of the cathedral. 120 years later a small symbolic mausoleum with a stone coffin was built near the temple in honor of the thinker. However, Kant himself is not buried in it.

Fortifications of Koenigsberg

The city for its history overgrew fortifications three times: in the XIV, XVII and XIX centuries. During the last defensive period, a powerful system of bastions, city gates and forts was created. The last was built 15 pieces. They are located both on the right and on the left bank of the Pregol.

What is interesting: The First World War actually bypassed Kaliningrad, so the forts of the city did not suffer. But during the Second World War, they, oddly enough, were used for their intended purpose. The strong walls of the forts could withstand even direct hits of 305 mm shells!

The best fort in the city was Fort No. 3 (the old name is Kvednau). Nowadays it is actively visited by tourists.

Interesting places in the Kaliningrad region

The Kaliningrad region is no less interesting and rich in sights than its regional center. Interest in tourists are the small towns of this region: Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk, Baltiysk and others.

The city of Svetlogorsk is first and foremost the famous and old resort of the Baltic coast. At one time there lived writer Thomas Mann and storyteller Hoffmann. And in the city there is a beautiful organ, which is known for its sound throughout the Baltic coast. Svetlogorsk surprisingly well preserved, even the dashing years of the war did not catch it.

Another most interesting city of the Kaliningrad region is Baltiysk. Here is a beautiful promenade promenade, the fabulous fortress of Pillau and the fascinating Museum of the Baltic Fleet.

Curonian Spit: excursion from Kaliningrad

The Curonian Spit is a unique natural formation located just 50 kilometers north of Kaliningrad. "The kingdom of the sea, dunes and bird voices" - as once described this heavenly place Wilhelm von Humboldt.

The sand spit stretches for 98 kilometers. Today it is divided between two states - Russia and Lithuania. The width of the Curonian Spit ranges from 400 meters to 4 kilometers.

Geographers argue that there is no analogue to this natural education in the whole of Europe. On a small piece of land you can see typical desert and tundra landscapes. It is here that the highest and northernmost dune of Efa is located, the height of which reaches 64 meters.

Excursions to the spit from Kaliningrad are organized regularly. On the 37th kilometer of the road all tourists stop to see with their own eyes an unusual piece of pine forest - the so-called dancing forest. The trunks of the local trees are curved and twisted in a bizarre way. Scientists believe that the cause of this strange phenomenon is the caterpillars of the escaping winter, which feed on the apical buds of young pine shoots, distorting their further growth.

Travel from Kaliningrad to Poland

Poles and Germans are quite frequent guests in ancient Koenigsberg. On the other hand, Kaliningradians also like to visit neighboring countries as tourists. So, excursions to Poland from Kaliningrad are very popular among Russians. After all, it's a stone's throw to the southern state border, and right after it - a lot of interesting things!

First of all, it is worth highlighting the Polish city of Gdansk with its numerous medieval architectural monuments. 60 kilometers to the south of the border is the town of Olsztyn, in the castle of which lived and worked Nikolai Copernicus. Very beautiful is Elblong with its Gothic churches and old Renaissance buildings.


Kaliningrad, sights, excursions, tourism ... All these words are very well combined with each other. Modern city is very difficult to imagine without travelers and tourists who came from other regions of Russia, as well as from Poland, Lithuania, Germany.

Excursions around Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region are becoming more popular and in demand. To the "top five" of the city's attractions can be attributed the Cathedral, the Museum of Amber, the center "Fish Village", Fort No. 3 "King Friedrich-Wilhelm I", the city zoo, Amalienau - a well-preserved Prussian region.

Also very popular are excursions to the Curonian Spit from Kaliningrad, as well as to other cities of the region - Baltiysk, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk.

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