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Going to rest - learn everything about continental breakfasts

Experienced travelers who stayed in different hotels or visited a wide variety of resorts, are aware that before deciding on their settlement in this hotel, it is worth asking how it is with the food. We will not consider the extreme cases, that is, a complete lack of food and an all-inclusive system. In between, almost all hotels offer at least a morning meal. And here it is worth to be attentive!

Breakfast is possible in different ways: option number 1 - the easiest

The simplest and most simple. Honestly, continental breakfasts will be called a light snack. No hot dishes, nothing dense and hearty. The abbreviation for this type of morning meal is CBF, which stands for Continental breakfast. Most of our people remain very disappointed, faced with the need to dispense in the morning with some kind of pastry, which is accompanied by jams, butter, tea / coffee, eggs and juices. Note: what your continental breakfasts will consist of depends largely on the level of the hotel. Here and there on the table can be served sausage and cheese, sometimes offered flakes with milk or yoghurts, but do not expect more variety.

Feeding feed - strife

Theoretically, your morning meals should be brought to your room (at least when it's convenient for you). In practice, continental breakfasts will wait for you in the restaurant (count - in the dining room), unless you have paid for a suite in a decent hotel. Moreover, they can be served in advance (and it is considered not bad), can be delivered by the waiter (and this is already cool), and can also wait for your self-service. At the same time, the amount of food is strictly limited, and in case of self-service, if there is an intention to take more, remember: this will leave some hungry person like you, a poor fellow.

A plus is that in many hotels owners are aware that it is impossible to eat the offered assortment, and then the "continental breakfasts +" come into effect, where the choice is also not rich, but the portions are not limited in size. You will not be too full all the same, but you will last till dinner without increased salivation.

Extended version of option number 1

Representations of what "continental breakfast" means, all hotel owners are different. The list of products, in principle, varies little, but some prefer the American variety of morning treats. The abbreviation changes to ABF, and the table is supplemented with meat cuts and salads. Agree, this list pleases the eye much more!

You can have breakfast in different ways: option number 2 - solid

Although it is believed that the continental breakfast its origin owed to the British, it is rather difficult to agree with this. Residents of the foggy Albion first prefer eating more solid. For him, there is its own, separate name - Full English Breakfast (respectively, FEB). If you got a hotel with such a morning offer, then on the table you will be waiting for an omelette (scrambled eggs) with toasted bacon, tomatoes, stewed beans, sausages and some waffles, donuts, etc. The English think that a good breakfast is tight breakfast. It should guarantee a long working capacity, perhaps even without a break for lunch.

You can have breakfast as follows: option number 3 - "from the belly"

Remains the most loved by our compatriots buffet. In principle, it can also be called the expression "continental breakfast". That this will not be a blatant inaccuracy is indicated by the most common set of dishes for him. If to be completely scrupulous, you can specify that the buffet is an American variety of continental breakfasts. Still, it usually includes cuts from meat or sausages, sometimes fish, salads or vegetables, plus plus fruits, most available at the location of the hotel. It is not uncommon to replace standard baking with something more interesting, for example, pancakes. Flakes are also often offered - but classic continental breakfasts in many hotels can not do without them.

The advantage of this variant of the morning meal is that the occupant of the hotel can not take dishes that he absolutely does not like, and at the same time will not remain hungry. And the second advantage is that the number of people recruited is not limited. Many people use this, dialing themselves "brakes" to save money at dinner or not to be distracted by it.

This option of morning feeding is considered the most successful for a tourist, traveler or a vacationer, so if there is a choice, search in the hotel's specifications for the letters "BB" (Buffet Breakfast).

However, if you do not find such attractive offers in the place you like, agree to continental breakfasts. Even at home, people often start eating the same food. If you are used to something more thorough in the morning, you can find an inexpensive cafe nearby (in most cases). Yes, and on vacation, though, probably not the main food.

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