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The Black Sea coast is a dream of many Russians and residents of the near abroad. Everyone is attracted by the opportunity to lie on a golden beach and enjoy the tender sea. The most difficult question is usually the choice of the hotel. Sochi offers a huge selection of luxury hotels, small hotels and private boarding houses. All of them are very different in price and level of service, so you need to choose carefully enough so that the rest meets your expectations.

Sochi hotels are mostly economy class hotels. There are also luxury options, as well as luxury villas in closed areas, but most tourists are interested in a decent holiday at reasonable prices, so let's look at the selection of such options. Believe me, the choice is truly enormous. It is better to start choosing a hotel, boarding house or hotel long before you leave, then the chance to book a room exactly where you want will be much higher.

Sochi city-resort

Sochi hotels can be chosen based on their location. The most prestigious, expensive and bustling district of the city is Central, it stretches from the Vereshaginka River to the village of Sergey-Pole. Only 21 km of coast, a lot of comfortable hotels, amazing imagination of tourists a huge choice of entertainment.

The other three districts - Adler, Lazarevsky and Khostinsky - are less crowded with beaches, here the cost of hotels is somewhat lower, rest is calmer, so if your goal is to relax from a noisy city, then you will find acceptable options. Here, too, every hotel is different from the others. There are aimed at youth recreation, with discos until the morning, and there is a call out after 22:00.

Hotels for budget tourists

Even without having a large sum of money for a vacation, you can afford to go to Sochi. Cheap hotels offer quite decent service and unforgettable impressions. One of these is the hotel "Nairi". She received a lot of good reviews for cozy rooms, cleanliness and comfort. The cost of recreation here starts from 1700 rubles per room per day. Nearby hotel As Ell, where the room rate starts from 1100 per day.

In the city of Adler, the hotel "7 violets" awaits you. Simple, but comfortable rooms here are offered to tourists at a record low cost - from 1000 rubles without food. Similar conditions are offered by the hotel Dakar - small but very hospitable. Such private hotels in Sochi diligently maintain their reputation among tourists. It is necessary to book rooms in advance, so that you can save free space, as there are not enough people who want to have a good rest for a small fee.

If you are very limited in finances, then choose to rest for Adler. Here are a number of small hotels, you can relax in for a modest amount. These include Garage Host. The cost of accommodation is from 350 rubles per day, while guests can drink tea and coffee with biscuits free of charge. You can stop by with pets.

Hotels "Yucca", "Yuzhanochka", "Flying Dutchman", offer quite comfortable rooms for 700 rubles per day. Meals are not included in the price, but there is an equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals for your family.

Mini-hotels in Sochi

The beautiful Victor Hotel is located right on the border with the magnificent park Arboretum, in the greenest part of the city. To the sea shore only 450 meters, cozy rooms are equipped with modern appliances and furniture, equipped with a bathroom. The cost of recreation - from 1100 rubles. For the room, meals are served in the hotel restaurant.

Private hotels in Sochi are a chance to have a great time at the resort for little money. We present to your attention the hotel "Primorsky". It is located in the center of the city in the same park. This is a surprisingly beautiful building in the style of the Stalin Empire. The cost of recreation here starts from 1250 rubles. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, gym. The beach is 50 meters away, sun beds and umbrellas are available for a fee.

Considering mini-hotels in Sochi, it is necessary to mention the hotel "Flamingo". This is a small cozy boarding house on the beach, located in Adler. In total there are 60 rooms, a cafe-dining room and a bar. The beach is only 15 meters away. Judging by the reviews, the hotel is very quiet, the staff closely watches to ensure that the holidaymakers are as comfortable as possible.

Separately, I want to talk about hotels in Sochi by the sea. These are complexes for recreation on the coastal strip, they are especially appreciated by tourists who came to avoid leaving the beach. Pay attention to the hotel "U Zapolyarye". The cost of rooms - from 2000 rubles, meals - for a fee, the beach is located 5 minutes walk. Another excellent mini-hotel - Lotus - is also located almost on the beach, 10 meters from the beach. The cost of recreation here is from 1500 per room, the tourists prepare their own meals in the common kitchen. This is not all hotels in Sochi near the sea, but we chose the most budgetary options.

Hotel Azimut

In the Adler district, the list is headed by the hotel Azimut (Sochi). This is a large and stylish apart-hotel, which deservedly gets good reviews for comfortable rooms and excellent service. It is 450 meters from the Olympic facilities, 10 km from the oceanarium, 300 meters from the railway station. All the shops and popular facilities of Adler are located very close by.

