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Cake with halibut: a recipe for cooking. How to cook puff pastry with halibut?

Pie ... With meat, fish, cabbage, cottage cheese, apples ... The symbol of home comfort, a hymn to the skilful hands of the mistress, the dream of any gourmet. A true masterpiece of culinary art, which is far from being created for everyone. But, as they say, the road will be mastered by the going. Let's try and learn how to cook a pie. With halibut. Deliciously delicious in itself, oily, with dense meat, this fish will be a magnificent filling for our masterpiece. Ready? We proceed. So, the agenda: "How to cook a pie with halibut", and in several variations.

Halibut cake

The recipe for this dish involves preparing a dough. Are you surprised at our clarification? It's not worth it. Because, in addition to this option, we will also try to make a fish pie with halibut from puff pastry and ... without it at all. But first things first. So, the traditional way.

To prepare this deliciously delicious dish, we store the following ingredients.

  • Kefir (you need one glass).
  • With vegetable oil (100 ml).
  • Eggs (2 pcs.).
  • Flour (4 cups).
  • Margarine (1 pack).
  • A teaspoon of soda.
  • Salt (half a teaspoon).
  • Sugar (1 teaspoon).
  • Halibut (700 g).
  • Pepper black ground (according to own preferences).
  • Onion (3 or 4 pcs.).
  • Dill.
  • Basilica.
  • Parsley.

How to cook

First we knead the dough. To do this, margarine must be melt, mix it with kefir, add one egg, butter, soda, sugar, salt and flour. Carefully mix everything. Then we prepare the filling. Halibut meat is rid of bones (if any), then cut into thin strips, salt-pepper. We clear the onion, cut it into cubes, fry it. By the way, if there is a desire, you can fry mushrooms as an additional ingredient along with onions. Mushrooms will make the pie with halibut even more delicious.

Divide our dough into two parts: large and small. The first roll out and lay on a baking sheet or in a form, oiled. Then on the whole surface of the dough distribute half the fried onions, finely chopped greens. After that, we put up the pieces of halibut upstairs and sprinkle with the remains of onions and all the same greenery. A small digression. If someone is negative about the combination of fish and parsley, dill and basil, then the last components can not be used at all. So, the filling is ready. We close it from the top with a rolled out second piece of dough, carefully we patch the edges. We send the future cake to the already heated up to one hundred and eighty degrees oven for twenty minutes. Then we take out, grease with beaten egg, return for another ten minutes in the oven. Everything, our halibut pie is ready. You can call home to the table and show off your culinary skills.

And now we will simplify the task somewhat, because for the embodiment of the next recipe in a chic dish, let's take the ready-made dough - puff pastry. However, in this case we will need not only fresh fish, but also smoked.

Puff Pastry with Halibut

Nevertheless, it's not for nothing that all geniuses are called simple. Prepare this delicious pie can be very quickly. And even special culinary skills will not be needed. However, if we are someone who will try our dish, and say that this is the first time in our life we have approached the oven, they will not believe us. Because the magnificent look of the pie, the crispy crust and the tender taste of the smoked stuffing will be a vivid witness to the fact that the chef of the most prestigious restaurant who cooks it does not fit into a candle.

But before you crown yourself with the laurels of an extra-class master, you must run to the store for:

  • Packing puff pastry.
  • Smoked halibut (it will need 500 grams).
  • Fresh halibut (it is better to take fillets, enough will be 300 grams).
  • Milk (250 ml).
  • Sour cream (125 g).
  • Butter (50 g).

Well, one egg, a glass of flour, a bulb, a pair of cloves of garlic, salt and pepper will be found in any stocky mistress.

Technology of preparation

Onions and garlic are cleaned, cut randomly, fried in butter (cream). Fish is cut in the same way as in the previous recipe. We add it to the roast, then pour it with milk. Leave to stew for about fifteen minutes. This time will be enough to deal with the test. We divide it again into two parts (without forgetting to unfreeze), roll them into layers. Lubricate the form or baking tray with oil, distribute a larger layer over the surface. The filling is almost ready. It remains to pour sour cream into it and bring it to a boil.

Once the mixture has cooled slightly, we spread it on the dough, then close it with the second layer. The edges are tampered and the surface is lubricated with an egg. Do not forget to make a few holes for the steam exit. If there is a desire, you can decorate the surface with figures cut out of the dough - say, fish. However, without them, our pie with halibut from puff pastry will be stunning. Just do not forget to put it for half an hour in a preheated oven for up to two hundred degrees. And that's all. The dish is ready. Reputation of the best cook is provided. From the food there will be no crumbs, and the next day everyone who tried it will demand a pie with halibut for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They just do not know yet that we have a trump card in our sleeve. Which one? We will offer them a fish pie in the English interpretation.

Recipe from Foggy Albion

This pie with halibut will do, as promised, without a test. By the way, the authors of the recipe - the English - say that a real fish pie should be cooked in this way. Well, let's try. For this we stock up:

  • Potatoes (1 kg is needed).
  • Halibut, naturally (400 g).
  • Cheddar Cheese, or similar to it (150 g).
  • Cream butter (80 g).
  • Milk (200 ml).
  • With olive oil.
  • Salt, you can pepper - according to your own preferences.


Potatoes must be cleaned, washed, cut and boiled. All as we have. Here, while the British have nothing new to offer. The potato is brewed. The time necessary for its preparation needs to be spent with advantage, therefore we will be engaged in halibut. We put it in oiled (olive!) Form, pepper-salt, pour milk, bake for twenty minutes. The temperature is one hundred and eighty degrees. We make mashed potatoes and butter. We divide it into two parts. We get ready fish, we take it apart. And instead of it we put the first part of the puree into the mold, then on it - the filling, i.e., the halibut, we form the top of the pie from the remains of crushed potatoes. We put in the oven. We cook at the temperature of two hundred degrees for another ten minutes, then we take out, sprinkle with grated cheese and again we send it to the oven for another ten minutes. The pie is ready. You can start tasting.

True, especially corrosive can notice that the pie with halibut in English cleverly disguised as our potato casserole. Well, we will not argue. Let the casserole. It's still delicious!

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