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Immigration to Iceland from Russia: conditions, ways

Immigration to Iceland is far from the most popular destination. But it is found in Russia more and more often. In any case, many citizens are interested in this process. In particular, due to the fact that in this area social guarantees are offered in large quantities than in Russia. Iceland is a country that supports the population in a variety of ways. Almost everyone has a chance to register citizenship in this state. But what is required for this? How to conduct immigration? What documents may be required for this idea? All the nuances of the process will be described later. With timely preparation, you can solve the task without any special problems.

Double citizenship

Before immigration to Iceland was not very interested in the population. After all, in this locality it was allowed to have only one citizenship. So, to become an official citizen of the Icelandic state, it was necessary to abandon the previous status. This many did not suit.

But in 2003 there were some changes in the country. According to the innovations that came into force, citizens began to have the right to register dual citizenship. That is, when immigrating a foreigner is able to own several passports. You do not need to renounce your previous citizenship. And this is very pleasing. It is in view of these circumstances that Iceland began to show more interest.

Common Ways

First of all, it is worth paying attention to how it is possible to immigrate to the country. There are many different options for solving the problem. But which of them are most often encountered in practice?

Immigration to Iceland is a very simple process. More often people make out the corresponding citizenship by:

  • Moving to the country for training;
  • Employment;
  • Marriage with a citizen of Iceland;
  • Refugees.

There are other reasons why a person can be granted the status of a citizen of Iceland. But about them a little later. First, it is worth paying attention to the most common methods of immigration.

Refugee status

What do I need to immigrate to Iceland? To date, anyone who wants and needs protection can take refuge in this country. A citizen simply needs to register a refugee status. After that, it will not be difficult to obtain citizenship.

To get this status, you need good reasons. As a rule, applicants do not often face failures. But they also meet. If the state recognizes a citizen as needy, he will be granted refugee status. And with it - a good security.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that citizenship is issued fairly quickly. I have only been living as a refugee in Iceland for 3 years. After that you can become an official citizen of the country.

Fortunately, such a scenario does not suit everyone. If a person does not need a real shelter, he will not be granted refugee status. So, you have to think about other options for immigration.


For example, in connection with training. Iceland can be trained in both Icelandic and English. And this pleases many residents of different fears. Why? This means immigration to Iceland from Russia with sufficient knowledge of a foreign language will be much easier than it seems.

The procedure is extremely simple. Necessary:

  1. Take exams for language skills (for example, English) and get a certificate of skills in possession of it.
  2. Choose a university for training. Enroll in the chosen institution.
  3. To issue a visa and passport.
  4. Pay the first year of study and get permission from the university for residence in the country.
  5. Submit documents and application for immigration to a specialized immigration office.
  6. Get a residence permit in Iceland through the consulate. It is issued if the immigration bureau has ascertained the legality of the actions.
  7. Move to the country. You can start learning.

By the way, studying in Iceland is not too expensive. In a year it is necessary to give all about 500 euros. The residence permit is issued for the entire period of study. When you are in the country for more than 7 years, you can become a citizen of Iceland.


This is not the most common direction. The thing is that people who have graduated from higher education are mostly thinking about getting a second citizenship and moving from Russia. Immigration of men to Iceland, as well as women, is most often due to employment.

There are several options for the development of events. Namely:

  1. Work on an employment contract. Usually employment by a narrow specialty is meant.
  2. Recruitment of unqualified employees for shortages of workers in the country.

The first option is more common. In general, the process of moving to Iceland will not be different from immigration to another country. So, the citizen should:

  1. Find an employer and conclude an employment contract with him.
  2. Get a work permit from a potential manager. Plus, a person is given an invitation to work.
  3. To issue a visa and provide a diploma of education, as well as an invitation.
  4. Get a residence permit and go to work in another country.

Together with the citizen can move and his family. Usually it is about children and spouses. This is how people move to Iceland and get citizenship here. This will require 7 years to be carried out on the territory of the state.

