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How to make a harp with your own hands and how to play it?

Vargan is a musical instrument with a rich history. There is evidence that he appeared in South Asia. Similar tools are found in many nationalities. Let's look at how to make a harp.

The sequence of making a harp

First you need to draw a drawing, it will take no more than 20 minutes. Label the tongue, for example, with a lilac color, and the bevels should be brown. By the way, when they are made, many people face certain difficulties, but there's nothing to be done about it - beginners always have a hard time.

Then do the following:

1. Take a piece of wood (it is recommended to give preference to beech - it is best suited for musical instruments) and make a rectangle from it, the dimensions of which are 93x38x5 mm.

2. Cut a little at the edges to make a truncated truncation.

Do not underestimate the second point - it is extremely important, because the more honest the external bevels will be made, the more internal ones will be obtained that will serve as guides. Therefore, try to approach this seriously, since making a garment is not easy, consider this.

The further actions are as follows: it is necessary to process the guide router from two sides to form a cut. Then you need to drill a hole and start making a tongue. For him, a piece of saw is quite suitable, but you can take, for example, a ruler made of metal. Next, you need to finish the frame with a file and fix the tab. That's all, you made the harp with your own hands. Let's now look at how to play it correctly.

How to keep the harp

At the first stage, you need to learn how to position the harp between your fingers in such a way that you feel comfortable and comfortable. You can keep it in both the right and the left hand, but it is recommended to use one that is not your main one. All the musicians dispose of the harp in their hands in different ways, and this is quite normal. But there is a special method recommended for beginners.

Hold the harpoon with the tips of the index and middle fingers on the curved sections so that the edge of the tongue is pointing in the opposite direction from your hand. Pay attention to this, it is very important. The thumb should be on the area where the tongue is fixed. But nothing should interfere with his movement. Your fingers should not interfere with it. This method of holding a harp can be used on almost all types of instruments. It is quite convenient. At this stage, you will most likely want to learn how to play the harp, but do not rush - you need to start with the basics.

How to dispose of a wargan when playing

The main part of the instrument during the game should be placed between the teeth or lips. It is necessary to make sure that there is a place between the jaws for the unhindered movement of the tongue of the harpoon. Pay attention to this. The edge of the tongue should be located approximately in the center of the mouth. If all these conditions are met, the sound of the instrument will be ideal.

When a harp clamped between your teeth, its "voice" is more expressive, beautiful and lasting. In this position, you can best control the sound. Pay attention that the lips should not be strongly pressed against the instrument. If for the time being something does not work out well, do not be discouraged - if you have made a harp with your own hands, then you probably will play the game on it.

How to extract sound

When you have learned how to hold the instrument correctly, you should proceed to extract the sound. Let's look at several ways.

First option

The elbow is in the lowered position. The index finger "looks" upwards. It is necessary that he is a little tense. The rest of the fingers are clenched into a fist. What's next? The tongue should be touched by a small pillow or an edge of the index finger, the brush must be bent and unbent.
This method of sound extraction is widely used in European countries and in America. It is very convenient, using it, you can play both fast and slow. Well, if you do not stop on this option, but master a few. Remember that you made a harp with your own hands, so you can do a lot!

The second option

The elbow is flush with the shoulders or slightly higher. The brush is located above the harp, relaxed, quietly hanging over the instrument. Fingers, except for the index, are clenched into a fist. This is a prerequisite. The tongue is touched by the index finger (namely, the rib), the brush must be rotated. This method is widely used in Asian countries.

The third option

The elbow is in the lowered position. From the fingers it is necessary to make a "boat". Then they should be put on the tongue of the instrument. The thumb should be on the side. Do not neglect this recommendation. The tongue is touched by the center of the thumb, for this you should bend and unbend your hand. This method of extracting sound is used for a leisurely, slow game. It is also good in cases where it is necessary to hide the instrument from observers or, for example, from the rain.

So, you learned how to make a harp with your own hands, and also learned how to play it. Now you can enjoy the beautiful sound of this instrument and feel like a shaman.

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