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Many choose for their holidays a city that proudly bears the name of Sochi. All inclusive hotels are the best option for a holiday that you can choose.

Prometey Club Hotel

One of the most comfortable and comfortable hotels that exist in Lazarevsky. The first thing to note is the availability of its own beach. This is a very important factor that all tourists take into account when choosing hotels in Sochi. On the beach there is a hotel "Prometheus Club" - in the heart of the resort village Lazarevskoye. The location is ideal in terms of infrastructure: 1.5 kilometers from the railway station, 15 minutes by car to the center of Sochi, 100 kilometers from Sochi airport. The hotel complex consists of residential buildings, swimming pools, bars, restaurants. There is a SPA center and, of course, as it was previously said, its own beach. If you really go to Sochi, all-inclusive hotels will be the right choice. Prometheus Club is just such a hotel. The choice of guests is offered 325 rooms of different categories. The rooms are located in Marine and conventional cottages, in the New building.

All numbers are divided into nine categories. The rooms are equipped with the most necessary: plumbing, modern furniture, additional accessories. Every day cleaning is done, linen changes every three days, towels daily. Most rooms offer a luxurious view, which you can admire by standing on the balcony (they are in almost all rooms).


Comfortable rooms are not the only thing a person needs for a full rest in Sochi. All inclusive hotels must provide their guests with good food. It is worth returning to the previously mentioned example - the hotel "Prometheus Club", where three meals a day are organized according to the type of "buffet", which is served in the restaurant "Tavern".

But this is not all: the hotel has a few more exquisite places, where you can eat deliciously. These include the restaurant "Galileo" and a children's restaurant, which is located in the complex "Eastwood". In the "Galileo" and "Tavern" the following dishes are served in unlimited quantities: cold snacks, ice cream, beer, coffee, tea, various sweets, baked goods. Alcohol is also offered: vodka, semisweet and dry wines, champagne. And, of course, non-alcoholic assortment: mineral water, juices and carbonated drinks. And for VIP-guests a light breakfast is offered - desserts, coffee, tea, juices and champagne (which in some countries, incidentally, is drunk in breakfast).

Picturesque places

If we talk about hotel complexes of the highest level, then note the attention is the "Grand Hotel". Sochi is a city in which there are several such hotels. And one of the most popular is the Grand Hotel Polyana. This hotel complex is beautifully situated in the protected areas of the Sochi national park. Around the Caucasus mountains stretch , nearby is the famous Krasnaya Polyana. Guests who come here fully enjoy the beauty of the unique waterfalls and canyons, caves and alpine meadows, luxurious vegetation and rich fauna. Landscapes will please the taste of even the most experienced traveler. Good service and the developed structure of the hotel complex - what else is included in the holiday in Sochi? Hotels, apart from comfortable accommodation, offer original entertainment, so that guests in a strong heat could spend productive time, and not just sit out at the hotel.

Everything for leisure

In the "Grand Hotel" 413 comfortable rooms, restaurants, bars, wooden villas, fine cuisine, children's club and even a conceptual wellness center. If a guest gets tired of swimming in the sea and sunbathing, then he can have a good time at the hotel. There are sports grounds and tennis courts, ski slopes and cable cars - all that is necessary for active recreation. Guests are offered entertainment and sightseeing programs. In the "Grand Hotel" everything is organized at the highest level: service, service, atmosphere. The guests are offered a wide alcoholic and non-alcoholic assortment, bars are available both at the water park and at the beach. Yes, a private beach is what you need for a full vacation. By the way, lovers of exquisite and exotic food are offered services of sushi and grill-bars. This hotel will appeal to lovers of quality tobacco - on the territory there is a cigar club called "Marine".

Variety of rooms

People choosing Sochi hotels "5 stars", pay attention to many details, because they want everything to be perfect - from services to cleaning rooms. Continuing the topic concerning the "Grand Hotel Polyana", it is worth noting an unusual variety of rooms. It is important! The best hotels in Sochi offer their guests a wide variety of rooms for every taste, color and purse.

Ideal option for small friendly companies will be a magnificent two-storey villa. It stands apart from other buildings. It can freely accommodate seven people. There are five bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and even a sauna. The house has everything you need for a full-fledged company vacation.

There are deluxe rooms - one spacious room with a hallway and a bathroom will appeal to lovers of fine rooms, in fact, like a luxury studio.

There is a room for newlyweds, decorated in the best design traditions.

Two-room suite for two, business suite, ideal for fruitful work and for comfortable rest, family suite, panoramic suite and even rooms designed for people with disabilities - all this is offered to the guests. Everyone will find a home to their liking.

Respectability - first of all

So, what else can the city of Sochi offer? All inclusive hotels in their category include another complex - Atelika Gamma Resort & SPA.

The 5-star luxury hotel is located in Tuapse district of Sochi. It will be an excellent choice for those who adhere to a respectable holiday with a high level of service and undoubted quality of the services offered.

Guests are served by the type of "ultra all inclusive". The list of services is maximally expanded, and everything that the employees offer is included in the price. If you decide to rest so that you feel like a master of life, Atelika Gamma Resort & SPA will be an ideal place.

And, of course, one can not help telling about such a place in Sochi as "Grand Hotel & Spa Rodina". Private beach, several exquisite restaurants, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, children's club, a lot of different establishments and a SPA center - everything for a comfortable stay. But this is not all the delights of the hotel.

Characteristics of the hotel

The first thing to note is the presence of its own promenade, the length of which is 700 meters. In everything there is a subtlety of style: in the interior of rooms, premises, in landscape design, in the design of restaurants and bars.

The rooms are spacious. Service at the highest level: daily cleaning and change of linen with towels.

It is worth noting and food, because it is very important: three times a day "buffet" and intermediate meals. There are other restaurants on the territory of the complex: the restaurant "Oliva", made in Greek style, the pizza cafe with the spectacular name "Fiesta", the lobby and sports bars, the tasting room, which offers the best wines of Kuban producers, a cafe with Caucasian cuisine , Phyto-bar and many other interesting institutions.

Memories for Life

It is not for nothing that they say that Sochi is a dream city, in which people come to fully breathe in the fragrance of freedom, feel serene and give themselves all kinds of entertainment during the holiday. When deciding to come to this wonderful city for rest, carefully approach the issue of selecting temporary housing. After all, the quality of rest depends on this. Especially because a wide selection of various hotels and hotels in Sochi can find exactly the option that will be acceptable both in quality and price.

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