If you are going to rest with children, the Azimut hotel (Sochi) will be an excellent choice. In the courtyard, in the open air, there is a beautiful playground, which will not let the little fidgets get bored. Distance to the sea is small - only 800 meters. The hotel has more than 2000 rooms, which are divided into several categories. This is single for business travelers, double for a couple of rest, suites with a living room and improved conditions. Each room is equipped with a wardrobe, bathroom and bath accessories. Free Wi-Fi provides constant access to the Internet.

Food for tourists is provided by a cozy restaurant, where the "buffet" system works. At the bar you can always order light snacks and a variety of drinks. For recreation guests have a swimming pool, as well as exciting tours to the surrounding area. The cost of recreation here starts from 2200 rubles per day, at the peak of the season the price reaches 7800 for a double suite. However, by the standards of the Black Sea coast it is quite reasonable prices, in addition, reviews about the rest here are very good. The hotel is consistently awarded "9" out of ten possible. Tourists are very praised for cozy rooms, the work of staff and food.

Hotel "Moscow" (Sochi)

This is the business card of Sochi, which is currently under reconstruction. Thirteen-story building in the city center, which always attracted tourists with an interesting appearance, is made in the form of a detailed book. It is very convenient for tourists from the hotel to get to the beach or any other part of the city. Around the hotel there are numerous entertainment centers, cultural and historical monuments.

What is more attractive hotel "Moscow" (Sochi)? Cozy rooms provide an opportunity to admire the sea and mountain peaks. At the same time, up to 700 people live here. Always tourists marked exceptionally good service and quality food. Before reconstruction, the hotel room included apartments of different levels - from economy class to suites. The prices were from 1500 for usual numbers up to 6000 for lux.

The popular complex "Pearl"

This is a well-known hotel that has been keeping the brand since Soviet times. Hotel "Zhemchuzhina" is not the cheapest place for rest. It is located in the center of the resort town in a unique zone of a natural park, where tropical trees grow. Here is also the famous park Arboretum. The hotel has a beautiful 19-story building, very close to the sea embankment. The hotel area is fully equipped, there is a lot of entertainment for the guests. There are 8 restaurants and 14 bars, a karaoke, a pizzeria and a tavern.

For children and adults, there are excellent swimming pools. Of these, two open, with sea water and heating, and one closed. Children will be happy to play on water slides. In addition, there is an excellent gym, tennis court, massage rooms, saunas, sports grounds. The fully equipped beach at the same time includes about 2000 tourists. On the beach there are many water attractions.

Hotel "Zhemchuzhina" organizes meals according to the "buffet" system. Despite the relatively high cost of recreation, about 7000 per room, here every year a lot of tourists rest. Judging by the reviews, this is a terrific complex for a family holiday, which everyone likes, regardless of age.

Bogatyrsky Entertainment Complex

Hotel Bogatyr is a unique themed hotel that successfully combines medieval architecture, the latest technologies and the highest service. There are 278 rooms, 2 restaurants, a spa area, an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool. For children there are special rooms and playgrounds. But that is not all. The hotel is located on the territory of Sochi Park, it is a whole world of entertainment and magical attractions. This is a luxury option for families with children. Here, various events are successfully held: meetings and seminars, conferences, live concerts, parties and weddings.

The cost of rest starts from 5000 for a standard room. The price includes breakfast, the rest of the buffet meals are paid additionally. In general, judging by the reviews, tourists note the impeccable quality of service, high service and an abundance of entertainment for all age groups. Not all Sochi hotels are so attractive for tourists, even if we consider elite, high-priced hotels.

Hotel «Olympic»

This is an excellent choice for a family holiday in Sochi. Hotel "Olympic" is a huge and very beautiful hotel that offers guests an amazingly affordable stay. And the budget prices do not affect the quality of the services provided. There is a hotel in Dagomys, it offers its guests everything you need for an excellent holiday. It has its own beach, golf course, baths and saunas, bright and cozy rooms, equipped with modern appliances and air-conditioning.

The convenient location of the hotel allows you to get to the city center in just 10 minutes, so that vacationers can freely visit all city attractions. If you are going to rest with the whole family, then rest assured that here there is an occupation for all. Adults can work out in the gym or have a massage, and children can have fun on the playground or in the games room.

Prices just surprise. It is difficult to count on the low cost of a voucher if you are going to Sochi. Hotels, prices in which are acceptable for the average Russian, do not differ in high-level service. But in the hotel "Olympic" everything is different. The cost of accommodation in economy class rooms starts from 900 rubles per day. The suite will cost 2800. The price includes three meals a day on a buffet. Judging by the reviews, this is one of the best hotels on the entire Black Sea coast. Bright rooms, courteous staff, well-developed infrastructure - all this creates good conditions for an unforgettable stay.

