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Blessed Egypt ... A country that attracts travelers with its sights and unusually hospitable beaches. Lovely sea, stunning resorts - and Hurghada, and Taba, and Sharm el-Sheikh. Hotels, photos of which cause admiration and the desire at this very minute to throw everything, to board an airplane and go on vacation to this wonderful land ... By the way, many of our compatriots who prefer to spend their holidays at foreign resorts, from all the abundance of offers, are most often preferred Egypt. Moreover, many of them argue that today for them to go here - it's almost the same as going to rest at the cottage. Of course, for such a "suburban" trip it is necessary to have on hand a corresponding amount, which is calculated not by one thousand y. E. But we will not look into other people's wallets. For those who practice frequent trips to Egyptian resorts, there is nothing unexplored in this country. But for those who have never before been in Egypt, before you get ready for the journey, you must first pre-arm at least with initial knowledge about what hotels are here, whether they will be comfortable and affordable in financial terms, will not be Whether the rest irretrievably spoiled due to the fact that a hasty decision was made.

Sharm El Sheikh: hotels

Photos of hotels, which are full of promotional booklets, are unlikely to be able to give exhaustive information about this or that hotel. Therefore, we will try to help you make some decisions. Of course, within the framework of one review it is impossible to describe all the resorts of Egypt, its hotels and attractions. Therefore, let us dwell on one of them, which bears the name Sharm-el-Sheikh, which is beautiful, recalling the tales of the East. Hotels, tours in which today offer many agencies, there is for every taste. However, if you are flying to this magical land for the first time, it is still worth choosing a good hotel, so that the rest will be really memorable. One of these is considered to be the Hotels Royal Albatros Moderna. Egypt in general, and Sharm el-Sheikh in particular, in principle, along and across the built-up five-star hotels. However, to choose such that the notorious combination of price and quality is actually at a height, sometimes it's not so simple. Royal Albatros Moderna (his photo, presented in the article, fully and fully confirm this) is just one of them. And in order not to be unfounded, let's give you a brief overview of this comfortable hotel. Believe me, the hotel Royal Albatros Moderna 5 *, the charm, comfort and excellent service of which emphasize almost all the tourists who visited it, is really a worthy choice.

Royal Albatross Moderna

This modern hotel for the first time opened its doors for guests in two thousand and four. Seven years later, there was a partial renovation, and therefore the hotel and all its rooms look just great today. From the airport it is separated seventeen kilometers, the hotel itself is located on the first coastline (read - directly by the sea, to which from the threshold of the hotel only two hundred meters). Royal Albatros Moderna possesses - and quite deservedly - a five-star status, it is located in El Nabq, the most fashionable area of the city, and to the famous Egyptian diving center - a bay called Naama Bay - from here you can drive by car in less than thirty minutes ( Up to it only 20 km).

This elegant five-star hotel belongs to the famous hotel chain Pickalbatros, which in itself is a reliable guarantee of the availability in the Royal Albatross Moderna comfortable conditions for living and recreation and the highest quality of service. In the well-groomed extensive hotel area are multiple infrastructure facilities, including a complex consisting of two and three-story buildings, and the main building of the hotel (3 floors).


Hotel Royal Albatros Moderna 5 offers its guests to accommodate 680 rooms of various sizes.

Superior View Room

Standard apartments (double or triple), equipped with access to a balcony / terrace overlooking the garden / sea. The total area of the room is forty five and a half square meters, it has one bedroom and a bathroom. The maximum number of guests is three adults or two children and two parents.

Family Rooms

Family apartments with a total area of about a hundred squares. The same terrace or balcony, two bedrooms, large living room, bathroom. At the same time, five adults or a couple with three children can live.

Junior Suites

Elegant apartments with access to a balcony / terrace and a combined bedroom-living room. There is also a bathroom. This room can accommodate three adults or a family consisting of parents and two children. The room is fifty-five and a half square meters in size.

Presidential Suite

Presidential suites of "lux" class with one hundred and thirty squares. The room has two bedrooms, a spacious living room, two bathrooms, one with a jacuzzi, a private terrace with elegant furniture. The apartment can accommodate six people at the same time.

Royal Suite

The area of the room is eighty squares. Two bedrooms (each with a bathroom), a small living room, a terrace. The room is designed for simultaneous accommodation of five people.

Another hotel Royal Albatros Moderna offers its guests ten non-smoking rooms, in addition, there are apartments for people with disabilities.

Those travelers who are accustomed to spend their holidays with their beloved pets will be disappointed. Unfortunately, animals in the apartments of the Royal Albatross Modern Hotel are not allowed.