Creating a family

But among the girls, the most common reason for acquiring the citizenship of Iceland is immigration for marriage. That is building a family. In this case, you must comply with several conditions. And it does not matter who is talking about - a girl or a guy. The requirements for obtaining citizenship are the same.

What should I look for? On the status of future spouse. What rules dictate Iceland. Immigration for marriage, as already mentioned, is a very common option. Become an official citizen of the country can only be subject to the following points:

  • After 5 years of residence in Iceland, 4 of whom are married;
  • The spouse must have the citizenship of the Icelandic state for at least 5 years.

There are no more significant requirements. That is why many people either immediately move families to the country, or initially try to build a new cell of society on the territory of the state.

For people of retirement age

All previously listed variants of the development of events are the most common ways of registering citizenship, as well as the reasons for living in Iceland. Now you should pay attention to some other layouts.

For example, you can immigrate to your adult children. If the child-citizens can support the parents, then the father and mother over the age of 66 have the full right to move to their relatives. After 7 years of joint residence, citizenship will be issued.

Similar immigration to Iceland reviews are not the best. In practice it occurs in isolated cases. Therefore, consider this option as a method of immigration is definitely not worth it.

For children

Another far from the most common option is the transfer of children to their parents. But here you have to observe some conditions. It is because of them that families immediately try to move together.

What are the conditions for immigration to Iceland to be observed? It:

  • Legality of residence of the child's parents in the country;
  • The age of children should not be more than 18 years.

However, children are able to obtain citizenship of the country in several ways. Which ones? They are mostly suitable for young children. So what to look for? How can I become a citizen of Iceland without moving to my parents? There are several options.

Other ways

To date, immigration to Iceland offers several types of citizenship by minors. Adoption is not the most common method. If a child under 12 years old was adopted by citizens of Iceland, then the child will be automatically assigned the corresponding status. Actually, mainly for children from orphanages.

It should also be noted that children born on the territory of Iceland without other citizenship can become part of the country legally. For this purpose, babies are required to spend only 3 years on the territory of the state. After this period, children are recognized as citizens of Iceland.

But that's not all. Children born to citizens of Iceland (whether indigenous or not) can automatically receive the appropriate status at birth. And if a dual state is envisaged in another state, several passports can be issued in the future.

General conditions

Despite all of the above, it is worth paying attention to what conditions and requirements for future residents put forward by Iceland. Immigration from Russia reviews are not the best. In particular, due to the fact that not everyone can comply with the requests of the state. What are we talking about?

Adult citizens are required to submit the following requests for immigration and citizenship:

  • The ability to support oneself and one's family;
  • Knowledge of Icelandic or English enough to communicate and live;
  • Absence of tax debts;
  • Stay in the status of a law-abiding citizen.

There are no more significant requirements. As many reviews indicate, immigration to Iceland is problematic only because of the need for good reasons for moving. But if they are, then there will be no problems.

About real estate

Some believe that it is enough to buy property in the country in order to have the right to immigration, as well as to register citizenship. Actually this is not true. In Iceland, the possession of a foreigner's property is not a reason for permanent residence. In addition, foreign citizens can not buy land here.

Accordingly, the availability of real estate will simply facilitate living on the territory of the country. Everyone must remember this. Otherwise, there may be problems with the registration of citizenship.


What documents will be needed after the expiration date for the passport? It is required to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs or, as they say, to the police station in the place of residence. They will issue a passport without any problems.

With you have to take:

  • Application form;
  • The identity card of a foreign citizen;
  • Photos of the established sample (3 pieces);
  • A certificate of knowledge of the language (preferably);
  • Documents on the absence of previous convictions and debts;
  • The basis for obtaining citizenship;
  • Proof of legality of residence on the territory of the country;
  • Documents indicating the marital status of a person.

Additionally, a visa and a foreign passport may be required. Citizens of Russia provide a civil and foreign identity card. This must be remembered.

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