The Zvezda Hotel

Rest of the European class - nothing can be easier if you are going to go to Sochi. The hotel "Zvezda" is a stunningly beautiful 5-storey building. It embodies an unusual architectural design with a penthouse, elevator and swimming pool, recreation areas and 24-hour security.

The stained-glass glazing of the building creates a stunning impression, the abundance of light emphasizes the blue of the pool and the freshness of the lawns and the greenery of the relict pines. The hotel area is buried in the greenery of tropical plants, and well-maintained flower beds only emphasize its beauty.

The hotel offers 30 comfortable rooms equipped with modern appliances and furniture. The conditioner will reliably protect from a summer heat. The cost of recreation here starts from 1500 per day, which, you will agree, is quite acceptable. The price includes three meals a day, accommodation and an outdoor swimming pool. The hotel area does not have access to the coast, but you can always take an excursion to the beach and swim well. Judging by the reviews, tourists are attracted by the silence of this small cozy hotel, where you can forget about everything and enjoy a vacation. From the hotel windows you can see the golden cupolas of the church, and the bell ringing creates a special mood.

Radisson SAS Lazurnaya Hotel

Next on our list is the hotel "Radisson" (Sochi). The resort is located in a luxurious park by the sea. Particular attention is paid here to high standards of service, as well as the possibility of combining work and leisure. It is very convenient to hold seminars and corporate meetings, meetings and business meetings.

The hotel offers its guests more than 200 rooms with cozy furniture and modern home appliances. In addition, to the attention of holidaymakers are offered 4 presidential villas. This is a fully equipped two-storey cottage with private entrance and parking. Since here not only work, but also rest, the choice of entertainment is also quite large. For the holiday-makers a sauna and a sauna, a fitness center, swimming pools and gyms, as well as a huge choice of water activities are open. You can try yourself in the role of a windsurfer or a captain of a white yacht, ride a kayak or breeze on a scooter, water ski or speed boat. Power is provided by a luxurious restaurant, offering a breathtaking menu. The Swedish table provides such a choice of dishes that it is impossible to try everything for the entire period of rest.

The only drawback of this hotel is the high cost of recreation. Although among the elite hotels "Radisson" is characterized by rather modest prices. The payment for the room is about 7800 rubles per day, which is not so expensive for Sochi. Hotels, whose prices are in this range, are considered quite affordable.

Pride of Sochi: "Krasnaya Polyana"

In the center of the most modern ski resort is this hotel. "Krasnaya Polyana" (Sochi) is a hotel with 428 rooms, where guests are provided with homeliness and excellent service. The hotel's infrastructure includes 2 restaurants, a spa and a nightclub. From the windows there is a beautiful view of the Caucasus Mountains, snow-white ridges and passes. All rooms, both standard and luxury, have an elegant interior and modern equipment. Just outside the walls of the hotel you will find a congress center, ski lifts to the ski areas, shopping and entertainment complexes, restaurants and boutiques. Most often this resort is visited between November and May, when the slopes of the mountains are covered with a sufficient layer of snow. Although all the other seasons are good and attractive in their own way.

You do not have to deny yourself and beach rest, if you decide to visit the "Red Glade" in the spring or autumn. A fast train for 30 minutes will take you to the Black Sea coast, where mountain skiing and snowboarding are replaced by water entertainments and a chaise longue on a golden beach. The daily booking of the room will cost you about 7000 rubles. The price includes meals and accommodation. A luxurious holiday in the "Krasnaya Polyana" is remembered for a long time. This hotel is great not only for individual or family holidays, it also hosts corporate meetings and events.

Let's sum up the results

As you can see, you can relax in Sochi practically at any prosperity. There are a lot of decent hotels here that offer comfortable conditions for quite acceptable money. We offered you a quick overview of inexpensive hotels, including a number of elite hotels, which also support a reasonable pricing policy. In addition, on the coast you will find a huge number of offers for renting private houses, small dwellings or rooms. Such options are usually much cheaper, and having met with the owners, you can come every year to rest to them. Based on their statistics, you can rent a room at a price of 300 rubles per day per person. With food it will cost a little more. It remains advisable to carefully choose the place of future rest and listen to the recommendations of experienced tourists, so as not to spoil your vacation.

Rest on the Black Sea can be surprisingly diverse. Selecting different hotels, you will receive new impressions every year. Regardless of class and prestige, each of the hotels is distinguished by a friendly attitude to visitors.

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