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Andrei Makarevich: nationality, biography

He is a legend of Russian rock. During the Soviet Union, his songs were banned because of their content, and today he must hide and live away from his homeland. His concerts are canceled, and for the man himself a political race is organized. He is not liked by politicians, journalists and paparazzi. But he is a favorite of the public, he is worshiped by the people, and his compositions are heard by more than one generation of people. And all this he is Andrei Makarevich, whose nationality raises many questions.


Andrey Vadimovich Makarevich was born on December 11, 1953, in a communal apartment, located on the Volkhonka. His father - Vadim Makarevich - was a Byelorussian by origin and an architect by the call of the heart. And her mother - Nina Shmuilovich - is a Jew by nationality and a phthisiatrist, doctor of medical sciences by profession. Therefore, Andrei Makarevich, whose nationality is difficult to denote by any one nationality, relates to bulbash and to Jews.

On the basis of what gifted individuals were the parents of little Andryusha, we can conclude that the boy himself grew up quite a brilliant child. While still visiting the kindergarten, the child learned to read, so he started going to school one year earlier than his peers. Thanks to his father, he did a lot of drawing, and his mother's influence caused him to devote less time to music. So, Makarevich (the nationality is indicated above) already from childhood felt a craving for art and everything beautiful. Although, in order not to dissemble, it should be mentioned that Andrei loved music, but studying it was not easy for him. Already at the age of seven he became a pupil of a music school, but nothing good came of this idea: the musical note did not fit into his head, and the solfeggio, which lasted for several hours in a row, generally led the schoolboy out of himself. And it was not easy to get out, but brought the child to neurasthenia. Therefore, after two years, parents had the opportunity to take the future star from this institution.

The advent of rock in the life of young talent

With the classics, Andrew did not work. But the heavy rhythms and melodies of Andrei Makarevich, whose nationality is Jewish by his mother, Belarussian pope, was cheered up. In view of his work, Vadim Makarevich often went abroad for business trips. From there he brought recordings of Western banned musicians. Mostly they were rockers. And then the young Andryusha reached the ends of the hair with the so-called aesthetics of freedom. According to the most Makarevich, the younger, he, studying in the seventh grade, along with his classmates began to write poetry. These were poems of a mocking nature on the ideology of the Soviet Union and the poetry of China. Notebooks with such masterpieces passed through the hands of the whole class. And he learned to play the guitar, knowing only three chords.

Arrival of the Beatles

But the most real musical and song creativity Makarevich (nationality, biography described in our article) was carried away when he was in the eighth grade. And again everything happened thanks to the father. From one of his trips Vadim Makarevich brought a plate of the group "The Beatles". Andryusha returned from school just at the moment when the parent was copying the compositions to a small tape recorder. Andrei Makarevich says that from that moment his musical consciousness changed. He says that until the appearance of the legendary collective in his life, he seemed to have heard nothing. He listened to the Beatles all day long, and when his parents were driven out onto the balcony, since they could no longer bear this music, he turned on the tape recorder at full volume so that the entire district could enjoy the amazing sounds.

The first musical collective of Makarevich

Not only Makarevich Andrey Vadimovich (whose nationality is already known to us) went mad from the four of Liverpool. Her work was fond of all the friends and close friends of the guy. Andryukha studied in a specialized school with an English bias, so he and his classmates easily translated and re-created the legendary Beatles. In 1968, Andrei created his first own four. It consisted of two boys and the same number of girls. But in 1969 it was decided to retrain the group into an exclusively male team. Therefore, the girls were asked to leave, and two guys were invited to their places.

At first the ensemble was called The Kids, and then it was renamed into the "Time Machine". It is the machine, not the machine. So Makarevich, the nationality of which no longer raises doubts, began climbing his stellar, albeit forbidden Olympus.

The personal life of an artist

Career musician developed rapidly: constant tours, rehearsals, relocations. Perhaps, because of this way of life, he never managed to find one and only beloved woman. As Makarevich himself says, whose nationality is ambiguous, for his 60 years he knew a lot of beautiful ladies. But I never met real love. His first wife was Elena Fesunenko: he created a family in 1976, but this marriage lasted only three years. Then there was in his being a lady named Alla, who gave the rocker son Ivan. But this union has lived as much as the previous one. There is a leader of "Time Machine" two more daughters from different women.

That's what he is, a favorite of the public, a fair, mischievous and freedom-loving rocker.

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