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The drug for weight loss "Xenalten": reviews of doctors and buyers

Society is not only the collective in which we live and work, it is a real system of generally accepted rules and a gradient in assessing human dignity. Beauty and a harmonious figure have long become concepts-synonyms. After all, leanness is an indispensable condition for a fashionable and stylish image, people consider this a necessary norm for everyone. Unfortunately, the body is very complicated, and many factors and diseases can lead to a set of excess weight. And then the problems begin both physical and emotional.

A person is harassing himself, trying to comply with accepted standards, exhausting with hunger and physical stress. But not everyone can withstand diet and exercise. In this case, it is customary to resort to drug-related problems. One of the remedies that helps control body weight is the Xenalten drug. Reviews about this drug are very controversial. However, in order to decide on the need for treatment, carefully study the principle of its action on the body.

Active substance

The main ingredient of the drug is the orlistat component. It is his action and allows you to lose weight. The substance refers to the agents of the hypolipidemic group. Getting into the body, they come into direct reaction with the natural substance - lipase, which is an enzyme of the pancreas. It is this active natural substance responsible for the digestion of fats. Orlistat helps to block the natural functions of the body by splitting them. Fat is not digested, does not enter the bloodstream and is not deposited under the skin. Thus, taking the drug significantly neutralizes the incoming fat, and this leads to a decrease in caloric intake of food. In addition, when the body needs energy, it has to resort to the already accumulated hateful stratum and actively spend it.

Orltistat does not enter the blood, but acts in the small and large intestines. However, the drug "Xenalten" - reviews of doctors warn about it - can cause a serious violation of lipid and fat metabolism. Our body can not function properly without the necessary substances, because they participate in the construction of every cell in the body!

Preparation for treatment

One of the important conditions for the use of the drug "Xenalten" is the preparation period. It consists in changing the habitual diet: about 1-2 weeks before taking the tablets, you must follow a balanced low-calorie diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables, while fats in food should be reduced to a minimum - it is permissible to take only 30% of the fat from the total caloric value of the table. Be sure to undergo a medical examination in order to establish the reasons for the appearance of excess weight. If the diagnosis was established, you will have to be treated for the initial disease. Only after this, you can start therapy using the drug "Xenalten". The patients' feedback confirms the effectiveness of this particular treatment regimen: eliminating the underlying cause, lowering the level of fats in the body with the help of tablets.


Principle of action: getting into the body, the drug is activated in the intestine and begins to bind the enzymes of the pancreas. Fats, not being able to split and digest by the body, are excreted with feces unchanged. Such a mechanism significantly lowers the calorie content of the food eaten, which triggers the weight loss process. The concentration of fats in the "waste" of life activity occurs 24-48 hours after the administration of the drug "Xenalten". Tablets (patients' reviews confirm this) cause a frequent and liquid stool. The problem is that such a phenomenon can catch you at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, deciding to take medicine, it is necessary to take into account this undesirable effect and adapt to such treatment.

Doctors say that one of the advantages of the drug is its high bioavailability, that is, getting into the body, it starts to act very quickly.

Form and composition of the medicinal product

Produced in the form of capsules bluish and white. The content is a granular mass. The main active substance is orlistat (120 mg), auxiliary components: talc 2.4 mg, microcrystalline cellulose 59.6 mg, sodium lauryl sulfate 10.0 mg, povidone 10.0 mg, sodium carboxymethyl starch 38.0 mg . The capsule shell consists of gelatin (the composition includes titanium dioxide, blue dye). The drug "Xenalten", customer reviews confirm this, differs from its counterparts rather high price. As the manufacturer claims, this is due to its special mechanism of action on the body. The average cost of the product is from 800 to 1000 rubles per package.

Who will suit

According to the instructions to the drug, it can be prescribed in the presence of the following diseases:

  • Obesity of varying severity.
  • For a gradual decrease in body weight in combination with a low-calorie diet.
  • To prevent weight re-gain after dropping excess kilograms.
  • If it is impossible to use special food and exercise (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, body mass index greater than 28-30 kg / m 2 , dyslipidemia).