Room facilities

As it was mentioned above, the Royal Albatros Moderna 5 hotel was recently renovated, therefore all the rooms in it have been renovated and equipped with solid new furniture. One can not, of course, say that the apartments of this five-star hotel impress truly royal luxury, but the designers did their best. All rooms are comfortable, elegant, decorated with taste. On the floor in the apartment is a tile, beautiful curtains hang on the windows, bed linens and towels of excellent quality.

Regardless of the category, all apartments are equipped with modern air conditioning, telephone, there is a mini-bar in them, which is refilled daily, though not for free. Each room has a TV that broadcasts not only foreign, but also Russian-language channels. The apartments have a small refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities, and a safe. For the use of the latter, too, will have to pay extra separately. The bathrooms have towels, bathrobes, and a selection of toiletries. Change of linen and room cleaning are daily. In addition, the room service is open around the clock, however, for all additional and basic, but provided at an inopportune time, services also need to be paid separately. In the lobby bar you can use the free access to the Internet (Wi-Fi), if you want to have it in the room also need to pay extra.

All inclusive

Hotel Royal (Sharm el-Sheikh) offers its guests service and food on two systems. This is the so-called Ultra All Inclusive (UAL) and Royal Ultra All Inclusive (RUAL). By the way, many tourists, buying tickets to this or that hotel, very often wonder what they mean and these abbreviations. Since the issue of nutrition - one of the most significant on vacation, then we will focus attention on these designations.

According to the All Inclusive system (we call it all-inclusive), all five-star hotels of a country like Egypt operate. Royal Albatros Moderna 5 * - not an exception. In principle, this is the best option for a tourist who does not want to burden himself with worries about daily food. All Inclusive is standard and, so to speak, "heaped up." Under the standard is meant food (breakfasts, lunches, snacks, dinners, as a rule, buffet), free drinks (juices, water, alcoholic drinks, but, as a rule, local production). And all this without limits. And also the opportunity to engage in all types of sports offered by the hotel, which do not require any additional costs from the administration (for example, gasoline for refueling motor boats, etc.). Further, all the additions to the main All Inclusive type Mega, Ultimate, the same Royal and Ultra - this is nothing more than, by and large, the PR campaign of the hotel administration. As a rule, the maximum that you get for these supplements is the availability of not only local but imported alcohol in the menu. That, albeit nice, but not always worth it to overpay for it several times when buying a voucher.

What does Royal Albatros Moderna offer us then? Ultra All Inclusive - this is just the same as imported alcohol, but not at night, as well as a glass of compulsory freshly squeezed juice for breakfast. Putting the word "royal" to the type of service described above, we will get the following on the way out: in addition, a free visit to the Chinese a-la carte restaurant ("ultra" owners will have to pay for it) and a jacuzzi in the SPA complex. And also the opportunity to use once without paying for laundry services. There are not that many privileges, are they? However, it's a matter of taste. The food in both cases will be the same. Therefore further - about food.


From five to seven in the main restaurant of the hotel - Red Sea Restaurant - a table is set for an early continental breakfast. Here you can order something easy from the menu, say, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs that are cooked before your eyes, drink the same juice or coffee.

Then, from seven to ten, in the same main restaurant, the main breakfast buffet is offered. The food is plentiful, diverse and very tasty. There are both cold snacks and hot dishes.

For lovers of late sleep, a late (from ten to twelve o'clock) American breakfast is offered at the Italian restaurant Toscani Restaurant. Nobody will remain hungry, but, as a rule, you can get all the same eggs from hot dishes. In the rest - snacks, buns, jam, etc.

While the sisters are having breakfast, the early birds are already preparing for dinner, which starts at 12:00 and lasts until 18:00. The Royal Albatros Moderna Hotel (Sharm el Sheikh) has developed a very interesting and convenient system, for which he has a special thanks. Because you can eat at any place, no matter where the guest is at the moment.

If you are at this time in the room, you can go down to the main restaurant and have lunch there (from half of the first to three). The Red Sea Restaurant has a buffet, and the pasta is prepared right in front of the visitors. Unwinders under the umbrellas resting by the pool can dine on the spot (from twelve thirty to fifteen thirty), right in the bar located here. They will be offered a barbecue.

At the same time, you can dine at the beach bar. Dinner is easy, but in the very heat of the bigger one and not needed. By the way, in any of the places described above, from ten in the morning until the end of dinner, that is, until six in the evening, you can eat ice cream. No limits.

As for the dinner, it is also presented in several versions. From half past seven to half past nine, a buffet dinner is served in the main restaurant. At the same time, you can dine in the Italian restaurant, where you can find dishes corresponding to the name of the cuisine. If there is a desire to pay 5 euros per person, then the grill is served separately. For the same amount, you can additionally purchase all kinds of desserts. After ten in the evening and until midnight, a late dinner is offered at Toscani Restaurant - for those who are late on the main. And it is quite spree can after dinner at midnight dine at Patio, which is an extension to the main restaurant. However, in both cases it will be necessary to be content with cold snacks.

