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The meaning of the movie "Fight Club". The plot of the picture, actors, main characters

In 1999, the film "Fight Club" was shot based on the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. The actors who played the main roles in the film are Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. The film was ambiguously criticized, almost failed at the box office. But ten years later the picture was spoken again. What is the meaning of the movie "Fight Club"?

Cult painting

Perhaps this film was created too early. At the turn of the century the meaning of the movie "Fight Club" was difficult for understanding viewers and critics. In 2009, one of the most influential American newspapers published an article by prominent film critic Dennis Lim. In it, the adaptation of the work of Chuck Palahniak was called the cult film of our time. What is the story of the movie "Fight Club"?

The plot (string)

The film's director is David Fincher. This cinematographer is known for such films as "Seven", "The Game", "Alien". The film "Fight Club" (1999) by the author of the book of the same name called the monument the end of the century, when the AIDS epidemic became a daily reality, and the words "sex" and "death" - almost synonymous. The creator of the film adaptation believes that this work is "a serious picture taken by non-serious people." So, what is the picture about?

A young wealthy man is a hero of the Fight Club. Fincher's film about a man who has everything for a comfortable existence, but despite this, he suffers from psychological disorders. Norton's hero is working in a serious company, spending his leisure time as well as the people of his circle. Namely - it acquires another novelty of technology or piece of furniture.

He made a successful career, but for some reason he suffers from insomnia, and at times can not even distinguish reality from his own imagination. The hero of the movie "Fight Club" visits a therapist who suggests that in order to relieve stress, start attending a gym or an anonymous meeting of men suffering from an incurable disease. Norton's hero follows the doctor's second recommendation, which, incidentally, gave his patient not without a grain of irony. At the sight of the true suffering of the terminally ill, the young man temporarily gets rid of the spleen.

Once the hero of the picture gets acquainted with a certain Tyler. By nature, this man is a soap seller. For human qualities - the opposite of the main character. After getting to know Tyler, the manager returns home and, to his horror, discovers that all his property is destroyed in the explosion, the cause of which remains unsettled. For some reason, he decides that in this situation, you should definitely call a new friend. He comes. And here it is found out that Tyler is absolutely alien to the dependence on material values. He is not able to share the feelings of his friend, who is experiencing it, seeing the terrible destruction in his own house. From this moment the main events of the film "Fight Club" begin.

The actors who performed the main roles created two diametrically opposite characters on the screen. It is noteworthy that before the filming Norton and Pitt agreed that the first will be in the process of working on the film to lose weight. The second, on the contrary, is gaining muscle mass. For what actors have concluded such an agreement, one can understand, having understood, what is the philosophical meaning of the film "Fight Club".

The denouement, the culmination

Tyler has an inexplicable influence on the character of Norton. Throughout the plot, the soap seller is trying to rebuild it: to rid of the stuff, to instill primary male instincts. A successful middle manager, led by a soap seller, creates an underground organization, namely, a fight club. The main character - a man of calm disposition - wakes up from time to time to destroy everything that comes to his eyes. And at the end of the film it turns out that Tyler is the dark side of the personality of the hero himself. In reality, it does not exist. He is an illusion, an embodiment of hidden desires. In order to get rid of Tyler, the hero tries to commit suicide. He does not succeed. Instead, he kills the soap seller. And, therefore, gets rid of the dark sides of his soul.

So, what is the meaning of the movie "Fight Club"? For most of the townsfolk, this picture is nothing more than an interesting story about how an ordinary guy is gradually going crazy. Professionals in the field of cinema art see in the plot of the film a certain subtext.

The influence of globalization on male psychology

In 2009, an article appeared in the American press, the author of which interpreted the plot of Fincher's painting as an example of the negative influence of consumerism on male psychology. Most critics agree with this point of view.

One of the prominent American feminists called the Fight Club a belated realization of the man's role in modern society. In the Western economy, it is not easy. It is difficult for a man to adapt in a world in which a woman is no longer economically dependent on him. Therefore, in his soul there is discord, which is shown on the example of the hero Norton.


Some critics saw in the plot of the film "Fight Club" fascist motives. The young middle manager is disappointed in the "American dream", which generates in him the demonic image of Tyler. The seller of soap can be called in some way a superman, who criticizes the senselessness of the life of modern Americans. Recipes of Tyler's happiness are extremely simple and therefore very attractive. He suggests destroying the value system that Norton's hero absorbed throughout his life. In the words of the soap seller, critics saw the motif of the works of Nietzsche, the favorite philosopher of the fascists.

The opinion of the director

Fincher claims that his picture is far from propaganda. Whatever it is - political or philosophical. The plot of the film does not indicate the way to get rid of this or that shortcoming of modern society. This is just an attempt to talk about what globalization can lead to. In addition, the film's hero eventually gets rid of Tyler. And this means that it is the victory of secondary instincts over animals.

Around the picture "Fight Club" and today, disputes continue, but most critics agree that the idea of the film is based on depicting a person's protest against values imposed by society.


The premiere of the film did not meet the expectations of its creators. But today the Fincher film is considered an important event in the world of cinema of the nineties. And, as it happens with the cult paintings, the phrases from the film "Fight Club" became famous. It is worth remembering some of them.

  1. "Previously, we eagerly read pornographic magazines, now - Horchow catalogs."
  2. "Do you suffer? Visit a meeting of people suffering from cancer, and you will realize that you do not know anything about real pain."
  3. "Freedom is the loss of all hopes."
  4. "At a long stretch of time, each person's chances of survival are zero."

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