If you want to lose weight and do not harm your health, you can use Xenalten tablets. The patients' testimonies confirm that their use leads to a gradual loss of excess fat, that is, the body can easily "adjust" to this regime of weight loss. In addition, a slow release from extra pounds will not lead to sagging of the skin.

How to take

1 capsule of the drug is used three times a day for each meal or not later than 1 hour from the time of the meal. It is necessary to strictly adhere to this dosage and the regimen of taking Xenalten tablets. Instructions for use, reviews of doctors confirm the safety and effectiveness of such therapy. However, if the menu does not contain fats, you can skip the reception of the capsule.

How long does the treatment last

It is very important to consult a doctor before taking the drug! Depending on the degree of obesity, you may be assigned a different duration of therapy. The therapeutic effect occurs within 3 months of the use of the drug "Xenalten". Reviews of those who lose weight confirm that the first results become visible after 2 weeks of taking the tablets - 1 to 2 kg of excess weight is lost. However, it should be taken into account that each organism is individual, and the process of weight reduction can occur faster or, conversely, more slowly. It is allowed to take a medicine for up to a year, but the period should not exceed two years. Remember, with obesity, the medicine can be prescribed only by the attending physician.

In a situation where the use of tablets lasts 12 weeks, and a significant effect of weight loss does not occur (less than 5% of the original body weight), you need to contact the doctor and discuss the need to take it further. Maybe the medicine just does not suit you.


Instruction to the drug "Xenalten" indicates diseases and conditions in which it is not possible to prescribe medication with pills for weight loss:

  • Sensitivity and intolerance of the components of the drug.
  • Malabsorption syndrome.
  • Pregnancy and lactation (not studied the consequences).
  • Cholestasis.
  • It is impossible to combine the drug with cyclosporine.
  • Age restriction - it is not recommended to use up to 18 years.

The drug "Xenalten" - the reviews confirm this - can cause side effects if the patient has such diseases: hyperoxaluria, nephrolithiasis, any kidney disease, cardiovascular disorders.

Adverse effects from application

Before you start eating tablets, read about possible side effects. The most common symptoms are:

  • Pain and abdominal pain, fatty discharge, flatulence, diarrhea (possible infectious), pain in the rectum, vomiting, nausea. The drug "Xenalten" for weight loss, feedback on this testify, can cause incontinence! Oily secretions are separated in small amounts, even when you do not feel the urge to defecate.
  • Dizziness, anxiety, depression, headaches, sleep disturbance and even complete absence.
  • Dry skin, rashes, hives.

In addition to frequent symptoms, the following manifestations of the drug may be observed:

  • Otitis, infections of the lower and upper respiratory tract, disturbance of the operation of the ENT organs.
  • Urinary infection, vaginitis, menstrual cycle may be abnormal.
  • Violation of the joints, arthralgia, pain in the back and legs, myalgia, tendonitis.
  • Edema.
  • Allergic reactions of various etymologies.

In case of occurrence of even one symptom it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor.

Patient Reviews

It should be noted that this medicine gained wide popularity due to the absence of psychotropic substances in its composition. However, there are some problems that people who take the drug Xenalten most often face. Reviews of those who lose weight report that the pills provoke a rapid heartbeat and even pain in the heart! So be careful if you have health problems. However, patients confirm that if you adhere to a low-calorie diet and drink tablets, you can achieve a good result when losing weight.

On average, a month can lose from 3 to 5 kg. Many patients state that this particular drug helps to keep the figure in excellent condition after strict diets and exercise. Supportive therapy helps to not gain weight for a long time, but stopping the medication and returning to fat intake provokes repeated weight gain. So the decision to take this drug is just for you. But it should be noted that without changing the usual gastronomic predilections of the effect of tablets should not be expected.

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