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The most famous composers of Russia and the world

The world musical culture developed over many years. One of the leading places in it is occupied by the Russian national school. This is an absolutely valid statement, because many famous composers in Russia are highly valued and to this day all over the world. Famous Russian composers, thanks to their works, glorified their country, and also had a direct impact on their foreign colleagues.

A bit of history

The flourishing of Russian musical culture falls on the eighteenth century. This period is also considered to be the era of great changes. In this period the first Russian composer school appears, the main traditions of musical performance are formed. As for genres, the most complex of them quickly developed: opera, choral and instrumental music. However, the main genre should still be considered opera, and in this period it was popular not only among Russian composers, but also abroad. In Russia, the opera, in contrast to the foreign one, was presented in a more understandable, accessible, laconic and realistic form, based on the people's basis. Along with it, the choral music developed, which certainly accompanied each performance. In this article you will find not only interesting information, but also photos of famous composers.

XVIII century

At this stage, the first famous Russian composers appeared, one of them was Dmitry Bortniansky. Thanks to him, Russian music received new traditions and trends, in the genre of a choral concerto, for example. He was famous for his own style of processing - he combined features of ancient tunes with modern harmonious tendencies. He could enrich any, even the simplest texture, and turn it into something unique due to the use of rhythmic diversification, the diverse use of choral composition, remarkable polyphonic mastery. It is also worth mentioning that the composer worked in the court singing chapel and had a considerable influence on her performing style, as well as many famous composers of Russia. The most famous choral concerts of Dmitry Bortnyansky are "Do not reject me during old age" and choral concert No. 33.

Mikhail Glinka

Famous Russian composers began to appear from the eighteenth century, but in fact the real flowering of Russian classical music came at the end of the eighteenth century. He communicates, first of all, with Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka. It was this composer who opened a new historical period in music. Its main achievement was the refraction of the main classical tendencies. Glinka worked, you can say, in all musical genres, he wrote operas, works for symphonic orchestra, piano pieces, a lot of romances and vocal compositions, his creations for chamber ensembles are also known. The innovative role of Mikhail Ivanovich is quite high, many famous composers sought to match his unique style. Glinka deeply understood the nationality, it is rather well reflected in the opera "Ivan Susanin". Known composer and his special approach to the peasant song, often in works he used chanting and variation. It should be noted that many famous composers wrote similar works before Mikhail Glinka, but he is considered to be the founder of the Russian national classical opera. The most famous in our time are the works of Ruslan and Lyudmila and Ivan Susanin.

Alexander Dargomyzhsky

In the nineteenth century, an advanced social movement is developing in Russia, critical realism is blossoming intensively , this concerns both art in general and music. Alexander Sergeevich Dargomyzhsky was the representative of his own, unique style - intonational realism. Like many of his contemporaries, also well-known composers, he continued the traditions and innovations introduced by Mikhail Glinka, but introduced some innovative originality, while also emphasizing his vivid style. One of the greatest achievements of Alexander Sergeevich is the opera "The Mermaid". Its innovation, first of all, lies in the fact that this is the first in the Russian classical opera school lyrical and psychological drama using end-to-end development. It is important that almost all innovative elements are shown in the choral scenes, they are characterized by melodiousness and some resemblance to the popular once-urban romance. It is also the first opera in which the character images are quite original - these are ordinary people of different social strata, and mystical mermaids. Another popular work of Dargomyzhsky is the vocal chamber ensemble "Petersburg serenades".

The most famous composers, the "Mighty Handful"

Quite significant was this period. The end of the nineteenth and early twentieth became one of the most significant stages in the development of Russian culture. It was during this period that famous music composers created a modern, all-familiar "Mighty Handful" community. This group made an extraordinarily significant contribution to the development of the Russian national composer school. And this absolutino is not surprising. After all, it included such famous composers, As Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky, Alexander Porfirievich Borodin, Nikolai Andreevich Rimsky-Korsakov, Miliy Alekseevich Balakirev and Cesar Antonovich Cui. For their creativity are characterized by profound stylistic changes in the genre of opera, in particular great importance was attached to historical drama, as well as mass scenes.

Despite the fact that all their activities, in principle, was aimed at maintaining the unique traditions of Alexander Dargomyzhsky and Mikhail Glinka, they supplemented them with a mass of changes and innovations, which subsequently brought them incredible popularity outside of Russia.

Modest Moussorgsky

Mussorgsky is the founder of an absolutely modernized direction in the Russian classical opera school. Quite often it was compared with Rubinstein. They created the direction of the musical drama. His operatic work is also remembered by the fact that the works use such unique features as new means of musical expressiveness used to characterize the image of the people, differentiate the choir and distinguish specific voices in its composition, often use melodic recitative, dialogues. It is worth noting that the choral scenes are pretty majestic. Following the unique tendencies of Dargomyzhsky, Mussorgsky used the same scenes of cross-cutting development. However, the achievements of the composer are not limited only to the opera genre, he excelled in the choral processing of folk songs, independent piano pieces and compositions of a large form for the choir, and vocal symphonic masterpieces. The most popular in our time are the operas of the composer Khovanshchina and Boris Godunov. Thanks to them, Modest Petrovich was recognized by many famous composers of the world.

Sergey Rachmaninov

One of the most popular composers of the twentieth century in Russia rightfully can be considered Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov. In his works he clearly conveyed the role of melody. The main source of inspiration for the composer was the connection with Russian folk songs, with ancient choral culture. The main principle of his work can also be called sincerity, direct expression of feelings and a realistic transmission of the life picture. The most successful genre for the composer was vocal and symphonic works. They are endowed with incredible psychological depth and philosophical thought. Popular in our time is the cantata "Spring" and "Bells". By the way, the latter is a composition, thanks to which famous composers of the world were inspired to write their own masterpieces . They were Sergei Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich, Georgy Sviridov. Also here is the famous Soviet composer Yury Shaporin.

Most musicians also highly appreciated and appreciate the piano works of Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninov, his preludes and etudes are incredibly beautiful, one of the most popular concert works is the famous "Elegy".

Below you can see the original photo. There are not so many well-known Soviet composers, but they had a considerable influence on the musical culture of Russia. Among them are Dmitry Shostakovich, Andrey Eshpai, Rodion Shchedrin, Alexandra Pakhmutova.

Famous composers of the world. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

If we talk about the famous composers in the world, the first one who is most often recalled is, of course, Mozart. The composer was born in Salzburg, he started playing very early, in fact, at 6 years already toured and gave concerts. There is an opinion that the boy had a phenomenal hearing, as well as memory. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played the violin, piano, organ and harpsichord, also possessed excellent conducting skills and the skill of virtuosic improvisation. Many classical composers, known for their original works, sought to imitate the unique style of Mozart. In our time, the most popular of his works include operas "The Marriage of Figaro" and "The Magic Flute", as well as the fundamental "Requiem".

Composers of France: Georges Bizet

Famous French composers in our time are quite popular. One of the most outstanding is Georges Bizet - a unique representative of the period of romanticism. He wrote a large number of orchestral works, romances and piano pieces. However, the most famous, and, perhaps, the most successful genre in which the composer worked was the opera. Of course, the most famous is the incomparable "Carmen". Another, not so famous, but no less successful was the opera "Pearl Seekers".

In conclusion, the songs of famous classical composers in Russia and around the world, as well as their piano and symphonic creations, are still popular today. Quite often such works sound at concerts, on TV in films and even in advertising. This suggests that the musical culture, eventually acquiring a new cut, still remembers those classical traditions that were established by the most famous composers.

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