Settlement Bolshaya Izhora (Leningrad region): history, weather, beach and map of the village

In the north-west of Russia was once the historical region of Ingermanlandia, which was also called Ingeria, Izhora, Izhora land (on the old Russian - Izhskaya). These territories were joined by the glorious conquests of Russian princes and kings long before the formation of this region related to Sweden (1617-1622). In 1478 Zakhary Ovinov, the posadnik of the Novgorod Republic , was the master of these lands . The territory belonged to the Dudor district.

Numerous owners of the district

Now part of this territory is Lomonosov district, which includes the urban-type settlement of Big Izhora and the village of Malaya Izhora. Of course, the land has an ancient and glorious history. Over these centuries, they changed many of the owners, who were imperial persons Peter II, Catherine II and Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. They were also owned by less distinguished people: the widow of the general-Anshef A. I. Bibikov, the actual state councilor Kamenev, the admiral I. P. Belanevets (at one time he renamed the village in Wesenberg). Belonged to the Big Izhora and Alexander Danilovich Menshikov. In Soviet times, the village often changed its status and borders. The names of the districts to which he belonged also changed.

The emerging stability

In 2004, according to the regional law of the Leningrad Region No. 117-OZ, there appeared the Bolsheizhorsky urban settlement, the center and the only settlement of which is still the urban settlement of Big Izhora. By the way, the status of PGT was awarded back in 1939.

The settlement was formed by the merger of the villa (manor) Pilia, the cottage village Primorsky farm, the village of Sagomilje and, in fact, the village of Bolshaya Izhora, which gave the name to the formed association on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. For a long time it was a beautiful summer cottage, which is now becoming more popular.

Advantages of Big Izhora

Pine forests and sand dunes, a cool summer and a warm sea, extraordinary air are the indisputable advantages that the "Big Izhora" recreation area has. They travel here from all parts of Russia, because the distance from this village to St. Petersburg is about 74 km, and the time spent on the way fluctuates around an hour. The fare on the train is 91 rubles, which can not but add attraction to rest.

The map of the Big Izhora clearly demonstrates the remarkable location of the Leningrad Region in this zone. But it was not always a resort.

Soviet page of history

In 1938, the decision of the People's Commissar of the Navy, MP Frinovsky, the naval base was founded here, which became a city-forming enterprise. The territory was declared "closed".

In 1966 gardening "Stroitel" was founded here, and a little later - a cottage cooperative of the SNT "Pullman".

There have never been industrial enterprises - only two old mills (milling and sawing) on the banks of the river Sapoya. Both mills were erected according to the decree of Peter I.

After the town-forming enterprise in the 90s became a joint-stock company (now there is a military storage base for the Russian Navy in the village), the housing stock was transferred to the village.

Part of the recreation areas of the Baltic coast

From this time, the active resort life of the Big Izhora village begins. Leningrad Region, abundantly decorated with the beauties of the Baltic Sea, the lakes of Ladoga and Onega, the rivers Sviri and Volkhova, is considered a resort area, popular not only in our country, but throughout Northern Europe. There are a lot of rest homes and sanatoriums here. Big Izhora can not yet boast a sufficient number of these treatment and prevention and health facilities. There is a complex "Visit", which meets all the requirements of modern comfortable rest. Very well developed private sector, where guests can rent a comfortable house.

Relay race

The development of modern resort infrastructure is one of the main directions of the social policy of both local and regional authorities with respect to the seaside village of Bolshaya Izhora.

The beach is very popular now. Reviews about it are very different: someone is indignant about the construction of a dam nearby, because of which the shore of the Gulf of Finland is overgrown with grass, others think that the beach in Big Izhor is not bad: there is a cafe, a football field fenced with a grid, and parking. Everywhere you can find announcements about paid lessons of kitesurfing and windsurfing. A separate category of citizens admires the fact that the beach is naturist ...

The local authorities have something to strive for. At the beginning of the last century, this area was a prosperous holiday village, well-kept, clean, with beautiful houses, excellent infrastructure and a good cinema. There was a well-equipped jetty, Izhora steamship regularly flew three times a week.

On two roads - a good dirt road, covered with rubble, and an iron road to Kronstadt - the countrymen comfortably traveled to their possessions. Food was easily delivered to Great Izhor. Unfortunately, all this splendor was burned down in 1919 - there was not a single dacha left.

Great Opportunities

The weather in the Big Izhor is of interest to residents of nearby cities, especially St. Petersburg, as many people leave here on weekends. Here temperate climate of the Leningrad region ruled. The transition from oceanic to continental provides a mild winter and warm summer, with an average January temperature of -8 ...- 20 о С, and an average July +17 ... +18 о С degrees. The absolute record was +36 ° C. A characteristic feature of this climate is the sharp changes in the weather, but this does not deter admirers of marvelous places.

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