Children usually eat together with their parents, nevertheless in the Royal Albatros Moderna from five to half the sixth is covered with a specially "buffet" for a children's dinner (in the main restaurant).

You can also order food in the room, and around the clock. But this service will require a separate payment.


The Royal Albatros Moderna has its own private beach. It is sandy, equipped with a pontoon, cabanas, shower. Umbrellas and sun loungers are given for free, as well as towels (the latter, however, after the presentation of a special card). Log into the sea is gentle, safe. Depth at the shore is small.

Infrastructure, services

The hotel has its own car park and car rental. For business people who want to combine work and leisure, there is a conference hall, well equipped with modern technology (for 260 people). On the territory of Royal Albatros Moderna there are three adult pools, one of them - with heating. There is also a beauty salon, and baths, and laundry, and own internet cafe, ATM, many different shops, six restaurants, twelve bars and a lobby bar. There is also a tour desk in the Royal Albatros Moderna. Tours offered here are very interesting and varied. Buying them, holidaymakers can use the services of a special bus and an experienced guide and see many different attractions. For example, visit the monastery of St. Catherine and Mount Moses (adult ticket will cost $ 35, children - at 20), go to the city of Nuweiba or the Color Canyon (adults over 50, and children for $ 30). There are also one-day excursions to Jerusalem, during which you can not only see all the sights, but also swim in the Dead Sea. Its cost is one hundred dollars for adults and 50 for children.

For children

The Royal Albatros Moderna hotel is great for a family holiday. All conditions are created for children here. There is a special children's pool with safe water slides, allocated for toddlers and a special place in two adult pools. On the territory of Royal Albatros Moderna there is a children's mini-club, animators are constantly engaged with children, and in the evening a special disco is held. In restaurants, children are provided with a highchair, a separate cot is provided in the room (on request). If you want, you can always use the services of a professional nanny (for an additional fee).

Entertainment, Sports

It can not be said that the hotel "Royal Albatross Moderna" life is boiling day and night. Nevertheless, the hotel, as mentioned above, is most suitable for a family holiday, the children here are full. However, adults in any case will not feel deprived, as the set of entertainment offered here is almost the same as in any other similar five-star hotel. Billiards, tennis, darts, a small golf course, aerobics classes, bicycle rental, etc. - for fans of outdoor activities. There are also water entertainments - riding on bananas, water skiing, underwater diving. In the evenings, you can enjoy live music in the hotel's restaurants. Every day there are various entertainment and show programs, a karaoke bar and a disco. In general, no one will be bored.

Cost of rest

As for the cost of living, in Royal Albatros Moderna 5 prices can be called even democratic (especially for a hotel of this level), given that today Sharm el-Sheikh is considered one of the most expensive resorts in Egypt. Naturally, the cost depends on the category of apartments. But if we talk about the average figures, then the day spent at the Royal Albatross Modern Hotel will cost approximately 3800 rubles. The ticket from Moscow costs from 1700 rubles (the price depends on a class of interior and date of departure), for a charter it is possible to pay for one thousand rubles less. Of course, someone can say that it's expensive, but still, if you consider that you pay for the "all-inclusive" described above, thus removing from the agenda a lot of problems and gaining the opportunity to do nothing, but just enjoy your vacation, Then this is not such a big sum. But the impressions will last until the next summer.


As for reviews about the hotel, they are mostly, as a rule, positive. There are also negative ones, but they, let's just say, are not serious. Some complain that restaurants serve too many meat dishes. But in fact for someone this aspect is just not a minus, but a plus. Especially as many people who visited the hotel have noted that the menu is more than diverse: there are vegetables, fruits, seafood, and delicious pastries. Russian tourists are also pleased with the courteous and attentive staff, and especially the fact that many employees understand the Russian language, so that problems with communication do not arise. The service offered by the hotel is also appreciated by many, and especially pleased with the Royal Albatross Moderna of parents who believe that this magnificent Egyptian hotel is an excellent place for children's recreation. As for entertainment, then yes, some of them really do not have enough. However, the complex, which was discussed in today's review, and does not position itself as the second Ibiza. Rather, on the contrary, all the efforts of the administration are aimed at attracting couples with children to the hotel. By the way, for those who do not have enough fun on the territory of the Albatross, you can offer a great way - to have fun outside of its walls, in the city. By the way, the hotel administration always listens to the wishes of its customers, and therefore from the hotel to the city constantly (and even at night) a shuttle bus that takes you to any nightclub or disco, and then brings it back. Especially impatient or strolled can call a taxi.

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