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How to lose weight properly and effectively after 40-50 years?

A woman's body has a number of characteristics that can be manifested every year. Nuances related to health must be taken into account when designing a weight loss program. A bit of theory: the female organism at the threshold of 40 years is faced with a change in the hormonal background, which affects the overall metabolism. The structure of the skin changes, and its elasticity decreases.

Beginning with the age of forty, the calcium level decreases annually, bone tissue weakens. Due to the slowing metabolism, the body requires less energy to maintain vital functions, putting off excess fat in the waist and hips. How to lose weight properly and effectively? What should I pay attention to in the first place?

In no case should you sharply limit yourself to eating or resort to the help of hard diets. In addition to exacerbation of chronic or the acquisition of new ailments, nothing good will happen. Of course, when fasting, weight is rapidly lost, but then not only returns to the previous level, but often increases several times. The explanation for this is very simple. Weight loss occurs due to dehydration, if the restriction in drinking is applied, as well as reducing the lean body mass, the matter does not reach fat. Then, when you return to the previous diet, the hated folds become even softer and more voluminous.

Principles of the power system

Knowing how to lose weight correctly and effectively at home, you can simultaneously improve the figure, well-being and health in general. The food system should be built on the following principles: the percentage of fat in food should be reduced, the basis of the diet should be proteins, mainly sour-milk products, carbohydrates should come in the form of whole grains of cereals, vegetables, fruits and greens.

Correct breakfast

To get more energy from less food and cheerfully feel at the same time, the diet should be diversified as much as possible. Now let's talk specifically about how to lose weight correctly and effectively. For example, it's better to start the morning with a glass filled with warm water and lemon juice. After half an hour you can have breakfast. The plate should consist of:

  • A third of complex carbohydrates - cereals, porridge;
  • 2/3 of proteins - omelet, low-fat cottage cheese, soft cheese;
  • The rest - vitamins, minerals and fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, herbs.

For example, you can eat oat flakes with slices of apple, orange, kiwi, with walnuts added, honeyed, bezdozherzhevoy bread with soft cheese and herbs, coffee with milk without sugar. Such a breakfast will give a charge of vivacity and energy, as well as replenish the stores of calcium and minerals in the female body.

After 2-3 hours, you can arrange a snack fresh fruit or vegetable. Before lunch, you should give the body an energy reserve, which it will recycle and burn the whole day. This is the main principle on which the system is based.

Dinner and supper

If you talk about how to lose weight correctly and effectively, then you must remember about lunch and dinner. They, too, must be balanced and useful.

For lunch, you can eat vegetable soup, fish with rice, a slice of whole grain bread.

Dinner is best organized no later than 8 pm. On a plate can be lean meat with a small amount of vegetables or a salad. For an hour and a half to sleep well, drink a glass of yogurt or curdled milk. Here is an example of a daily diet should be a healthy woman.

How to lose weight correctly and effectively after 40 years?

Many believe that the less you eat, the more you lose weight. Such an extreme can not advise even 20-year-old girls, not to mention the older ladies. It is clear that the technique of losing weight after 40 years is different from the one used at the age of 30. Just do not eat it will not work! This approach is fraught with the possible exacerbation of diseases and general malaise.

With retirement, a woman often loses interest in herself. After all, work is always in good shape. And if you look at the age of 50 with optimism? This is the period when you can pay more attention to yourself, spend time with your family. Most often at this age there are grandchildren. Why not become a slender and active grandmother - the pride of their loved ones. To do this, you need to understand how to lose weight correctly and effectively after 50 years, taking into account age characteristics.

Many experts say that because of cardinal hormonal changes and slow metabolic processes, fighting overweight at this age is even dangerous. And how to lose weight properly and effectively? Of course, bulk fat deposits after the age of 50 increase the burden on the cardiovascular system. So you should find the golden mean and do not overdo it in pursuit of a thin waist.

So, what methods can not be used for weight loss in the age after 50 years:

  • Monotonous rigid diets. Rapid weight loss as a result of such restrictions leads the body to a state of stress, after which the probability of a much larger body mass is greater. Also, radical weight loss promotes the visual aging of a woman. Volumes sharply decrease and the skin, not possessing former elasticity, hangs down.
  • Starvation. This method can also lay young on a hospital bed.
  • Too intense training program, work to exhaustion. Such a regime is capable not only to plant the heart, but also lead to inflammation of the joints. Do not forget that during any training, no one is immune from injuries. At the age of 50 years, recovery is very slow.
  • Restriction of water consumption. The body is already losing moisture from the tissues with age, in particular, for this reason, the elasticity of the skin decreases, and joint problems also appear.

Stages of weight loss

If the weight of a woman at the age of 50 years is much higher than the norm, you can apply a system of weight loss, consisting of three stages, and based on the food system.

  • Cleansing the body and accelerating the metabolism by reducing the daily intake of food.
  • Determination of the optimal amount of energy per day, switching to a diet within a given caloric value.
  • Strengthening the results of losing weight.

First step

Now we will touch on the topic of how to lose weight correctly and effectively on vegetables. After all, these products are mostly low-calorie, they maintain good health at the expense of fiber, vitamins and trace elements.

The daily ration is formed on the basis of vegetable dishes, with the exception of potatoes. It can be baked zucchini, cabbage, gherkins, onions, carrots, beets. From them you can make a stew or salad with olive oil and herbs. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, young peas, cabbage broccoli - all this is so useful and tasty.

Switch to a similar food system should be done slowly, gradually introducing an increasing number of plant products. If there are problems with the intestine, then start better with vegetable dishes cooked for a couple. When peristalsis comes back to normal, you can add fresh vegetable food. At this stage, the fiber, like a sponge, draws slag from the body. To cleanse does not provoke a malfunction in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, you can add low-fat kefir or yogurt to the intervals between meals. The first stage lasts about a week.

Second phase

At the second stage it is important to adhere to the daily calorie content in the amount of 2200 kcal. In this case, the physical load must be regular. According to calorie tables it is not difficult to determine how much energy this or that product will bring. The daily amount of food is better divided into 5-6 receptions. The second stage should last until the weight ceases to decrease. It can take from a month to six months, depending on the amount of extra pounds.

The third stage

The third phase begins when the mark on the scales has a stable indicator. At this stage, you consolidate the result. The diet is formed from an individual calculation of energy requirements.


Consuming a standard of water (2 liters per day) and doing regular workouts to help with proper nutrition, you can achieve amazing results in reducing weight and improving health.

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