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Sergei "Spider" Troitsky: the life and work of a scandalous rock star

For several years now, in various humorous videos and pictures, a long-haired rocker often uses a word-parasite "for example". Sometimes the same person is depicted as a spider. Those who do not know who Sergei "Spider" Troitsky, such jokes will be incomprehensible, but it's never too late to get acquainted with the new popular Internet character, who in real life is also a very interesting person. Who is he, what has become famous, how the audience is shocked and why he became so popular on the Internet?

Short biography of Spider

Sergei Troitsky (Spider) was born in Moscow on May 29, 1966. In 1983, Spike graduated from high school and began working in the printing house "Red Proletarian". Also among the places of his work was the newspaper Moskovskie Novosti.

In 1984, Sergei "Spider" Troitsky founded the "Corrosion of metal" group, and five years later created the "Heavy Rock Corporation" (KTR). The goal and task of KTR is the unification of informal musical collectives into a certain "trade union".

In 1993, Troitsky was promoted to the post of the mayor of Moscow from the party of Eduard Limonov, but the elections did not take place because of the dispersal of the Supreme Council of Russia. Sergey "Spider" Troitsky also ran for the State Duma, but due to the low voter turnout, the election results were canceled.

In 2007, Troitsky was elected Mayor of the village of Zaprudishte in the Moscow region, but now Spider himself resigns because of the unpromising location of the settlement.

Scandals with the participation of the Spider

The loudest scandal, which was provoked by Sergei "Spider" Troitsky, occurred in May 2002 - the musician was accused of extremism. The case under the article "Kindling of national, racial or religious hatred" was initiated because of suspicion of Spider's involvement in the release of the magazine "The skinheads go", and also because of the content of some of his songs. A similar process was conducted already in 2015, and again the accusers did not accept questionable texts. For example, prosecutors paid special attention to the song "Beat Devils," which allegedly contained calls for the destruction of national minorities in Russia. However, Troitsky himself, and fans of his work in one voice denied that the songs have extremist overtones.

In 2014, Sergei "Spider" Troitsky, having submitted documents for nomination for the post of mayor of Novosibirsk, decided to go to the chosen city by plane. However, Spider's predilection for alcohol is not the first time he played his evil joke - the musician was removed from the voyage and received an obligation to pay compensation to airport employees for insults and broken office equipment.

Spider Books

Sergei "Spider" Troitsky is known not only as the founder and permanent member of the group "Corrosion of Metal", but also as a writer. At first glance, it seems surprising that the scandalous rocker is the author of ten books. "Negro and skinhead", "Swimming champion", Rock on barricades "- author of these and many other opuses about informal cultures and other life situations is Sergei Troitsky, Spider.

The book "Swimming Champion", for example, tells about three women who came to rest on the Crimean resort of Gurzuf, and the search for a man "as from the movie Titanic", who could sacrifice his life for the sake of his beloved. Troitsky himself considers this book a 2009 hit.

The Spider's popularity on the Internet

What did Sergey Troitsky remember the Internet community? The answer to this question is unexpectedly simple - the extravagant image and spiders' escapades aimed at public outrage, really work. In addition, the word parasite "for example", which Sergei permanently uses in speech, makes the image even more crazy, but at the same time charismatic. People who radically differ from the total mass of their own kind always attract attention. Troitsky was not an exception to the rules.

Spider's Life

A rock musician is always a charismatic and bright personality. No matter how strange and crazy it may be, the image of such people is formed by crowds of women who want to get at least a piece of the idol's attention. Often, rock stars use this and do not hurry to bind themselves by marriage.

About the Spider's personal life until recently, relatively little was known. First, the extravagant image and behavior distracted the fans and the press from questions about the presence of the wife and children, and secondly, the musician himself preferred to hide this information. However, it turned out that Troitsky is still married to a certain Irina Trinity, which he himself reported, putting forward his wife for the next election of the mayor. Judging by reports in the press, the couple have a good relationship, which means that Sergei's riotous lifestyle does not affect his family life. Nevertheless, for the fans the musician is still not an exemplary family man Sergey Evgenievich, but a scandalous rocker and an unordinary personality Sergei Troitsky, Spider. Personal life, probably, is that sphere of a life in which thrash metalist never will start up any gawk, continuing, nevertheless, to please with literary and musical works.

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