Vitesse Multivarker - high-quality and inexpensive

We hear the word "multivark" so often that everyone is interested not only in finding out what it is, but also checking the device in the case. The first can be done for free by reading this review, and the second will require a little money, because this popular product is not distributed for free yet.

Multivarka is an electronic mechanical device that successfully replaces a gas stove, a bread maker, a pan, a cauldron and a frying pan.

Our heroine is developed by the French company "Vitesse". Multivarka VS-513 deserved the love of those who love cleanliness, and hate dirty. This is the conclusion you can make by visiting the sections of multivarieties on cooking forums on the Internet. The smallest multivark Vitesse reviews collects quite unusual. Some are satisfied with everything, while others are indignant at the fact that food during cooking is boiling. Of course, the second is inevitable, if you do not follow the basic requirements for caring for non-stick coating and ignore the instructions! Before using the bowl for the first time, it is necessary to wash it and rub it with butter. Perhaps, about the reviews all. Let us now describe the possibilities. The Vitesse VS-513 is the cheapest of the nine French models. Seeing how much it costs, you will want to buy this four-liter unit, which cooks roast, borsch, porridge, fries, bakes, warms up and cooks for a couple.

Vitesse has only six modes, but this is enough to feed a small family.

The power of the universal device is only 860 watts. Many electric kettles consume much more electricity than Vitesse.

The device handles well the white and brown rice. It can make it standard, hard or soft.

Frenchwoman with electronic control will please you in the morning, if you program it in the evening. You will wake up the aroma of fresh bread with a crispy crust.

Unfortunately, Vitesse multivark with index VS-513 is not designed for complex baking (with filling), but it perfectly prepares charlotte in just one hour.

Mistresses write in the culinary forums that before going to bed they load cereals, sugar, dried fruits and put time in the multivark. In the morning they are going to work, and the device is signaling the preparation of baby porridge. This function is called a staged start. The machine does not reset these settings even when the power is turned off.

Judging by the reviews, Vitesse VS-513 also works well with fish and potatoes, cooks chicken soup and cooks pilaf. And vegetables for a couple for it is not at all a problem, thanks to a special grille.

The French device is produced in a plastic case with a portable handle and a clip for a spoon. In the kit are supplied a non-stick pan, a bowl for concoction for a couple, two spoons, a measuring cup and a brochure with recipes. Experienced users report that a book with descriptions of dishes can immediately be put aside. On the culinary forums a lot of advice and recommendations specifically for the model VS-513.

Multivark Vitesse has a year of warranty, is certified in Russia and without problems is serviced in the CIS. Free service is provided only for the goods purchased in the store.

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